Mindwar Bulletin: Berkeley


The mindwarrior finds opportunities for combat offensives when the enemy (that’s you, me and all the other non-insiders around the world) senses uncertainty and helplessness. His key weapon is the screen at which you and I gaze right now.

Witness the latest mindwar sortie of the attempted and ongoing Sorosian color revolution, which took place in Berkeley, CA earlier this week.


A. Mindwarriors, i.e. the deep state puppeteers behind the media,  who are also mercenaries for the crypto-satanic global plutocracy.


B. Everyone else who is not a captured insider. Misled media consumers, people just trying to live their lives and figure out what on earth is going on.

Mindwarrior objective: collapse the small remains of a functioning social order in the masonic republic. Reduce market value of all assets and resources to pittance, collapsing economy. Enable global corporate oligarchs to buy up said assets and resources to sell/rent back to population at inflated prices. Continue and increase present use of personal credit and government welfare as leverage to induce obedience. Institute police state to maintain or regain control. Should attempt at police state fail, Mindwarriors’ global masters could instigate world war.

Strategy: stage a series of confrontations, both escalating in violence and in which each half of the masonic republic identifies with one of two opposing sides, such as political conservatives vs. social justice warriors. Both sides are controlled from a singular, hidden hierarchy. Use media to produce emotional reaction of fear and anger among all.  Fan the flames of generalized ire among the populace to the point where (in actuality) a non-existent, completely fabricated civil war is perceived by both sides as inevitable.  Escalate subsequent staged confrontations to induce terror and rage, thereby instigating the generalized, violent reaction that will make the prefabricated, fake civil war into reality.

Tactic: Using media and tech infrastructure, produce on-the-scene video to provoke fear and anger in each mind plugged into each screen. Obscenity, violence and outrage should comprise the majority of content.

Included in the above, the Mindwarrior will obtain psychometric feedback data piped in from Facebook and other social media. He will parse every syllable of relevant response data, to gauge whether or not, and to what degree his attack has succeeded. This data will be used to calibrate methods, contrive and execute the next attack.

Terror and rage are forms of psychological trauma. To you and me that means harm, but to the Mindwarrior it’s his golden opportunity to tell us what and how to think. Furthermore, it allows him to hardwire preset behavioral prompts deep into our minds.

Nota bene: the injuries suffered up in NorCal this week are both quite real and very unfortunate, especially for the young who may have been misled into participating in the staged conflict. Also, and true to his diabolical inclination, when the Mindwarrior stages an event, the pain and suffering can be real enough, and yet all part of his planned display.

(Both sides of this confrontation may be controlled, not only the more obviously Soros-sponsored SJWs. The bizarre spectacle of a free-speech champion, vacillating between glorying in his shame and posturing at repentance may well prove a contrivance from the bowels of the incorrigibly manipulative Grand Lodges. It would come as no surprise to find these subversives once again seeking to insert yet another one of their cultural Trojan Horses, laden with their commandos of compromise. And of course, the bait is set out in the heart of the finishing school of the totalitarian left, Cal Berkeley.)

What about the opposing side?
Have we no strategy? Are we to simply float helplessly down this fast water channel into an unknown ocean of satanic tyranny? No. We are not helpless. Remember we must, that the Mindwarrior hates truth and will not admit of it. If he wants us to think that we are helpless therefore, this also must be a lie.

Like Bergoglio, apart from his control apparatus, the Mindwarrior could well be another pathetic little cheese ball more likely to arouse humor and pity, were he not such a loathsome tool of satan.

Because the Mindwarrior seeks centralized societal control, our counter objective ought to be restructuring our lives toward less participation and interaction with the Mindwarrior’s control matrix of money, media and military contingency. In short, we re-orient ourselves while excluding as much as possible those instruments which the Mindwarrior seeks to control.

Homesteaders working toward self-sufficiency and forming networks of ag and manufacturing co-ops are a terrific example of effective, productive withdrawal from the Mindwarrior’s radius of centralized control. Fittingly and by necessity, withdrawing of our participation would be done in differing degrees and paces among different people. This in itself is good, because it denies the Mindwarrior a uniform population which to attack.

Step One: Step Back!
Limit the amount of time spent on-screen consuming the mind-warrior’s weaponized news of the day. Frankly, if we find ourselves constantly disquieted even by an alternative media source, it is possible that such a source is controlled. Set a limited amount of time for news input and, satisfy the mind’s intellectual appetency with something other than the Mindwarrior’s mentally toxic news coverage. Don’t lose sight of the forest that is the mindwar, by studying the bark of each tree that is the distraction and misdirection upon which the Mindwarrior seeks to fix your attention.

Step Two: Control Reactions.
Avoid spewing visceral reactions into social media platforms. Doing so supplies information critical to the Mindwarrior’s miscreant goals. Deny the enemy the intelligence he needs to make his next move effective.

Step Three: Look around.
The off-screen world may be better than what we see on screen, or it may not. Either way, spending more time accomplishing (rather than postponing) even simple tasks will help establish habits of mind independent from the screen.

Wider View: To what does the resistance re-orient?
Almighty God laughs at the Mindwarrior, the imponderable layers of his fake opposition, and yet all the while yearns for his conversion to the Holy Faith. We Catholics must never lose sight that all roads lead to Fatima, and all this present intrigue amounts to nothing more than a little cognitive connecting of dots from what we think we see, leading and unfolding unto that about which we are certain, having been duly warned.

Whether beknownst to them or not, family and marriage is the object of contention for both Mindwarrior’s and plutocrat’s father in hell. It is he for whom they toil and scheme, purblind. The restoration and the Reign bear the promise of large families, interconnected by authentic culture, and holding sacred those traditions which honor mores like beauty and chivalry. Having been ground into dust by modernity’s sirens of lust, greed and revenge, on the other side families will flourish, and participate in an economic system consonant with both reason and justice as ordained by God. Happy be they who will discover that when men strive in adhering to Her exquisite doctrines, Holy Church has the solutions to all those seeming conundrums to be overcome in advancing the common good.






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