modernist word-warp alert: schism

Monsignor Perez said it in his 2013 talk at the Fatima Conference (@ 33:40), that to the modernist  “words are a weapon.” Warping and contorting meanings, splitting hairs into impossibly minute and false dichotomies, deliberate ambiguities, and words that seem to dynamically shift meaning to always and only suit the will of the most malicious haters of Catholicism, all form the pernicious habits of the modernist mind.

Word-warp alert: schism

Father Hesse once spoke about the etymology of schism being not the splitting of a thing, but the cutting of a part of a thing from the thing itself, as in being cut off, like scissors.  A quick look on line however, places the origin of schism squarely on the Greek root for the present indicative verb form “I split.”

Nevertheless, Father Hesse’s point is instructive and can spare us many hours of choking through the toxic fog of modernists’ words’ meanings in order to arrive at a correct understanding.  The key point is this: the Neo-Catholic apologists will likely want you to think that a schism means the splitting of a thing into two or more equivalent, but lesser wholes, each possessing the integral essence of the original object. So if I drive, for example, an eight pound maul through a (hypothetically) perfectly symmetrical piece of oak, splitting it in two, I now have two small pieces of oak. Each possesses the essence, or the oakness of the original wood, but in less material quantity. This is how the progressivists might want to treat their act of schism, which now is rapidly becoming undeniable. “We each have the Truth in part,” they will beckon Catholics, “we must come once again together to have full unity!” Don’t believe it.

The correct understanding of schism is that the guilty party breaks away from the vital whole. The split, in this case is regrettable for the whole, but deadly solely to the break-away party.  Schism from the Catholic Church is fatal to the schismatic, and not to the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church, while having Divine Mandate to bring schismatics back onto the Barque of Peter, suffers not the slightest in her singular, sanctified and universal ontology because the act of the schismatic. She is one before, during and after every schism. The schismatic brings nothing of the Perfect Society with him when he splits, but leaves it all behind.  Although the visible Church will bear the marks and the wounds attendant to schism and its seeming rupture, in reality She maintains her existential integrity, and the schismatic relinquishes all legitimate claim to Her salvific guarantee.

So Bergychurch might try to pawn off its excremental twaddle on gullible and un-catechized novus ordites. Then they might send these same characters to argue with you that you need to stand with the bishops (like the way they want you to receive Communion), and take their hands in yours (like the way they want you to receive Communion), and stop obsessing about mortal sins and confession (like the way they want you to receive Communion), don’t buy it.  They can have the world’s oldest and most diverse real estate portfolio, but they cannot on the one hand deny Christ’s authority, and on the other arrogate that same authority to themselves. If they don’t obey Christ, then they are not to be obeyed. If they are in schism, then they are out of the Church, and they take not one scintilla of glory from her Divine origin with them.  Like a branch clipped from a tree, it’s not the split of a thing’s essence in two, it’s a split of an accidental portion of a thing away from its vital essence.  The Catholic tree is every person who knows, believes and lives what the Catholic Church teaches. The schismatic, and doomed, break-away branch is the one who defies and denies the same.

The visible schism accentuated by the Bergoglio faction and its progressivist minions could well put a lot of Catholic-minded priests in a tough spot. We can only hope that they will consider any option rather than submit to Eucharistic sacrilege, and we want to give these priests the option of continuing the work of the salvation of souls within their own dioceses.  You can take up arms in this fight by sharing this link, speaking with anyone willing to listen about sheltering priests, and letting us know when you come across a priest in need of refuge, or a home waiting for them.  The most valuable contribution, however, is your offering a heartfelt Ave Maria, that this undertaking find favor with the Queen of Heaven. The rest is gravy.


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