Pointlessness With Purpose: Conservatism


When in 1717, wearied by the inconclusive warfare waged by Catholic monarchs, the subversive English protestants in London formed Freemasonry’s York Rite, the Revolution’s fraternal and ideological twin was spawned. This brother-bastard became known as conservatism.  Preferring to retain wealth stolen from the Church by their great-grandfathers, England’s new aristocracy opted for a politically stable course domestically, enabling their revolting privileges to be protected. Those inclined toward rabble-rousing would be exported to the newly forming Lodges of the Grand Orient of France which would later unleash the mob’s passions and usher in the French Revolution’s permanent chaos. Thus at the outset of the modern, masonic republic, the revolutionary and the conservative shared the secret handshake of the same club, whose common enemy has long been Christ the King of the Universe.

This same principle of the unity of spirit between revolutionary and conservative can be observed in today’s Catholic hierarchy under the junta of Jorge the Apostate. That is, the revolutionary (in this case called progressive) and the conservative have the same cause in common with their political and satanic forefathers. They both oppose the dominion of Christ the King.  The differences between the two are completely accidental, and thoroughly contrived for the purposes of public consumption (and are also an example of psychological warfare against a domestic, or friendly populace). This case, that the so-called Catholic conservative does not in any way oppose the progressive demolitions brigade, can be made by way of inductive reasoning.

Consider. Thirty years ago, when today’s homo-bishop was just a flaky seminarian busily tunneling away beneath the visible Church with his version of vespers taking place in gay-bars,  the conservative stalwart at the helm of Peter’s Barque was John Paul II.  John Paul’s counter to the Church’s Kinseyan sexual revolutionary was Theology of the Body, and his opining that marriage is primarily a sexual sacrament. Add to that the Catholic population control method of Natural Family Planning, and, voilà! The sexual revolution now can defile the Catholic marriage bed. In this case the progressive side of the coin pushed to dull Catholic revulsion to unnatural violations of Commandment Six, while the conservative face worked to confuse and contort the understanding of Catholics who would otherwise know better, but trusted their Pope to lead them to Heaven. The progressive and the conservative were both on the same team.

Somewhat more recently, and as has become all too common knowledge, the link between the sodomite and pederast priest meant that even scandalously permissive laws against unnatural vice were violated and crimes covered up. The revolutionary list of suspects is likewise well-known: Bernardin, Weakland, Mahoney. What about the conservative stalwart heading the CDF in the year 2001? Surely, the heroic Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now (quite possibly) Pope Benedict XVI, was fighting furiously for the Faith! Not so much.  As it turns out, he and Cardinal Bertone cooked up a law having the obvious effect of keeping criminal clerics out of the hands of civil authorities.  Here again, the progressive and the conservative are  working a common agenda, and this time the acts in question are crimes.

Now conservatism also performs a crucial function for the revolution in regards to its ongoing psy-op against Catholic laity, by establishing phony opposition.  Let’s look around the Church today as Jorge the Apostate institutionalizes Eucharistic sacrilege. It’s hard to hear the opposition of our favorite conservative, comic-book-hero prelate over the din of all those crickets, isn’t it?  Let’s quit kidding ourselves that our preferred champions are secretly gathering over the round table to restore order. They’re not. The reason they don’t speak out just might be that they do not oppose the Bergy program. Yet in spite of exasperation in Catholics, many of us still hold out hope that one of these bishops will fight back. But that’s the problem. One doesn’t fight back against one’s own team members.  Thus the so-called conservative does his revolutionary duty by forming the completely controlled, fake opposition.

But wait, there’s more! Conservatism also provides the means by which the revolutionary dictates the terms of his Catholic enemy’s fight. That’s right, thanks to the idea of so-called conservatism, Christ’s most implacable enemies choose how Catholics speak, think and act amongst themselves.  Let’s look at the ridiculous, conservative attitude toward Vati-CON II.  Positions include the following: Vatican II’s documents suffer from ambiguity and should be clarified.  Vatican II had problems because the documents were interpreted badly.  Also to be heard is the rather stunning, the reforms were never implemented, let’s do so now.  What will not be tolerated by one’s conservative brethren however, is to doubt based on objective Thomistic reasoning that a council even took place. Offense will be taken, harumphs that  scandal is being created! How dare you question Vatican II? – The revolutionaries forbid such thought, and their conservative stooges enforce the ban when it emerges as speech.  If you’re a Catholic waking up to find yourself in the intellectual gulag, the conservative Catholic next to you in the pew could be your jailer.

The same groupthink appertains to the Freemason’s Mass, Bugnini’s Baloney, a.k.a. the Novus Ordo Missae. Some courageous and scholarly clerics have examined the so-called promulgation and claim that the language used does not in fact promulgate anything. Bringing that up to a novus ordite is akin to finding oneself in a real-life version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with the staggering, hive minded drones repeating, “my mass is valid, my mass is valid.”  So is a Coptic Orthodox mass, but they won’t go there. In fact, a priest consecrating outside of mass is valid, too (and mortally sinful).  Again, the revolutionaries have defined the boundaries of acceptable discourse, and a critical look at the dubious legality of the Novus Ordo places a Catholic decidely off the reservation. Who rides the range for Christ’s enemies here? You guessed it, His conservative friends.

In the end, the difference between the revolutionary and the conservative amounts to absolutely nothing. The one agitates for speedy and total destruction of all things established by order of reason, and the other pretends to oppose but pursues the same end on a slower timeline. The conservative is the conductor of the local train to Hell, making all gradual stops from Muted Objections Heights, to Cowardly Silence-Crossing,  right on in to Pathetic Acquiescence Central. Have concerns about the ride? Your conservative fellow traveler will console you.  Everything is under control, they will assure, knowing and sharing. If that doesn’t work there’s a rumpled looking professor across the aisle who will oddly accuse you of being a traditionalist avenger. What’s the point of being conservative, when the net result is that Bergy and the mitred masons get their way? To the Catholic, there is no point. Conservatism is a pointless exercise in smiling at one’s executioner. To the revolutionary, however, the pointlessness of conservatism is all part of the plan.


2 thoughts on “Pointlessness With Purpose: Conservatism

  1. Dear Sir,

    I came to your site via the voxcantoris blog. How refreshing to read your insightful prose! You are one of the few Catholics who recognize, and will say publicly, that NFP is just Catholic birth control. Many years ago, HLI ran a column, written by a medical doctor, on NFP in their monthly newsletter. The doctor wrote that God had kept this natural method of limiting births a SECRET for millions of years and was just revealing it to the human race at that time in history. Gnosticism at its best and swallowed by most.

    I will continue to check your blog regularly. May God bless you and Our Lady protect you.


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