Sign of Recognition

Sign of Recognition Big.png

A certain Society on the Cusp of Canonical Re-integration held an internal Q and A for its flock recently, and a certain Father Romain (not real) had this to say.

Unfortunately, my dear brothers and sisters, we will not have time to answer your questions, but thank you very much for taking the time to write them down. Perhaps my remarks will answer some of them.

The reunion with Rome will allow us to do many many things that we cannot now do. For example, we are not now kept in a cage, like our Brethren in the other Fraternities. This has always made us sad, being abandoned like orphans, out in the open, with no one to fatten us, or to discipline us through delayed feedings. How many times have we prayed for an answer from Rome: be fair to us like the others! Where is our cage for us to be locked in, with the sign on the bars saying: Traditional Catholics? We too can be very silent, like a sleeping prisoner, and never say a word about the Council! Look how well so many of us do it already! It is the sound of obedience to the Recognition. The Canonical reintegration will give us our proper place, where no one can come in to interfere. We prefer now to say, but with a different meaning than in our past days, that Peter has the keys, and Peter will give us our proper place. And there we will remain.

The reunion is also our Society’s birthright! Many of you do not yet know, indeed none of you in truth should know, our loyal sheep, how we have planned for so long to keep you safe in leading you back to the Shepherd. We knew that you needed what they call today a place apart, that is also safe for you, where the changes from Rome would not trouble you. Yes, they changed so many, many things and we did not interfere with them. You were here, and they were there, and no one interfered. Now it is time for the sheep to go home and meet the Shepherd. Brethren, do not think that we your Pastors in the Society are your shepherds. Think of us as a sort of pastor’s helper, like helpful goats that lead the sheep where their owner must have them go.

What we have longed for most, however, my dear and faithful Brethren, is also something that has weighed upon our hearts these many years, even our newly ordained, your sons, say they can sense it.  Long have we sorrowed that there is no Red Hat atop the Society. Truly, our bishops have been tremendous, but is that all the future affords us? Do you not long like we long for you, to have you look up and see the the Cappa Magna flowing behind His Excellency, a Cardinal at last? Yes, my brethren, this is the remuneration of all our pains, which we have always had on your behalf. Do you not agree this is the greatest repayment of all for recognition?

Now I see the sun has set, leaving it quite dark, and I must bid you good night. I trust that you all know the way out.


4 thoughts on “Sign of Recognition

  1. Is that photo truthful? Not photoshopped? If not, then Lord have mercy on my soul.
    “Master Rich, what is that hat of office on your head?”
    “It is a biretta, a prince of the apostles, of the Society of Saint Pius X of the Esquiline.”
    “For the Esquiline? Why Richard, it profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world. . . but for the Esquiline!”


    1. I lack the technical eye to say authoritatively whether it is photoshopped or not. However, irrespective of this photo, Ecclesiastical Freemasonry is a problem dating back nearly 200 years. These days, Grand Orient of Italy is on the record in support of Bergoglio. (Somehow I doubt that Catholic Answers talks about that one.) As for the photo, here is the link. That blogger may have a definite answer for you.

      We’ve been lied to for a long, long time.

      Update: The photo appeared in the LA Times and NY Daily News just as it does above.
      There’s even a youtube video of the same scene. I conclude that the photo shows the scene as it was, and is not photoshopped.


    1. Doing so may comport with their belief system; and in Bergoglio’s case, hatred for Catholicism.

      The following blog commented on the photo as well, just scroll to bottom of post.

      As for the hand signs, there are apparently two, mutually contradictory meanings, one of the two is intended for the uninitiated and naive, and the other meaning is intended for those who know. The naive are supposed to see the meaning as I love you. And this would be the explanation trotted out by the Catholic Answers crowd, were one to ask them. The other meaning is the obvious and Satanic hailing sign. How could the same sign supposedly convey such disparate meanings? I suspect that it’s not an accident.

      The way I see it, no true shepherd would ever make such a hand sign, as they would want to avoid even the slightest hint of scandal or confusion.


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