Breaking Catholic

Sides of the schism presently are being taken between the Church and Her heretofore internal enemies. We are experiencing a painful but healthy self-expulsion of the masonic foe.

Enemies of Christ the King, Immaculata and the Church include:
the worst anti-pope in history, the self-evidently non-Catholic Jorge the Apostate Bergoglio, the Roman Curia, and the episcopacy in its entirety being 100% captured, with only one exception, mentioned farther below.

Undefined and in play is the clergy.
As to the size of the number with the potential to break Catholic, it is to be expected that no less than half of Catholic Priests are shameful faggots. They will remain novus ordo, perforce. Their only means of aiding Catholics in the fight will be to resign from the clerical state and begin a hidden life of penance immediately. No exceptions can be made on the following absurd and cowardly pretexts: “oh, Father was BDSM in seminary but he doesn’t do that now!” Again, and with crowning novus ordo cluelessness is, “he just likes boys, he would never touch one!” Another pathetic excuse sounds like, “he might be a sausage smoker, but he agrees with Church teaching that it’s wrong!”  – The wrong was done when anyone like the above broke into the vineyard and stole Holy Orders. Thus to be anticipated is that no less than half the clergy is already gone. Who’s left? The number of Catholic priests willing to remain Catholic and liberate themselves from satan’s novus ordo just may be frightfully and ominously small.

Subjects of Christ the King, Immaculata and members of Church include the following: peasant Catholics gradually internalizing the supernatural grace conferred by the Holy Virgin, and by this internal light to the intellect, coming to discern Catholicism from the satanically cooperative Novus Ordo religion, and thereby rejecting the latter for the former. Unknown but likely tiny is the number of ordained priests untainted by faggotry, who are willing to  actually do something to act on their professed Faith and remain in Christ. The episcopacy holds exactly one Bishop who has never, and will never defect from His Majesty. There is indeed one Prelate remaining who fulfills Our Lord’s Divinely instituted indefectability of the Church Herself, and that would be His Excellency St. John the Evangelist.  Yes, the intended meaning here is in the actual, and not the symbolic. There is good cause to believe that this Saint, like Enoch and like Elias, has not yet died the death. If he has not died, then his immediate and canonical jurisdiction is likewise alive and well; and he too is on our side.

A parallel to the opposing sides in the temporal realm (elites and their bought-and-paid-for minions of money, media and military on one side; versus the rest of us) can be perceived along the ecclesiastical battle lines: Bergy and his fellow bugger bishops opposing rank and file Catholics.  Frankly I think both the novus ordo religion and the novus ordo seclorum are in a state of anxiety quickly devolving into panic. This is what makes them so dangerous, and this panic is what spurs their hell-bent desire for both vatican III, and world war III.

Without the Faith, they have nothing. Nothing but vexation and woe befalls fakechurch’s thieving faggot clergy. For them hell has already begun, and if they repent not, so it shall be with them forever. Now is the time for Catholics to proceed with humble and certain confidence; we were made for the times and in a certain way, the times were made for us. The saints in Heaven and their Queen, who is also Queen of Earth, cannot fail us. While those apostates have chosen their naturalistic, gnostic grog ration, we eat and drink the supernatural mystery of the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Whom do we think is going to win?

Respicite, et levate capita vestra!



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