accept not violence upon thine intellect

Ought we wait for a future and Holy Pontiff to tell us what is objectively and logically true right now- that there is a ridiculously illegal attempt to split the Papacy between two men?

The laic ought not defer to the churchmen of the future that about which he is morally certain. It is certain that the Catholic Church is a monarchy. It is certain that two men call themselves Pope, and thus far in 2016 A.D. (year 3 of the attempted diarchy) a cry of protest has yet only arisen through one voice.

This is basic. We don’t need to be canonists, we simply have to refuse to submit any longer to the violence being inflicted on our intellects (cf VII as psychological warfare). It is intellectual violence to propound, under the guise of authority, that 1 pope = 2 men.

Either the Papacy is a monarchy or it is not.
Either Benedict can rend asunder the Chair of Peter into two halves, or he cannot.
Either Benedict is Pope, or Benedict is not Pope.
If Benedict is Pope, then it is impossible that Bergoglio is Pope.

The Catholic conscience, properly conformed to magisterial Tradition, knows the answers to these questions (btw they are: it is, he cannot, he is, it is impossible). Canon 212 empowers laics in need to demand leadership, clarity, and answers. The duly formed Catholic conscience does have a say in this damnable, ongoing criminal enterprise. We just need to stand up and scream and yell, and clean house by first shaking the paralysis out of the remnant.

If this position is in error, we can force these enemies to make a pronouncement, words of their own which will expose them, gradually at first, like the unraveling strand of a poorly woven garment. If they say nothing, then before Almighty God and under the watchful eye of the Blessed Virgin, we remain free to persist in speaking our duly formed consciences. Truth is a sword that slices through heresy. Shall we not at last fight this by going on the offensive?

The laity possesses the power to fix the problem of the attempted diarchy. The laity has power to make known their needs for clear leadership and doctrine. The laity has power to implore Heaven for its every tactical necessity. The laity has power to weaponize the pressure of public opinion and bring it to bear against the Church’s entrenched, internal enemies. Above all, the laity is empowered to offer every prayer, penance and pious work befitting state in life to advance the strategic objectives of Ecclesia Militante.

Also, such future holy churchmen may be forced to condemn the silence of us laics who muted our tongues despite the compulsion of commonsense reason; and likewise said nothing when Holy Mother Church was beset by violence all round yet having not one to defend her.

The Catholic Church is invincible. She is simply invincible.

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