Admonish that Antipope

So it seems that certain Catholics have taken to the Interstate, and then the keyboard, to glorify an American antipope.  Intoning as it were, with a nod and a wink, of course, we all know he isn’t the Pope. But his life and habits and videos are so edifying. So Catholic.

Baloney Sandwich (BS) is hereby invoked.  Those who glorify the antipope from Kansas must clarify their stances.  If you are edified by this man, be consistent and support his false claim on the papacy.

If you do not support his claim, then do what the Church commands: admonish the sinner. This admonition, of course, ought be done in the utmost charity such as the following.

Dear brother, I can see you are in almost every way a model Catholic, and this in spite of the ravages of the novus ordo religion.  However, you have offended greatly against the Church, particularly in attempting to usurp the rights reserved to the College of Cardinals, and the nobles and clergy of Rome. Your arrogating to yourself the rights of governing, teaching and sanctifying undermines the Church’s visible head, Benedict XVI. You must repent of this error at once and never repeat it.

Catholics who care call for conversion.
Caring not, others proffer an attitude of quaintness, and of patronizing aloofness.

Please don’t leave this brother in his sin for the sake of page views.

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