Eradicating the Common Good

What new attitudes are starting to emerge over the last four years? Perhaps disillusionment of the current arrangement of things precipitates into a more concrete and pervasive sense of we’ve been lied to, and yet the liars are still on the job. Knowing that too many people thinking for themselves is bad for the usual rackets, the racketeers have to stay no less than one manipulative step ahead of everybody else slogging our way through life in this arena of salvation. So how can a national election be used to keep the game going, when the suckers are smartening up and walking away? I’m afraid to say that Donald Trump knows best the answer to that question.

Figuring out the true nature of our problems, many have started to realize that the solutions thereto require a most prompt beginning to a new life of non-participation. With a confidence at which the global plutocracy must cringe, walk-away moments rapidly approach for each of the following (comprising only part of a much longer list): a rigged financial system, centralized production & distribution system for food and water of a most dubious quality, terms of gainful employment arbitrarily dictated by a shadowy technocracy, sick care in which the bodily ravages and insanity caused by modern life are medicated into temporary remission at enormous expense, and many other things. Preeminent to the above, Catholics would add their departure in disgust from the phony version of their glorious and Holy Mother Church. These manufactured madnesses listed above have led people to say, the heck with this nonsense! I’m not doing it anymore. I don’t need new stuff all the time, and I’m starting to hate what I’ve got. Along with these material exigencies are rising realizations of the complete hollowness of once hallowed beliefs in democracy, personal success and fulfillment, and the God-endowed greatness of the Republic. Folks are getting tired of living, thinking, and believing what they are told to live, think and believe. When they figure out that they don’t have to submit to their slave masters anymore, that’s when a person lives out the phrase going off the reservation. This sort of independent behavior is a mortal threat to the crypto-satanists at the top of the control pyramid, and thus causes these same plutocrats to transition their (deceptive, violent, deadly) intervention scheme into high gear.

The purpose of Donald Trump has been to keep everybody on the reservation. It’s all been for show, and in the end it will prove meaningless in terms of fervent hopes of those who wanted to “limit the evil,” or who quite explicitly opined that refusing to participate in sham elections is a mortal sin, going so far as to cite Pope Leo XIII. The thing is, the Pope’s words were predicated on something kind of important: a presumption that the form of government by nature can preserve the common good. The following point is one upon which reasonable men may disagree; it is my belief that the modern republic has as its hidden purpose the undermining of, followed by the complete eradication of the common good.

An interesting conversation on this took place back in May over at The Eyewitness, which extends nicely and concludes the above thoughts, and is depicted below. The video at bottom takes a sober perspective at currently transpiring cabinet picks. (While we recognize the Liberty Movement as anti-Catholic, the author’s intellectual honesty on the chosen topic is made manifest.)

It is not desired that Trump supporters become upset with any of these views.
It’s time for Catholics to leave the plantation. Many of us have left the novus ordo religion behind, in whatever ways have seemed best to us in our well-formed Catholic consciences. But we as laymen also have to find a way to engage the culture. That’s our job. Let’s figure out how to depart from the cultural plantation of the dying west, and aid others in doing likewise. We’ve got the most important Tradition in our hearts already. Let’s now rediscover the cultural traditions of home, hearth and heath and its blessed, penitential toil.



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