Tactical Response II: Simple and Repeatable, Hostage Rescue

An important thought bridging the previous post to the following is that the King of the Universe Himself is the hostage of highest value in any Novus Ordo Temple. Eucharistically confected, passed from hand to hand, callously permitted to fall to the floor, and imprisoned within a schismatic tabernacle, it is HE, suffering thus to deliver the victims of the VatiCON II sect (as in CONfidence racket, CON-man, etc.) into the Catholic Church.


Catholic men must rise to this occasion and respond to Holy Mother Church’s call at this present hour.  Two or three is not too small a group to effect rescue. If he must act alone, then he ought to keep in mind that the angels and saints of Heaven, and their Queen, will supply everything that he needs. But he must resolve today to act decisively. Once resolved then he simply needs to make provisions to provide for his spiritual father, the Catholic priest, and communicate his readiness to the same clergyman.

The hostage priest must be willing to relinquish his trips to Rome and other temporal privileges with which the diocese keeps him quiet and obedient on its Novus Ordo plantation.

Finally, and in concert, the hostage priest and laic must work together to end the priest’s captivity by his simply leaving the hostile chancery’s reach.  Embarking on a series of homilies on forbidden, Catholic topics like hell,  damnation for unrepentant users of contraception, etc.,  will produce the same result. At which time the priest will take refuge, per plan, with the laity; and continue to minister to his flock.

As to obedience, the priest must obey Christ the King and Holy Mother Church to effect the salvation of souls. No prelate has the authority to place under interdiction a priest who obeys Christ.  A bishop who acts to remove a priest from his flock in order to prevent the proclamation of the Faith NEED NOT BE OBEYED, for the prelate himself is in such a case being disobedient and lacks the authority to command in contravention to Christ Himself.

All sacraments may be lawfully administered by such a priest, because where a crisis of the Faith arises, a state of necessity arises with it. In the case of a state of necessity, the Church herself provides the canonical jurisdiction necessary to say Mass, hear confessions, perform marriages, etc. Again, the Church is Mother, not judge, and she will provide all that is needed for her priests to carry on her mission in such a crisis as this one.  There is a rising sense of recognition that the SSPX has been right all along. This sense lends enormous credence to the applicability of supplied jurisdiction.

Part III: Wider Strategic Objectives

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