When we in the Komfyklergy are told to go total Novus Ordo and we knuckle under, it will be all your fault, laic.  Remember, we are entitled to risk-free comfort and respectability. The idea of actually defending our flock with nothing but our faith and lives is just so fever-swampishly Captain-Crazy-Pants, that we won’t even discuss.  Besides, you have a duty to make us comfy so that we can resume our 30,000 word monograph on the salient aspects of the Ambrosian Rite of Mass. We’ll refer back to this post later and say that we told you so. Lastly, know this: whenever, wherever or however Bergoglio takes action, we shall take umbrage! Vive la résistance!

Signed, Father Armchair Martyr
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2 thoughts on “Translation:

  1. Vive la Resistance Movement! It is the Deposit of Faith we must stay close to not (one of) the man (men) in white. It is the Deposit of Faith that is being scourged not the man in white. That is the foot of the cross. But I am just a former protestant and still try to use my God-given intellect – what do I know…


    1. You know enough to understand what a lot of cradle Catholics refuse to see. Converts like you are most edifying, acknowledging the King in spite of the distress of His Passion, and taking Him to your heart as Spouse.


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