what GOD has waiting for those who hate him

Closing in on year four of  the Bergoglian nightmare manifests the starkness of our steepening and most negative trajectory.  All fronts look increasingly grim, and the fighting force of Ecclesia Militante is completely paralyzed. Is she pinned down with iron on the wood like her Spouse? No Catholic has need of lengthy detailing that which he knows and sees every hour of each day.

What might be worth noting, however, is that the current downward spiral into the shadows and smoke of schism and fake popery makes not only logical but ineluctable that certain singular eventuality and  endpoint for the novus ordo religion.  An apostate Cardinal in white with a demonically glazed countenance plunges further into the darkness, and his blind, carnal cult followers hustle after him. The operation of his errors varies not: always increasingly brazen, vindictive, destructive and mendacious. Things get darker.

If seeing and understanding in accord with command of the King is desired, we can look to history,  His harbingers the Minor Prophets (Joel, 2:10, 30-31;  Amos 5: 18-20,  8:9;  Micheas 3:6;  Nahum 1:8), as well as the prophets of the counter-revolution, who warn of an ever deepening and deadly darkness. Sensus Catholicus can detect almost audibly the voice of Justice blazing forth, “if My ministers are so bent on plunging My little ones into darkness, then darkness My ministers shall have!”  The terrible and singular material cataclysm draws nearer in a most fitting and dreadful judgment. Suddenly and without heeding their final warning, power mad criminals both temporal and canonical shall find themselves unable to see even their own filthy and grasping little paws before their own eyes. Their schemes and shot-callings of a sudden will then no longer be able to be carried out.  The faggot clergy rolling around in Palm Springs resort suites during so-called Diocesan retreat week realize that something is dreadfully wrong, that their fifty-five year orgy of looting, booze, homo porn, sex and satanism has come to an end. Their damnation will begin here on earth, and down they will be dragged into a blood-curdling underworld without end. Woe as well unto us should this day find us in unrepented mortal sin.

There are, without doubt, no shortage of voices of the novus ordo religion, who scoff at such an absolute reckoning.  The Enlightenment Kool-Aid of Erasmus, Locke, Hume and Spinoza gives them a philosophical sugar-high, in which worldly compromises and faux Catholicism become inextricably mixed; and promise not only the gratification of their lusts and avarice in this life, but Heaven as well. Others not so inclined to materialism so internalize novus ordo double-think as to blindly attack critics of those prelates who openly defy Christ. Be not fooled by the plantation overseers of the novus ordo religion. Their progressivist revolution has no answer for Aquinas, except the age old formula of hating Christ and His Church for its refusal to go along with the revolution’s own delusions of human glory.

Herein is to be found an application of the cognitive gateway: realizing that Catholics have been force fed a false religion. Understanding this simple reality wields vast explanatory power: demystifying the silence of prelates,  the catty, vicious behavior of bitchy male clerics, and the uncloaked masonic agenda of a loathsome South American Cardinal and anti-pope.  Why do they not defend Catholicism? Because they’re not Catholics. Do they not love the Faith? They neither know nor love the Faith. They love money, power, sex and popularity, and therefore they hate the Holy Faith.  Why do they not combat the kingdom of satan? Because they are subjects in the kingdom of satan. Where would they take us, to what or to whom? Anywhere but Catholicism, anything but Truth, anyone but Christ.

As Catholics we must stand and fearlessly throw off the iniquitous and servile yoke of being told how to think.  If times seem dark, then perhaps there is a reason. Events that without variance plunge us ever deeper into the desolate gloom just might be leading us into the darkness wherein GOD Almighty scourges His enemies as they so richly deserve, and likewise might be warning us to falter not in our strivings to enter through the narrow gate.  If things look dark, just you wait.  We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


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