the dead, the sleeping, and the road that we must choose

Tradition in Action recently related the announcement by Fr. Pierre Roy of the SSPX in Quebec that he will be leaving the Society.  At issue here are Father Roy’s objections toward the Society’s potential union with apostate Rome (his words, and aptly said), a.k.a. the novus ordo church. In his letter he communicates clearly that he cannot in good conscience remain silent as the immutable Faith long adhered to by the Society is threatened with an unprincipled abandonment for the sake of compromise with the Vatican.

In a resoundingly Catholic manner of thinking, Father Roy begins by reasoning against the inherent doctrinal compromise with the novus ordo religion, and consistently applies his conclusion to pastoral practice, about which he has resolved to direct his action. From his letter

The faithful in these parts lack frequent access to the true Mass and the true Sacraments. They are mostly without spiritual help. They raise their children without the support of the Church. Therefore I thought it best to keep to this region and concentrate my efforts on developing these small groups that have so little access to the sacraments, hoping one day to return these communities to the hands of the Society, only made larger and more fervent by the grace of God and by my ministry. For this is my greatest hope: that the Society turns back in a clear and unequivocal manner, that I may return these missions to it, and that I may myself re-enter its ranks, profiting anew from the priestly fellowship offered there. I cling to no illusions, but miracles are always possible…

However, it remains clear that the more the situation deteriorates, the more it will become necessary to tend to souls in Quebec who feel betrayed and deceived. My hope is that more priests arise and come carrying the truth to those who desire it for themselves and their children.

What is amazing about Father’s words above is their clarity regarding and affinity with the experience of novus ordo refugees seeking the Catholic Church. Families are abandoned, many have no Mass, no Catholic sacraments, and they experience total betrayal. This is a mirror image of fifty years on the novus ordo plantation! So what does he do when his superiors waver in the Faith, and lose firmness in their will to obey Christ alone when apostate Rome does otherwise? He resolves to remain in the local area and continue his priestly ministry. Knowing that the Church is our Holy Mother, not our judge, and that in a crisis of Faith She herself will supply jurisdiction necessary to administer the sacraments, Father Pierre crosses the Rubicon away from servility and toward a priestly ministry where his superior (Christ the King Himself) will be obeyed in faithful totality, in carrying out the commands of His Catholic Church. Wait! The novus ordo brain seizes, is this a Protestant thing to do? No, it is the one and only Catholic thing to do in the present crisis of the Faith.

Make no mistake, Father Roy takes nothing lightly about his decision. But he realizes that he is called to save souls, and that in the work of the salvation of souls, any compromise is fatal.

While not alone, Roman Catholic priest Father Pierre Roy had nothing temporal to gain and everything to lose by setting out to minister under the jurisdiction of the Church’s virginally beautiful self. This is the essence of manhood lived well in the bosom of the Divine Savior. A man must strive, sacrifice and do everything he can to accomplish his duty before Almighty GOD. These doings prepare him for his arrival at the crossroads of his eternal destiny.

There alone at the trail’s fork of his priesthood  stands Father Roy, an irrevocable moral agent, to face the starkness of binary existence. Comfort and compromise form the broad and easy avenue to the left, going with the flow of unity with nuchurch. Bestrewn with pretty women’s faces, from that way the easy laughter and familiar acceptance from all can be heard. To complete the analogy, however; rejection, aloneness, scorn, public humiliation and danger all leer out at him from the steep and shoulder-narrow track to the right. So steep it is that its switchback swings up, out of sight and into the gloomy treeline before ascending an average man’s height.

Suddenly GOD withdraws and man’s desolation can be felt, in absolute existential exposure. This is risk. No angelic and glorious guarantee subsumes him. He is alone here to face the same pitiless temporal reality as his apostate brethren. And so it’s balls on the line time. Either GOD is real and true and omnipotent or He is not. And for the man: either he believes in the totality of the mastery of the unseen over the visible, or he does not. There is simply no mincing, novus ordo, “middle” way out of this one. Having arrived here he cannot NOT choose, and he knows it. Only the world’s fools take this road. Woven among the boulders, that this path is a way of exhaustion and pain is simply inescapable. No one comes this way. Only the saints.

Father Roy has chosen the way of pain, at the command of the Queen of Heaven in perfect harmony with that of her Divine Son and King. Laymen, are we ready to provide food, shelter and transportation to Father Pierre Roy, should he arrive at our door? Set aside the HDTV bread-and-circus shrine for the purpose of Holy Mass? Yes or no?

Fathers, you hostages of the gnostic novus ordo cult, you have a way out. But you must get off your asses and act. Get out of nu-church and start preaching to us about Hell, for once in your lives, and for us once at last in the hearing and obeying. Stop cringing before criminals like Bergoglio the Apostate and his minion bishops in their seditious contradiction of Christ! Him alone, by way of uncompromising Tradition, you must obey. You have to issue the challenge to us! Test our mettle, are we Catholic enough to support the underground? Take up your cross and find out for yourself.

The time for idle lamentation is over and done.

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