1st Commandment Alert

We either worship God, or we do not: no exceptions on case by case bases. Don’t be gulled into compromising on obedience to the First Commandment on this particular point!

What is liberty worship?
Liberty worship is the elevation of man’s capricious and often sinful desires to the level of a false god.

Why is liberty worship a sin?
Liberty worship is a sin against the First Commandment because through it men give to a mere principle the adoration which is due to Almighty God alone.

Isn’t liberty the same as freedom?
Liberty is not identical with freedom.  True, Godly freedom is enjoyed when man encounters no impediment to his ability to worship God in the manner God desires.  Liberty pertains to the removal of all obstacles of man’s gratifying his own desires, whether sinful or not. True freedom is what God wants for man. Liberty to sin is what fallen man wants for himself, alone and apart from God.

Where can liberty worship be observed?
Liberty worship can be observed in certain philosophical doctrines, political writings and resulting media publications, especially those which root their thinking in the (often unexamined) assumption that liberty is an absolute good. Liberty worship can be observed wherever sin is justified by man’s volition. Examples include abortion, pedophilia, sodomy, deliberate ingestion of toxic drugs for pleasure alone, unchastity in its many forms (prostitution, fornication, pornography, immodest dress, etc.) Liberty worshippers also can easily fall into self-justifying acts of theft, blasphemy and hatred of God. Illicit privileges given to false religions is another important area of liberty worship known as religious liberty.

Can’t man decide for himself what is right and wrong, and then choose?
Man cannot properly decide for himself what is right and wrong because his mind is darkened by his fallen, sinful nature. Sooner or later, man will decide to call good that which is evil.  To choose what is right, man must know God’s Will and follow it in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

What is liberty worship’s effect on society?
Liberty worship on the part of civic and cultural leaders justifies permissiveness of generalized immorality (both public and private), and also tends to induce silence from those who object. The libertines’ supposed freedom to disregard moral and natural imperatives is said to supersede others’ private moral codes. In this inversion of human will and objective morality, liberty is weaponized to suppress public appeals to avoid sin.

Does liberty worship affect the alignment and distribution of political power?
Liberty worship affects the alignment and distribution of political power by establishing a false opposition to the totalitarian left. Seeking to avoid such leftists, Godly persons failing to find political power to advance their interests may align behind proponents of liberty worship. The result leaves the Catholic Church beset by a singular enemy, (albeit disguised on one side) arrayed on both her left and right flanks, not to mention abandoned and nearly bereft of Her children whom she calls to advance the claims of Christ the King in the social order.

Are there such things as liberty worshipping temples, churches and rites?
There are certain places called Masonic Temples (some are called lodges, and even cathedrals) where liberty is venerated. (It is widely suspected that some among these particular temples also house the covert worship of satan). Additionally, and often through deceipt, unsuspecting persons can be induced to illicit worship by the adoption and veneration of evil symbols.

Liberty Worshippers fly the Gadsden Flag. The murderousness of satan is symbolized by the serpent.  Is this banner not veneration of the serpent?

Do all liberty worshippers do such things?
Do they bow down and worship things like New York’s Statue of Liberty?
Not all liberty worshippers do such things, and it is improbable that anyone bows down to things like the Statue of Liberty. Man worships whether or not he bends his knee in prayer.  This is to say, where man directs and devotes the thoughts of his heart and his intellect over and over again, and when his deliberate actions in life follow the same path, therein lies his worship.  There is no escaping the reality: whether admitted or not, all men worship.


Mexico, 1531: the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe advanced Her Divinely ordained work of crushing the serpent worshipped by Aztec pagans.

Why does the liberty worshipper think and believe as he does?
The liberty worshipper believes and thinks as he does because he seeks an escape from that absolute, strict, and most personal accounting to Almighty God of man’s every single act. In this sense the libertine attempts to overthrow the rights of God and supplant them with rights of man. Ultimately, the liberty worshipper attempts to evade the reality that man’s life on earth forms his sole opportunity wherein his eternal destiny is decided through his own moral choices and actions.

Are there private forms of liberty worship?
There are non-communal, private forms of liberty worship that aspire to the status of religion when these forms are published at large. Principles espoused can include the following: man’s evolutionary destiny for self-determination, liberty’s unleashing of human potential, DNA as containing divine revelation about man’s autonomy, chiliastic triumph of liberty, tapping into the libertine power of one’s ancestors, and other strange ideas.

What if one tries to warn a novus ordo person about liberty worship, but receives response that we need it to save us from tyrants who will put people in jail for not following someone’s religion?
When the Catholic Church is truly free, and oppressed neither from within nor without, then alone can a society be saved from tyrants. When man fails to offer God due worship (with all his mind, heart and strength), tyranny and rule by satan are the inevitable result.  The Catholic Church merely seeks the freedom She alone is due in the public square: to call all men to repent and convert.

What if good people say that liberty is the primary good, and because of that they tolerate Catholics? What if they say that thanks to liberty there is a Latin Mass? Are they all wrong?
It is indeed a mistake for anyone to think that the Catholic Church has need of liberty (as described above) for its subsistence. She is Divine and has her life in God Himself. It is also a mistake to think that all religions are equal: only the Catholic Church is true. The attitude of merely tolerating another’s being Catholic is less than the bare minimum due the Catholic Church in society.  The Catholic Church is ordained by God Himself to occupy a unique place in the public arena, to call man to repent and convert.

What if some respected people say they are willing to fight a war for liberty?
Can Catholics fight?
Catholics can and must daily fight the war against the threefold concupiscence of the world, the flesh and the devil. Sometimes Catholics must fight wars to defend the interests of the Church, to protect the innocent, to repel marauding infidels, etc.  It is of paramount importance for Catholics to arrive at a position of moral certainty regarding conflicts external to the person and the spiritual life.  Catholics must be wary not to be co-opted by dishonest partisans who claim that the liberty to sin is a cause worthy of Catholics’ blood being shed. For example, Catholic blood should not be shed for so-called religious liberty (the right for false religions to claim equality to the Catholic Church).

Are liberty worshippers a threat to Catholics?
Liberty worship threatens any Catholic who might be deceived into thinking that the Catholic Church has goals in common with the liberty worshipper. Unfortunately, many liberty worshippers despise the concept of worshipping the unseen God, but mask their disdain so as to avoid alienating Catholics in their followings. In a like manner, heretical sectarians led by liberty worshippers also are at risk of being led even further away from entering the Catholic Church.

How can the liberty worshipper be challenged?
The liberty worshipper will stumble in attempting to causatively explain his position. Only with great difficulty can he articulate why liberty is so important in itself, and if he bothers trying to explain its origin, he will ultimately arrive at a logically circular conclusion, namely that in some way, liberty caused itself to be. If challenged publicly, he will likely change the subject or close the conversation before arriving at this point.

What must the liberty worshipper do?
The liberty worshipper must admit as erroneous his position that liberty is an absolute good, acknowledge abundant evidence for the reality of the unseen and inherently moral universe created by God, and convert to the Catholic Church. God is the absolute good, and freedom is His gift properly ordered toward His Triune Self.




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