Fight at Your Front Door


This is the combat ever ancient, ever new.  Disseminated amongst among enemy populace, a principal mode of psy-war is that of propagandizing in order to degrade morale and cause individual combatants to give up the fight. For you and me vs. the novus ordo religion, that means throwing down our Crosses so lovingly fashioned and proffered to us by our Adorable Savior. They want us to give up the Faith.

Knowing what Bergoglio is; and all the apt characterizations from the buffoon, to Evil Clown, to malignant narcissist; and further knowing that the buffoonish, clowning narcissist is the inevitable slough of the Wicked Pseudo-Council of 1963-1965; we must know that the manifestation of our spiritual combat has been and continues to be psychological warfare. The novus ordo adversary, as clownish and ungainly as it is, intends for us to throw down our sword of Truth, and walk away in disgust. It wants that in our exhaustion and revulsion in coping with their venom and filth, we harden against Our Lord and refuse Him even one step further. Whether beknownst to N.O. hierarchy or not, their bumbling absurdity, their nauseating effeminacy, their infuriating cowardice and criminality has as its object to induce us to give up on our Mother (as they did long ago). Maybe they want to pile on the news of the ridiculous to such a height that we no longer choose to bear, and turn our backs on Her.

It is toward this diabolically disoriented terminus which other matters are merely means. The ongoing suppression of the Mass of the Ages in favor of the masonic rite of the absurd; the making of indifferentists, communists, and Koran kissers into fake saints; the generalized exclusion of all things and persons Catholic, all serve the single end point that is the enemy’s attempt to break our will to keep on believing. The persecution is a means to induce us to give up the Faith and walk away.

This contention, that they insist you throw down your Cross and kick dirt in the eyes of your Adorable Savior, (and that which you stubbornly refuse to do) explains the savage combat. The masonic, Cabbalistic novus ordo religion has failed to root out the Faith from the last of us. So they threaten to expel us from their fake church.

(Intoning here with scornful mockery) -oh no! Don’t kick me out of the religion ruled by pathetic, embezzling, communist, homosexual charlatans!  Heavens to Betsy, what will I do if I can’t hold hands with other men on Sunday and hear that gay-as-hell cantor serenade me with “On Eagle’s Wings”? No altar girls? How in the world will I feel the vibe of the new age without the altar girls? Or without the aging Mrs. Kravitz braying like a jenny-ass from the book of Isaias in her strident voice? (Yes, novus ordo religion, you have become the punch line in your own parody.)

Even more, that harlot’s fraud of a religion rages and fumes that we would, in growing numbers, choose the sweetness of suffering as Catholics over their cloying Kool-Aid of concupiscence, over their phony heaven-on-earth conjured up by their revolutionary coven, the Synagogue of Satan.

They want you to give up your Faith and join them in their futile quest to commit the ultimate regicide, the assassination of the King of the Universe. This struggle to demoralize those of us who still believe, therefore constitutes THE fight of the present hour. The novus ordo adversary is desperate to conquer things in the name of apostasy once and for all. But they can’t take our Faith by force. Their father in hell does not have permission to do so. He must wait for us to relinquish. Thus, all we have to do is hold to the fight, cling to our crosses, and keep on climbing.  Holding onto the fight is an attribute known as tenacity. Fight on. Forward. One agonizing yoke-laden step at a time. They can do nothing to stop this march up that final little hill named after the skull. Let us follow out our road, as it is leading straight to our possessing Eternal Glory. Forever.

Before logging on to view the Catholic news and blogs, a gut check of things we already know and believe is in order.

I believe
That Almighty God laughs at the folly of his enemies, before confounding and scattering them.
That neither perfidy, nor negligence, nor canonical crime by any clergy
Can turn back the omnipotent Will of Almighty God,
That His spotless Bride sprung forth Divine from His Wounded Side.
That when necessary She Herself will provide
Her priests with jurisdiction to act,
To say the Mass of the Ages, to absolve sins,
To confer the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, and to expel demons.
No traitor, be he bishop, cardinal or papal pretender,
Has any power to deprive grace to any Catholic who duly seeks it.
Every single measure; yea, every half measure,
of the indwelling Divine Life
Shall remain available to the Faithful, who seek to know Him
In order to Love him in the way He commands to be loved.
Traitor clergy cannot prevent you from embracing your Cross.
Compromising, conservative churchmen cannot withhold from you
His crown of public humiliation and scorn.
Treasonous priests can do nothing to deprive you of your Faith.
Or your Grace. Or your Heaven.
Forgive them, Lord for they know not what they do.

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