A desperate chase

falls main.png

through the paganized culture of human sacrifice. What is masonic fakechurch to do about that one last Catholic that gives the lie to their entire phony religion?

Moreover, what is that one last Catholic to do?  Sometimes prudence, faith and balls point in the same direction. The leap must be taken.  The same God who made lightning for Elias; who made the Sultan yield to the unarmed, captive St. Francis of Assisi; who created the falls in front of us; also created the plunge pool that we must believe will save us.

Father Jorge and Bishop Ben Dover:  I will worship the Blessed Sacrament and my sons will teach their sons to worship Him after I am gone.

Why did He let five bad guys through? – To give them one last chance to repent before…

Silly Rosicrucian Jesuit: Hammers are for heretics!


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