Tactical Response to Ongoing Bergoglian Purges, Part I: Situational Assessment

As the Catholic Church closes in on year four of the Bergoglian Terror, and year fifty-one of her exile and suppression by the illegitimate Vatican II regime, the time is nigh for Catholic counter-revolution. This brief document assesses the tactical situation in which the Church Militant finds itself thus far in 2016 A.D. and proposes simple, repeatable actions that can be initiated by any laic in contact with any Catholic Clergy. It concludes with simple words of Catholic minded advice to any Novus Ordo bishop yielding to the grace of the Holy Ghost and reverting to the Catholic Church, and an exhortation to laymen.

Note on terminology:  Vatican II regime and Novus Ordo Church/Novus Ordo Religion are used to denote both the illegitimate rule and false religion of infiltrators who seek to make permanent the current paralysis of the Catholic Church. The Pope referred to below is Benedict XVI, the successor of St. Peter and the Vicar of Christ upon earth.

Situation on the Ground: Ongoing, Decades Long Suppression of Church Militant

The Novus Ordo Religion’s key weapon against Catholic laity since 1969 (year of suppression of Catholic Mass) has been psychological warfare. In particular this has meant presenting Catholics with a counterfeit Catholicism which is enforced by a false call to obedience.  Tradition’s Mass, sacramental forms, devotions, statuary, architecture were done away with. Doctrine suffered gross tampering, none of which necessitates any further explanation to the Catholic. The key effect of this psychological warfare, however is in need of explication. The result of this psychological assault has been the creation of Orwellian double-mindedness in the Catholic layman’s sensibility; that is, the Catholic layman’s internalizing mutually contradictory propositions.  In 1968, for example, Communion in the hand was unthinkable to any Catholic; yet in 1978, the same Catholic would permit his own child to receive First Holy Communion in just such a way.  Things such as contraception were treated in a similarly contradictory way over the same time span. The young, married laic of the 1960s would oppose contraception in obedience to the Church, and yet within 10 years the laic in the same position would tolerate it under false obedience.  The Vatican II regime has always forced the good Catholic to “square the circle”, meaning to force fit orthodox interpretations onto blatant heresy either from the pulpit or chancery office, or even documents of a so-called ecumenical council of the Catholic Church. From this jarring state of affairs and continuing even now, those few Catholics would suffer most from this double-mindedness who responded to supernatural grace and learned the Faith from Traditional catechisms, the writings of the saints and of pre-conciliar popes. That is, they knew the faith to be the one and only priceless, immutable and unfailing path to Heaven, yet accepted under false obedience that it could be so horribly traduced in practice. For over fifty years, the few remaining Catholics in the pews (who actually have known the Faith) have on the one hand known the truth internally and, on the other, witnessed its opposite carried out in front of their eyes. This one tactic has served the enemy infiltrators of the Novus Ordo church exceedingly well, allowing them to not only retain their diocesan positions, but also to accede to more powerful offices, all the while keeping Catholic laymen confused, silent, and seemingly alone. Further, this same tactic has kept the Novus Ordo religion flush with Catholic cash and in control of Catholic real estate, which it now happily sells off to the local Mohammedans for a mosque, whenever it pleases.  Catholics in the pews who have objected have been ignored, seen their churches sold, and for some; treated far, far worse.  The rest move silently along, as pews empty out and are temporarily refilled with foreign immigrant brethren (until these too give up the Faith).

Situation on the Ground: Catholic Priests Held Hostage to Heretics

Others will know in greater detail what the writer of these words can only view from a distance. A Catholic minded man able to not only enter the seminary, but become ordained and still retain the Catholic Faith is very likely held hostage. Need proof? How many sermons on Hell can be heard in a Novus Ordo Parish? The saints and doctors will relate to us Hell’s permanence, its endlessly increasing tortures of both sense and spirit; and above all how many, many souls are damned with each passing day on Earth. Were it not for Christ the King and His Catholic Church, hell would be destiny for everyone. Why won’t even that rare Catholic priest dare say such things from Sunday’s pulpit? Because he knows that he’ll be gone by Tuesday at noon, potentially out of a job, of any means of providing for himself, and that the potential for completely fabricated false criminal accusations can be used for the purposes of ruining him personally, and to intimidate all others. Hence the Catholic priest of the Novus Ordo religion is a hostage, plain and simple.

Part II: Hostage Rescue



6 thoughts on “Tactical Response to Ongoing Bergoglian Purges, Part I: Situational Assessment

    1. Your willingness to be involved is a great start, Ida. Conversations with other Catholics (such as after Mass) is a great next step. Right now it’s about information and communication. Find out if brethren with whom you worship are aware of the dilemma faced by priests who are afraid to go against the institutionalized sacrilege. Our biggest potential weapon right now is sort of an underground railroad, but that is built upon an information network (just being established now). Most important, make known to any clergy with whom you may speak that if they need assistance they can get it from the laity. And we want to help provide for such priests in whatever way we can. Hope this helps, and keep in touch. GOD by you.


  1. In order to be effective, it is helpful to be accurate. Incorrect information tends to dilute one’s message.

    Young people who were born after Vatican II, or who were perhaps too young to remember, oftentimes have a misunderstanding of what happened during that time. Those of us who were around know.

    There are several misunderstandings in the text above.

    1. “The Novus Ordo Religion’s key weapon against Catholic laity since 1969 (year of suppression of Catholic Mass)…”

    Comment: First, the introduction of the Novus Ordo Missae did not affect millions of Eastern Rite Catholics, whose liturgies remain intact for the most part. Second, by 1969, the Mass had been so altered in many places that it bore little resemblance to what you would probably consider to be a “Catholic Mass.” Thus, what was suppressed was not the old Mass, as the old Mass was long gone for most Latin Rite Catholics by that year.

    In my parish, by 1969, we had been standing for Holy Communion for 3 years. Mass was offered at a freestanding altar facing the people, 100% in the vernacular, with Protestant and modern hymns such as “Kumbaya.” Four “Eucharistic prayers” were now used, and false translations were being used as well, e.g., at the consecration, “for you and for all men” (the word “men” was later dropped because it was considered “sexist”). Veils on women were gone for the majority.

    The next parish from mine built a church that had a freestanding altar, and the tabernacle was off to the side in a little chapel. This was several years before 1969.

    2. “In 1968, for example, Communion in the hand was unthinkable to any Catholic…”

    Comment: This is incorrect. In the modern era, Communion in the hand was reintroduced in Holland and several other venues during the early 1960s, years before there was ever such a thing as the Novus Ordo Missae for most Catholics. Pope Paul VI gave permission for it in May 1969, which fact demonstrates that the practice had been spreading prior to that time.

    3. “The young, married laic of the 1960s would oppose contraception in obedience to the Church, and yet within 10 years the laic in the same position would tolerate it under false obedience.”

    Comment: Everyone knew at the time Humanae Vitae was promulgated that, if they were tolerating contraception, it was done through disobedience. The hierarchy did not order us to tolerate it; just the opposite. The pope condemned it. Many ignored that fact, but they were never ordered to tolerate it by anyone.

    You would do well to research that era to see exactly what happened, and how, to get a better understanding of what went on. Of course, one of the best ways to get such information is by asking those who witnessed what happened firsthand.


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