the revolution lives on (but catholics can kill it)

Four years ago the following shibboleth was coin of the realm to those too new to Tradition to know any better: “just you wait, these aging hippies will die off and a better breed of bishop is waiting in the wings.” I believed it. The voices of experience knew better however, citing the now infamous Rapid City lockout of Catholics from their own parish during the Sacred Triduum in the Twenty-aughts. Amidst the reality with which we cope is that as long as Catholic real estate can be sold off for these men’s cushy retirements (condos, golf n’ caressing, heal-me-with-your-mouth encounters), they’ll keep on coming in the front door.

Blase (BLAY-z-z) Cupich is no hippie (H/T Canon 212 on news of his making Cardinal). Want to find a younger seeming non-Catholic in a mitre? Check out the stepping stone to the AD-N.Y., the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut. There, you can find one Bishop Caggiano, (about eight years old during the Summer of Love) who wants to model his see on the operation of Jet Blue Airlines. That thought evokes disturbing images of NuChurch, TSA-style Crotch Nazis in pink stoles, feeling up octogenarian novus ordites who still bother to show up for the Freemason’s mass.

By handing Blayze the red hat, Bergy just popped that bubble of hope that the novus ordo religion will die on its own. How about writing a letter to one of these prelates asking if they’ll uphold Magisterium? If that thought comes to mind, we ought to remind ourselves that we’d have better results writing a letter to Santa Claus. But if you want to deprive them of the excuse of never having heard anyone ask, the logic of the act is evident.

The news isn’t all bad, however. We just have to know how to read the signs of the times. More Catholics have to get off the bench and enter the fight for their Mother. There are countless ways this can be done. The Traditionalist stalwarts are still there to remind those of us newbies just what we’ve been missing out on all our lives, a crucial task. Others conduct newsletters around the parish, and promote the Catholic Mass. These are great things. Let’s add one to the list: how about if we find a way to get Catholic priests the heck out of the way of the Bergoglian guillotine by providing for them ourselves?  That’s right, Mass and the sacraments administered just like before, using Catholic homes as an underground base of operations, until this madness in Rome concludes. I don’t think this is particularly difficult to do, it’s just a matter of getting the right people talking to each other.

Priests with a Catholic mind need to know that Catholics within their dioceses (and beyond if need be) are willing to provide for them. It is certain that both are out there in significant numbers. If you are a laic or priest supportive of the concept of sheltering the clergy from anti-Catholic chanceries, please let us know. Furthermore, if you are ready to provide for a freed priest, or are a priest ready to cut the plantation’s barbed wire and run for it, please drop us a comment and let us know. In the meantime we’re working to get this idea out to anyone willing to listen.


3 thoughts on “the revolution lives on (but catholics can kill it)

  1. I appreciate your suggestion. It is logical! But I am being told I’m placing myself in schism to go to one of these independently supported TLM’s. It is causing me much consternation…


    1. My Dear OnlyEwe:

      Thank you for your comment, and allow me, as your fellow laic, to offer some encouragement. The late Father Nicholas Gruner, who lived this frightful reality, offered us reassurance: a person can neither be guilty, nor punished in the eyes of God, for doing what is right. And to paraphrase the late Father Hesse, “the Church is mother, not judge. She provides us all that we need.” In that instance he was referring to the principle of supplied jurisdiction. God is allowing this consternation to take place within you for His own purposes. Thoughts similar to yours were on my mind, until I realized that God wants to be worshipped the Catholic way. If my diocese does not provide me a Catholic First Friday mass, then God through the Mediatrix of All Graces can (and in this case HAS provided one to me.) I don’t want to increase your stress by arguing against those voices who could be trying to frighten you out of acting on your conscience. In fact, if it helps you have peace, know this: it’s okay if you need to stay in the place that you’re attending now. I don’t think God minds, because in causing your consternation, this situation is likely moving you toward knowing what He wants you to do. Just redouble your efforts in supplication to the Blessed Virgin, asking for the grace to not only come to certainty regarding what God wants of you in this matter, but to add to that grace a special awareness that your answer has come. “Let not your heart be troubled.” He and the Queen Mother have gotten you this far, they’ll get you home okay. “Follow out thy road, it is leading straight to the possession of eternal glory.” – St. John Marie Vianney. I will bring you with me in prayer this very day. Doubt it not. God by thee.


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