It seems a Saracen

may have visited the Parish during Solemn High Mass last week, the eighth. Reports say he was toting a length of re-bar under his arm. Outside, at the foot of a monument to the Blessed Virgin in remembrance of the unborn dead, the following were left behind:
security-dIts meaning seemed quite obvious to the four of us who discovered the head covering and rug of some sort: the calling card of a colonist infidel.

Witnesses say that, during Mass, the one who wore this same head covering lurked about outside the west door to the narthex, then turning he stepped as if to enter the building and stopped dead (or was stopped) at the threshold, as if he were not permitted entry.  (This could be attributable to the efficacy of the Asperges at the beginning of Holy Mass, expelling demons.)

Following Mass, the novus ordo priest at the Rectory was informed of the visit, shown the strange calling card, and his response was to make it abundantly clear that he was late for a meeting.  Messages to other parish clergy went unanswered as the week went on.  No surprise is warranted with that lack of reaction, as I increasingly suspect that not only are priests captive to the N.O. religion’s hierarchy, but that many men of upper rank in that hierarchy itself are wholly-owned whores of the NWO, who mandate that the lower clergy think as they are told, and tolerate evil.

Had my requests for a meeting been received, I would have initiated a conversation about Parish security, and asked for permission to organize a volunteer security patrol among the men.  For the time being, however I’m on my own, giving up my preferred seventh pew back from the sanctuary, house right of the altar, moving all the way back to the main doors, where I can keep an eye on things. Fr. Ripperger relates that every parish has its own guardian angel, and he’s the one I leave in charge when going up for communion.

The little visit set me to thinking about what kind of parish security plan could be implemented. The following is my expertise-free array of ideas on the topic of how one might secure a parish against armed assailants seeking to kill Catholics during divine worship.  The intent is to create zero impact on parish finances, operate with parish volunteers, and quickly set up an operation capable of repelling or eliminating a coordinated, armed attack (or at the very least, advance to actually fight the enemy instead of darting about in paralyzed confusion as women, kids and clergy fall dead.) Such an ad hoc set-up would serve during the interim until we could raise funds to hire a consultant who actually knows what they are doing and can advise. Also later on, interested parishioners can be sent out to attend civilian training weekends with groups like SPECWAROPS down in San Diego, who will give some scenario-based training using semi-automatic rifles, close-quarters in using fixed blade, folder, short sword, etc. To restate and clarify, this is the do-it-your-darnself-now-and-learn-as-you-go version of avoiding the role of hapless, blood-spattered target. Let’s get started.

Protect the act of Sunday Worship, its priests and assembly against armed attackers.

  1. Establish perimeter at north and west sides of property.
  2. Prevent hostiles and rogue vehicles from accessing property.
  3. Secure Church building’s interior against intruders penetrating perimeter.

Territory: The Church property forms the corner of a busy four lane speedway and a narrow side street.  This main east-west street has the Church on its south side, with the side street forming the property’s western boundary.  Broadest access is along the main road. Southern and eastern boundaries are far less accessible to entry.

A. Overlapping foot patrols monitor the perimeter in teams of three, comprised of two riflemen and a standard bearer, or crucifer. Crucifer carries small bottle of Holy Water. The standard or crucifix used is not only a symbol, but also a spiritual weapon. Implied in the symbol is the statement of positive identity, “we’re not doing this for the masonic republic, or Israel, or religious liberty, we’re not the Oathkeepers, or a thin blue line; we’re Catholic men honoring the Holy Virgin and doing our duty in accord with our masculine nature.”

B. Atop each of the two highest points on the property can be perched the volunteers’ best shooters, with whatever optics can be provided.

C. Place two, armed sentries immediately inside all entrances to Church building. Each sentry carries sidearm, and fixed-blade weapon. As an aside, dagger-length or short sword-length bladed weapons can afford the defender an unexpected advantage when the opponent is within twelve feet, including one with a firearm.
The tool pictured above costs less than $20.00.

When engaging the close-by intruder with thrusts, slashes and hacks, the defender is freed from the difficulties of fine motor control, fear of shooting innocent bystanders, and can thereby turn his major-muscle adrenaline rush to his advantage. This reversal of momentum from attacker to defender can be especially effective in a boxed in entry way where the intruder might be tempted to retreat into a corner which will trap him for a coup de grâce.

D. Communication with standard retail, two-way radios. Ear inserts can be used by building sentries to remain online without disturbing worship.

E. Defending against attackers using delivered explosives. Parking lot entrances can be secured using volunteers’ vehicles. -Yes, I volunteer mine for duty first. (Vehicle damage here is clearly implied, so avoid disclosing this particular vehicle use to your local insurance racketeer). Now it would seem that a single vehicle parked parallel to the roadway can easily be spun by an attacking vehicle’s smashing behind the defense’s rear axle and causing it to pivot on its engine block. Two solid vehicles placed side-by-side and perpendicular to the roadway have a better chance of stopping a vehicular attack (see diagrams, below.) This vehicle gate expedient can be used until a suitably strong, permanent gate can be installed.


Improvised gate #1 would seem to stand a better chance than gate #2
(below) of stopping a vehicular battering ram loaded with explosives.

As for the bomb-vested maniac who makes it to the door, it would be up to the sentries to get him outside and end it quick, with sentries getting away alive if at all possible. Yes, I volunteer first for sentry duty at the Church’s most vulnerable door.

F. Additional considerations:  Resistance to such thinking as the above will prove enormous. Implementation can be introduced using gradualism (You know, the same method that the masonic novus ordites used to foist their abominations on Catholics.) Going full-on armed patrol on Father Fluffbottom, Mrs. Nussbaum and her committee of parish busybodies might be more than they can take. The response to this thoughtcrime of attempting to exercise masculinity in protecting the innocent would be the typical, (in super-smoldering-smug, nasally voice) “Sorry, I have a m-e-e-e-ting with liturgy committee, right now. Call the {semi-literate, sociopathic} parish secretary for three weeks from next Thursday. Oh wait, some friends and I will be in Palm Springs then, caressing those in need.” However, speaking informally with like-minded men willing to participate, and then approaching the least effeminate clergyman with the overall concept of some sort of ambiguous emergency response team, might work.  In fact, this entire concept can have a coordinating, medical response plan staffed by medically licensed parish volunteers. Such a medical response plan could serve as a front (albeit an authentic one) for the self-defense operation. Let the squishy powers-that-be get the idea that we’re all about band-aids and rescuing imperiled kittens, for now. At the very least there will be a body of volunteers under the Parish aegis. Switching over to the actual security implementation is, of course, another matter.  The brutal reality is that resistance to the establishing of forceful self-defense will likely remain stubborn until the bodies, bombings and bullets start stacking up. Even then, the victims of the deep-state’s mind war will clamor for more government intrusion/oppression. Think: pointless, intentionally humiliating security theatre (at your expense) showing up at a parish near you.

So until some serious smartening up occurs, grab the hand of your parish’s angel guardian, Rosary ring, your concealed carry, Ka-Bar, telescoping steel baton and get back by the main doors. I’ll see you there.  Remember, Cavalry #7 ain’t coming. It’s up to us (IUTU).


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