What, No Accompaniment?!


We are shocked, shocked to learn what Canon212.com reports at this time,  that the oh-so-welcoming and non judgmental Novus Ordo Religion has not only shamed, but physically EXCLUDED some ecumenically inclined, liberty worshiping protestants from their Novus Ordo Temple! How can this be? What are things coming to when the Novus Ordites literally block a protestant from sharing the details of his concrete reality?

Just who do these judgmental sourpusses  think they are, anyway?  Look at the photo below and tell me that these are not faces that need to be encountered.


How can we not look into the eyes of the other and see ourselves? Well, I know,  the sunglasses… but this is about feelings, you see! What about Bishop Ben Dover, does he not see an opportunity here for some Bergoglian caressing?

This is a most distressing turn of events. I am going to pull out all the stops now by saying the Numinous Mysteries in Pig Latin while listening to Catholic Answers Live, and also beg Sts. John Paul the Gr-r-reat AND Theresa of Calcutta to do all kinds of heavenly and  religiously indifferentist stuff.

Someone has to take a sanctimonious stand for dialogue here!


2 thoughts on “What, No Accompaniment?!

  1. “…faces that need to be encountered…”
    I’ve been meaning for awhile to express my appreciation for your blog.
    In the fight with you.


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