Assassins & Secrets vs. Good Success

Bullets fly, bombs detonate, terror is the desired effect, as an Ambassador falls. So also is desired the diversion of attention away from that single, decisive maneuver undertaken by the invisible empire.  How long has it been since the hidden hand received its final rebuff in attempting to crush the ancient Syrian City and thereby Syria itself, a matter of days, perhaps?  While events were set in motion unfolding around the world, with murders in Europe, electoral college here, a Young Turk assassinates the Russian Ambassador.  Which of these things is unlike the others? Brethren, do we not see that the secret powers are hell-bent on fomenting their third world war?  They’re not going to stop prodding the Russian Bear until she has no choice but to defend herself.  Could it be that Russia just might launch the most pent up act of self-defense the world has ever seen?  Blessed Christmas, and forget not to congratulate the Virgin Queen for Her Good Success in delivering Her Divine Son.  Of earth and Heaven She reigns Queen; and welcome, a bit early, to 2017.

One thought on “Assassins & Secrets vs. Good Success

  1. That is exactly why these people were expelled from European countries so many times. They are born revolutionaries. You can have Europe and Christian society or you can give them a say in your country’s affairs but you can’t have both.


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