No Reverse in Revolution

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In history, it is perhaps quite true that there is one overarching Revolution, with preternatural inspiration, against Christ the King. 1789 A.D. was an advance, baneful for Holy Mother, but nonetheless spiritually rooted in the rejecters of Calvary of 33 A.D. and inspired by their father in hell. The pseudo-council of 1962-65 was referred to as the French Revolution in the Church, and now manifests similar origin. Both of these events, and one ongoing, trample their planners under the stampede they themselves created.

Authentic (Catholic) history differs widely from  the cram-down-your-throat masonic version force-fed for generations even in Catholic schools. It’s funny how the Grand Orient of France is never mentioned in history texts covering the apocalyptically satanic French Revolution. The lodges were there, open for business, and had big plans. Lodge membership proliferated through the middle of the Eighteenth Century, ran the gamut of society, and relished, for obvious reasons, army officers’ taking illicit (and absurd) masonic oaths. Tirelessly they worked to prepare the minds of Frenchmen to betray their King.  So when that shadowy hardliner by the name of Maximilien Robespierre needed to rouse the impoverished rabble to intimidate his political rivals, we can be confident that the word went out from the worshipful master at the top to tell the peasants what to think: the King must stand trial, and those who oppose said trial just want to steal bread from your table. Whoever those hidden hands were that cleared the stage for Robespierre’s Terror, those who set the Revolution into high gear had second thoughts far too late. Natural Law was quickly tossed out the window, immediately following Justice and Reason, and then heads began to roll. Don’t like it? Things out of control? Is the radicality of the great leader becoming a threat to the time-honored rackets? Then you’re next. Hundreds of thousands of dead bodies later, Robespierre was finally brought to his well-deserved end. For the surviving hangers-on and the grifters however, the social structures upon which their schemes depended had been obliterated.

Revolutions have one direction, forward, ever forward – sound familiar? Revolutions have one speed: full throttle. They have but one means: chaos; and their sole destination is hell. This singularity of purpose can wreak havoc among worldlings who seek material gain in revolution’s wake. Placing their bets upon and lending support to the one they choose as head, his determination is seen as virtuous toward eliminating resistant opposition. When their chosen creature triumphs however, he sees himself  then as master and his aims as sacrosanct. Compromise and negotiation no longer enter the new ruler’s mind. Just try to stop him or alter his course, and watch out.

This regret over the uncaging the revolutionary beast is what troubles today’s Curial faggots and communists. That precious, global novus ordo racket in which sleeping, insouciant Catholics are stroked like aphids for everything they’re worth, proves difficult to operate as Bergy undertakes The Revelation of the Method and unmasks. The cranky cow doesn’t like getting milked, the bucket is empty, and it’s all because of that slimy Argentinian apostate. Don’t try and stop him, Bishop Ben, or all your catamites will come spilling out of the closet. There goes the cushy retirement you’ve been lusting after. This revolutionary vatican too love train only stops for brick walls and cliff bottoms. Good luck getting your paycheck from the train wreck, Excellencies! And even better luck trying to stop your Peronist anti-pope, who’ll doubtless toss you to the track, and right in front of those grinding and screeching trucks.


There is a gut feeling that we are actually winning at this. Nothing implied regarding externals either: I believe very little of what is presented on screen, and there are no good guys in the halls of power anyway. Thus, if Fra the secret blogger warns of this or that, or some rumor hints of yet another illegal conclave, these things are irrelevant.

Every day that goes by that finds us not only preserving but even deepening our Faith, in the very desolation through which we undergo such violent thirst for justice, just might be another day in which we advance the battle line. These people, be they ecclesiastical reprobates or the most rapacious financial warlords the world has ever seen, are vying for full spectrum dominance. They want it all, the whole pie. They must have us relinquish our faith before unchaining their omnicidal final push. Simply put, if they don’t induce us to give up our faith, every last one of us, then they lose. Yet how vexed must be this enemy of ours in his spiritual blindness, to realize that the worst of his scheming, deceiving and betraying just finds us knowing, loving and believing more deeply. The more evil he manifests, the greater our merit. They therefore feed a self-reinforcing spiral of their own defeat, and all we need do is keep and deepen faith for one more day. All the rest is gravy.

2 thoughts on “No Reverse in Revolution

  1. Not only must the revolution go forward, it must pick up speed, and in it’s desperation, as it sees it’s demise coming, it must bring chaos, war and destruction to the Church, to destroy all that filth that Holy Mother has allowed to infest her, and to the world. The devil has been scheming for hundreds of years and evil filthy men have taken over the Church so that Rome must be destroyed. And, as the Body of Christ is pushed down into the tomb, we must await for the glory of Her reawakening by Christ. It is interesting to read the prophecies of the Breton stigmatist, Marie Julie Jahenny, when she says that the three days of darkness will be a Thursday, Friday and Saturday – the Easter Trideum? – which would make sense that the world is reborn on Easter Sunday. And all because the Dead See Pedestrians wouldn’t accept the Messiah.


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