SSPX Suicide

Reunion between the Catholic SSPX and the neo-gnostic Vatican II regime will prove catastrophic. We will find ourselves alone in addition to already being disorganized, paralyzed, and against the Church’s most malicious enemies; those who occupy her offices both high and low. Disorientation on the battle field will persist, but this time with no place to run. What can be done?

An effective means to countering the diabolical disorientation is to reorient oneself through the cognitive practice of developing a defensible hypothesis with explanatory power. Using facts verified as best as can be, the mind of the Catholic fighting for Holy Mother has to fit the pieces together for himself, make logical inferences, and then use subsequent facts to rigorously test his hypothesis.

Take an example from the masonic tyranny referred to as the (U.S.) Republic. Numerous facts are verified regarding conservative 501(c)3 orgs being subject to audits, founders’ bank accounts being frozen, etc. Searches for instances on the opposite side however, regarding communist, 5th column non-profits yield a total of zero of that type who are under the same persecution. After assembling these facts like puzzle pieces and making a logical inference, we might hypothesize that a political persecution is afoot which features a weaponized IRS. This hypothesis possesses a high degree of explanatory power, and later is confirmed by additional facts and discoveries. Dissenting voices from the right who may have cried “conspiracy theory,” or presented obtuse opposition to such a hypothesis are thereby discredited. Such “on-side” opponents perhaps benefit from the current arrangement of things, or simply can’t psychologically bear that the felons have the power. Savvy consumers would mark the dissenter’s shoddy understanding and cease to lend them an ear.

Applying this think-for-yourself attitude to current events in the Church, Atila Sinke Guimarães of Tradition in Action (links below), and Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz contributing to the same have formulated a hypothesis that has seen multiple confirmations, and gets another big score today. Namely, the Vatican II sect has a false right under its control, and the goal of capturing the SSPX (read: captured, surrendered, future geldings, silently obedient to the apostate novus ordo religion) is within reach.

To restate and clarify before requesting that the articles linked below be read and the first two internalized, our conservative stalwarts may not be what they appear. This is all part of a puppet show to keep actual Catholics under the false impression that Catholicism still has a champion higher than the rank of the occasional (non-sodomite) priest obedient to Tradition, all the while compromising the one effective Catholic opponent to the apostasy, namely the SSPX.

Guimarães’ theory is the only one I’ve seen that explains the oddities of the entire landscape. It throws light on the muted nature of the objections to the Bergoglio faction in spite of the constant, ever magnified outrages of this masonic coven. Moreover, it is free from any hint of having been caught off guard due to misapprehension of the facts, and obviously so because it explains so much of what happens when our erstwhile conservative heroes become peculiarly silent.

Also, opinion shapers who arrogate the mantle of Tradition to themselves should measure up. A lot of these folks operate from the same poisoned premise that the wicked council was good. The commentary resulting therefrom is remarkable only for its lack of explanatory prowess. So then, when a conservative lion cowers for the inevitable cave-in, their work degenerates into irate consternation in order to play to the crowd, who gains nothing from such worthless demagoguery. In short, those Catholic commentators who don’t admit to propounding failed hypotheses, are undermining the efforts they claim to support.

Catholics don’t need any additional fuel for our ire. Neither do we need constant misreads, nor non-cognizance of fundamental aspects of the present ecclesial landscape.  Credit goes to Guimarães for putting forth a theory that provides grounding and orientation. Maybe next he’ll acknowledge that effectively and legitimately resisting this ever voracious Vatican II blob means that priests are on correct course who obey and accept jurisdiction supplied directly from Holy Mother.

Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz: suicide for SSPX

Atila Sinke Guimarães: controlling the opposition: false right

Bad cognitive filter (this is great and happy news!)


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