it’s not fixable because it’s not broken

Whether we’re talking about the new pornographic means of grooming adolescents to be the next generation of clerical sex crime victims (a.k.a. Vatican’s sex education),  or the tome-like and pre-scripted personal opinions of Bergoglio in his so-called exhortations and encyclicals, or even the local abuses that occur around the diocese,  our orientation regarding the Church’s problem is fundamentally flawed.

Good Catholics get into the fight over these matters with a well-intentioned mindset that if we remind these prelates of what the Church teaches, and expose their perfidy, that the novus ordo church can be fixed, Catholicized, and all will be well.  It cannot be well. It will not be fixed.

The novus ordo religion is working just fine, thank you very much. All the impotent railing that we as Catholics do has not amounted to much. Sure, some mincing little wins may be had, but the Catholic Mass is still under persecution, and Catholic priests are not free to do their jobs. For goodness sake, the real Pope just in 2013 spawned a fake pope as if it were no big deal! But we keep railing on and on about how bad it things are, and bishops must stand up against the culture and let Catholics exercise their canonical rights within the Diocese.  No substantial change. Not fixed.

The novus ordo religion is not fixable because it’s not broken. It’s working extremely well at suppressing the Catholic Church, which is its function. Keep Catholics a holdin’ hands and caterwauling with the piano and tamborine. And when life chalks up bitter gall like the death of a loved one, people just walk away. Because feelings come and go. Feelings aren’t Faith. As far as the N. O. is concerned, however,  losing one’s faith is the whole point. If you want the Catholic Church, they’re never going to give it to you. They’re never going to proclaim it. It will always be a creepy, homo-laden fraud that promises to look the other way when you want to indulge your sinful appetites. It will always be the mindless double-talk of unsigned documents of bishops conferences that increasingly seem to operate like the masonic lodges, acting in secret and hiding the criminal agenda behind philanthropic window dressing.

And when they tell you there are two men called Pope, and yet deny that they’re attempting to have two Popes, this is not a problem for the novus ordo religion! It’s a new achievement in razing the bastions (those bastions are the Church herself, by the way).

We’d have more success trying to reform a parietal glioma into healthy brain tissue. Better odds trying to yield a silk purse from a sow’s ear. The visible Catholic Church has stage 4 breast cancer, and the tumor is the novus ordo religion. How do you reform a tumor? You can’t.  It has to be completely eradicated. It won’t go away on its own, and it sure isn’t going to reform itself back into healthy flesh.

So it is with the novus ordo infiltrators. They’re not going to go away, and they’re never going to become Catholic. What do we do? Well if they won’t convert to the Catholic Church, and they won’t leave the Church, then maybe it’s time for the Church to leave them.That’s right. Leave them the buildings, and we keep our Faith. But what about the priests?

Are they willing to give up the trips to Rome, the dinner parties, the respectability? When we get priests who are fed up enough to leave the novus ordo sect, join the underground and continue ministering under the principle of supplied jurisdiction, then we’ll be on the offensive.

Until then, let’s stop kidding ourselves that we can criticize our cancer into remission.




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