result achieved, result intended


The venerable Aged Parent at The Eyewitness has felicitously (for his readers) returned to his keyboard in what we hope to be good health, Deo Gratias, and from there produced an array of memorable posts. From one of which we read what has become irrefutable, that the so-called vocations crisis was manufactured (plenty of men out there who have discerned a vocation but were judged to be insufficiently light-in-the-loafers). This crisis was required in order to provide a false pretense for married priests. The Blogger’s key phrase is quoted  by him, “‘the result achieved is the result intended'”.

The words describe a simple line of thinking that cuts through the ridiculous propaganda of the half century’s long masonic psy-war against Catholics: namely that the merest apprehension of certain facts will reveal their intended cause.  In the case mentioned above it means that the existence of a so-called vocations crisis is the result of the intent to deliberately ordain an inadequately small number of priests, opening the way for the progressivist faction to impose its will on the visible Church.

Let us, shall we, gaze at the novus ordo religion (sorry, I know, it’s hideous) through this lens of the result achieved is the result intended.  What word, perhaps better than any other, sums up the achieved result of the new springtime-pentecost? You got it, apostasy.  Having seen parishes being emptied out and sold off, our up-close view of this process was the cessation of our family members’ participation in what many of us thought to be the Catholic Church. With awe at the irony we watched as so many morbidly obese marshmallow bishops sprouted chin after double-chin over the collars of their polyester bishopsuits, yet in spite of such caloric intake, seemed completely unable to open their mouths to allow anything Catholic to come out. Yep, it was no accident. Even dumb happenstance would have seen more Catholic behavior from these prelates. The result achieved is the result intended.

How about Bergy’s practical contradiction of dogma, leading to institutionalized sacrilege against the Holy Eucharist? We may yet suffer the full metastasis of the Joy of (hot n’ sweaty) Love, which might well be likened to a diabolical Eucharistic procession to an open latrine… sorry, I can’t finish that thought- too horrendous. Not even the most blinkered pagan could so desecrate the Holiest, Heaven-on-Earth Substance by accident. Yep, Bergy’s carrying out the masonic plan to bury alive the Eucharistic Body of Our Saviour (pausing here to shudder). In this scenario we strive to avert a future instantiation of the result achieved is the result intended.

Priests will be expected to give their pinch of incense. The cameras will be rolling when those not only in public mortal sin receive the Eucharist (which we can see already occurs), but those who publicly profess their hatred of Christ and His Church do the same.  What is a priest to do? At present he may say the Freemason’s mass and distribute communion in the hand because he thinks it permissible. However, even the slightest glimmer of Catholicism within him will set off red alerts when he sees from the altar’s step a cadre of known reprobates approaching with the only possible intent to deliberately desecrate the Holy of Holies.  What is Father to do? He has two options, and only two. One (which Bergy expects) is to throw Christ into the latrine of a living corpse not only in mortal sin, but formalized in his intent to desecrate. Second is to stop, refuse and defend.

Option two above is the Catholic option, and will encumber numerous and dire temporal consequences. Priests who do so can expect to be fired by their dioceses (on the street at 9 am on Monday),  or have completely false sex crime charges fabricated against them. In this latter instance even ultimate exoneration does not prevent personal ruin. Who knows what else the chancery office sodomites will conjure up in order to persecute?

We’re out here to give priests an option to escape the Scylla and Charybdis of compliance or defiance. The laity can provide for priests themselves and the work of the Church can continue. This rescue of priests can be accomplished if Catholics get involved and communicate with one another.  We’re looking to hear from priests who want out, and those laics who can provide food and shelter. What about if the priesthood were preserved? That would be one glorious little example of demonstrating the result intended by the result achieved.


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