Pointlessness With Purpose: Conservatism

When in 1717, wearied by the inconclusive warfare waged by Catholic monarchs, the subversive English protestants in London formed Freemasonry’s York Rite, the Revolution’s fraternal and ideological twin was spawned. This brother-bastard became known as conservatism.¬† Preferring to retain wealth stolen from the Church by their great-grandfathers, England’s new aristocracy opted for a politically stable … More Pointlessness With Purpose: Conservatism


Bergoglio I’m going to enjoy watching you die, Mr. Traditionalist. ***************** Hear that, Mr. Traditionalist? That is the sound of atomistic science, and biological determinism. That sound is the death of your faith. Goodbye, Mr. Traditionalist. Traditionalist ¬† My name is Catholic. Mutatis mutandis… (CAVEAT: Be sure to MUTE your system @ 2:20-22 to protect … More CATHOLIC RESPONSE TO BERGOGLIAN HIT LIST

the revolution lives on (but catholics can kill it)

Four years ago the following shibboleth was coin of the realm to those too new to Tradition to know any better: “just you wait, these aging hippies will die off and a better breed of bishop is waiting in the wings.” I believed it. The voices of experience knew better however, citing the now infamous … More the revolution lives on (but catholics can kill it)

might have heard

How does beauty happen in life, with all its pressure, tension and empty heart’s sorrowful keening? There is a little secret, I could whisper in the quiet hours of night, confessing in hushed tone as when at last, behind the screen is forgiveness and not being faced with ambush. Reason calmly reigns at affection’s head. … More might have heard