Margin Call


The death throes of the masonic empire produce an empress apparent who is perfectly possessed. While the conscience cannot but be shocked, the intellect is calmly unsurprised. This cannot end well for those who have their treasure in this world. When the Church retreats, and retreat she has, the Synagogue of Satan fills the void. When men refuse the delightful and sweet yoke of their rightful King whose death and resurrection form history’s center, ipso facto satan will rule. In essence, none of this is new, that the most horrific crimes are mere murderous, sexual recreation to these worldly rulers. The mask, however, seems to have been cast aside.

What would satan do- has he no plan for his possessed empress?  Of course, he must, and it is obvious once we acknowledge, that having seduced the world to first borrow time, then bet eternity to remain in its sin (this is where Jorge comes in), the evil one would make the greatest margin call of human history.  He would want to exterminate the human race while the number of souls in mortal sin is maximized. He would send his possessed plaything on a reckless endeavor to make the third World War.

Now the empire’s deep-state praetorian guards reveal themselves donning a white cowboy hat, assuring that things will be set right. Contrived and cartoonish, their pledges to oppose the wickedness they’ve helped create come off as corny as Popeye the Sailor’s eating his spinach and knocking the Seahag back to the deep. -So the technocratic-security faction of the empire has decided that satan’s choice threatens their array of surveillance, police-state, intimidation and shakedown rackets. They’ll set things straight. R-i-i-i-ght. How’d that work for the Girondins? How’d that work for the Mensheviks? Once the most satanic core of the revolution gains the helm, the rest is history. Satan is permitted great power in the world when the sins of men proliferate. He has no corporeal existence over which to fear, and since before our first parents, he has had absolutely nothing to lose.

La Perla weeps for us, ourselves and our children. For those who knowingly reject the King, who blaspheme His Holy Ghost, the would-be rapists of the Church, those who would strip the Divine Child from His Mother’s arms, and all for the sake of a Novus Ordo of everything; this cannot end well. A blessing upon them, Lord, for their curse upon us. Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do. St. Simon of Trent, St. William of Norwich, All ye Blessed Innocents, pray for us.

2 thoughts on “Margin Call

  1. The (((locusts))) angrily deny that they are conspiring, yet who do we find at the center of the moral filth, war mongering and destruction of Christendom?


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