Get That Devil Off Your Shoulder


Caution: there’s a devil at your side. Right now! He’s been given permission to tempt you. He watches. Knowing instantly an effect by its cause, he understands well human behavior patterns. Yes, we have each been assigned a guardian angel, who is due preferential access to  mind’s attention.  Unfortunately, what the cartoons used to portray as a little demon in miniature on the character’s shoulder is not pure fiction.

Perhaps there are certain patterns that these enemies, particular to each of us, find useful when we read online to absorb information regarding the agonizing state of Holy Mother. Let’s examine and explore a bit further.

Let’s fictionalize an iniquitous familiar, borrowing in part from that notorious antagonist in Christopher Marlowe’s Shakespeare’s Othello, namely Iago. Ever the ruthless and lawless instigator who cultivates mistrust between Othello, his wife, and Othello’s trusted subordinate Cassio; Iago knows which buttons to press to make his victim fatally and sinfully wroth. Now let’s update the character’s name with a bit of aggiornamento and call him Iagolio. We’ll bounce back and forth between the reader’s consuming onscreen content (presented paraphrased, and as if we were that same reader), and how Iagolio wants us to react.

Online Content:
Speaking to Italian media today, the Pope accused reporters of coprophilia, a bizarre mental disorder involving excrement, which he immediately followed by referring to certain Catholics as eaters of excrement.

What kind of churchman would say such a thing?
Only someone involved in such a thing could so easily plunge his mind and his words into the privy. What a feckless thing, who only cares about power and revenge!

Online Content:
A newly appointed Oklahoma Bishop who suppressed a traditional community of exorcists has just told some traditional religious sisters that now they’ve got to go.

Just look at the comments. These people are defending this man? Are they blind or just stupid? When are Catholics going to smarten up and stop thanking these people for destroying us? And how can that Bishop live with himself?

Online Content:
More pedophilia scandals from Argentina,
with victims in a school for the deaf.
Pope was previously informed of situation.

And what did he do to fix it? Of course, nothing! More victims. More lives ruined. Such a fraud. The whole thing is a massive stinking fraud and cover up! And there is never any end! Thanks for your promises for safety, Bishops! Thanks a lot, Saint John Paul the Great! And about that nonsense in Oklahoma, people are going through the daily living hell of demonic possession and this bishop is just going to leave them there?! Where is the mercy for them? And if you complain, you’re an eater of excrement. And by the way, what kids are still getting molested by clergy at this moment -like right now?
The blind, the retarded?

End of blog browsing.

It ought to be considered very likely that the reader of the above information, and victim of Iagolio, is now teed up on a hair trigger. At a minimum, his preoccupation level is so high that opportunities arising to do good during his day will find such a pilgrim completely oblivious, and will be lost thereby, becoming sins of omission. Second, and not less likely is that the day’s very next vicissitude will put nerves under enormous strain and temptation to sin.  Worst of all however, a habit of mind is being established in which Iagolio now has a wide broadcast channel to intrude upon this pilgrim’s thoughts, which will drown out the simple, direct and soothing guidance offered by his Angel Guardian.

So, if you suddenly sense one similar to the above trying to stir the pot to the boiling point, pause and say a quick Ave.

And remember the fundamentals:

  • God’s Holy Will is omnipotent and impossible to thwart. His Grace will reach every single one of us who really wants it. No bad news or bad clergy can stop him, and neither can they prevent the Church Herself from conveying such grace.
  • The Blessed Virgin will take your hand and lead you to Her Divine Son any time. Every time.
  • Remember the late father Hesse’s words:
    God isn’t going to send anyone to Hell who doesn’t either really and truly want to go there, or who doesn’t care if they go there or not. This means us!  If we really want to escape hell, we’re going to get the grace (and as Monsignor Perez teaches, that’s the first part of the Church to take back, the part from the top of our head all the way down to the floor).
  • So if one like Iagolio got to you, don’t panic. Just get to confession and start again, and get closer to your guardian angel.

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