bergoglian belly-aching: translate to action

You can read it in the comm-boxes of the Catholic websites, otherwise known as Traditional blogs. Catholics are getting Francis Fatigue. Long since convinced (some recently and others decades ago) that Bergoglio and conciliar popes have been infiltrators, the Curia to be a filth-infested fever swamp of gnosticism, and the local diocese the retail version of the above, Catholic readers are subjected to a massive and unnecessary oversampling of data regarding facts they already know.

Without uttering one single syllable of emphasis on what Catholics can potentially or actually do to fight for their brutally assailed Mother, some of these blogs just don’t get that the ceaseless repetition is simply perpetuating the paralyzed state of Ecclesia Militante. Readership data for some (appended to certain posts) is way down, which once peaked at the time of the phony synod, a sign of the squandering of immense opportunity. Commenters themselves even explicate that they are checking out of the entire Catholic blogosphere just to lower the stress levels raised by the tediously typical narrative. The content of which could in fairness be characterized thusly

This just in, Bergoglio bashes the Church again! Commentary to follow!
Commentary:  “You know I thought Bergoglio’s last conniving and destructive action was the worst ever, but this unprecedented situation calls for a new vocabulary! This pontificate is now the worstEST everER!”

The result?  Readers check out. But hey, you know what? If the Traditional media doesn’t get that the novus ordo religion is fifty years overdue for a smash in the teeth from the Catholic Church, that’s their problem. Enough idle belly-aching already!

Catholic men with balls put up a fight for their Mother.  And if they at first don’t know what to do, they set about finding a way. Even discussions of potential action, as limited as they may be, can get us out of the mindset that an apostate hierarchy who disobeys Christ, and ipso facto His Church, must always and only receive our mute submission. The re-orienting toward action alone would salve the Catholic mind of the ceaseless, impotent complaints of a Traditional media disdainfully resistant to the concept of actually fighting back. That is precisely the proposal here. Ideas should be discussed, revised for executability, enacted, and upon review or revision, repeated.

Frankly, I can think of one really good thing. Get Catholic priests out of novus ordo parishes and into Catholic homes where they can minister with no compromise, and begin a final and fatal assault on the tottering novus ordo sect. Problem: There are exactly zero priests in the pipeline to do so.  (Yes, I volunteer as host. Ideally, we would all provide first for the priests we’ve known long enough to trust.) Beyond the above mentioned zero fact is what would seem to be the extremely low potential for any nice, comfy novus ordo hostage priest to leave his oppressors. Perhaps he may identify with them in some way, a pathology in which his habits of mind and prayer are in contradiction to his priestly ontology, and which can also be described as Stockholm Syndrome. Most Catholic minded novus ordo captive priests (it could be supposed) are okay with the novus ordo plantation. (If they hated it they wouldn’t be there.)

No, it’s not much at all. But here’s the difference. Instead of listening helplessly to Traditional media belly-aching over Bergoglio and call for anything but action on our part, I would rather focus on solving a problem, the solution to which puts an army of Catholics back on the field just as (some suspect) the SSPX is being forced-marched onto the Vatican II plantation.

Bergoglio was inevitable. You might even call him a blessing in disguise. If this wretched fiend is the effect, then how criminal must have been its cause? Yes, the wicked council is causally linked. Hilary White correctly states that they foisted a new religion on us. At least the traditional sites recognize one voice that sees it and calls it for what it is.

For fifty years the visible Church has been run by people who aren’t even Catholic, and for fifty years the response of some has been to submit and complain. This is a difference between those who have been waiting it out for two generations (-how’s that working out for ya?) and those who simply want to try to do something. Admittedly, pledging to try is no great thing. But it’s a world of difference from fifty years of “waiting it out.”

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