Varnish Peels from Validity

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What a tough week it has been for the validity of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation! In brief, it’s taken a licking, but is it still ticking? Here are some highlights. Archbishop Luigi Negri of Ferrara-Comacchio stated that the Pope was under pressure to resign.   That’s a big one, and aiding greatly in fully becoming oriented to its import is AKA Catholic.  Yet again we have here another point of Canon Law that implicates Bergoglio and points to Benedict’s remaining regnant, without interruption since 2013. In fact, if His Excellency’s statement is proven true, then even these oft’ here repeated demands that the delusional resignation be explained become merely academic. So to everyone who tenaciously refused to accept the party line, that Benedict wasn’t forced out (goshdarnit!), you all get a virtual high-five and three Aves from me.

Let’s also step back and take a wider view on this, because a pattern can be detected. When Catholics follow their intuition and their observations to a logical conclusion which offends against those who have taken power, they are laughed off as conspiracy theorists. Well, as Father Kramer once observed, every successful district attorney who ever went to trial is also a conspiracy theorist: one who links facts together into a logical and credible case presented to a jury. When conspiracy theories threaten those who secretly usurp and criminally abuse power, however, then the term oddly becomes a pejorative against dissenters. Lastly, when they can no longer be denied, and conspiracy theories are proven to be valid, those in power and their propagandists will often pivot and take the stance that the erstwhile conspiracy theory is somehow common knowledge.  Conspiracy theorists (the term is used here as one of respect and honor to the tenacious Brethren), must claim the crown bestowed of their courage and begin loudly using the term VALIDATED conspiracy theory, just as the successful prosecutor is one whose conspiracy theories are proven valid when courtroom justice is done.

Attention returns to the beating taken by the vaunted validity of the Resignation. Also this week, the FSSP trotted out one of their captured clerics who dutifully saluted the flag of the masonic ecclesiastical revolution (are you watching how they jump through flaming doggie-hoops, SSPX?) In a bout of insufferable pedantry, the Priest set out to refute well-reasoned foundations for denying Bergoglio’s, shall we say -legitimacy. First, the writer insulted his opponents, then proceeded to set up a bizarre and abstruse analogy, possibly borne on the intent of befuddling the reader. There was even a sense one might have in dealing with a sleazy auto mechanic trying to extract money from a customer by the crafty use of trade jargon, whereas this one used Latin and rhetoric. However, when requested to forthrightly explain the Resignation and its inherent contradictions, all his bookishness devolved into a pathetic, church-mousey instance of begging-the-question. When asked to please explain the Resignation in light of items A, B, C and D, the answer was given that Benedict resigned.  That is, the questions and contradictions resulting from the so-called Resignation are explained by Benedict’s so-called resignation. Then the comm-box blew up in a very telling fashion, lit by the anger of Catholics who simply will tolerate no more. The last time I cared to look, Father FSSP didn’t have any answer for them, either.

Thus the weeks and months tick by, and all Catholics keep hearing is the increasingly tinny and shallow-rooted assertion that the Resignation is valid. No one can explain its glaring contradictions or the delusional character of statements made by the Pope who resigns while with his own words telling us that Benedict is the name he bears (present tense) as Pope, residing in the enclosure of Peter, regardless of whether he is active or passive. -All that and we haven’t yet even gotten to the ludicrous idea of Pope Emeritus.

If your trusted cleric believes in the Resignation, and this causes you to believe, it’s time to ask and receive answer on some tough questions. The burden is on them to explain this wheel-barrow load of excrement of the so-called Resignation. Yet they are silent because to say word one would be to simply unravel their nonsense even further. They don’t explain because too many of us will no longer mentally square their heretical circle using a Catholic lens, something which has corroded like battery acid Catholic minds for over fifty years, especially the minds of Catholic men.  Unless they explain every last little bit of what has happened since 2013, with due conformity to right reason, Tradition and theology; then I am under absolutely no obligation to obey them by giving the assent of my intellect. No more intellectual violence. Once again, they can explain, or they can (ahead of schedule) GO. TO. HELL.

5 thoughts on “Varnish Peels from Validity

  1. Great comment by EvangelineMARCH 15, 2017 over at AKA Catholic

    “This is it, kids. A hard reality to face, but these men are going to look out for themselves first. They have made their choice.
    The lack of zeal for Christ and His church has been apparent from the beginning.

    We were underwhelmed by the response from the “faithful Cardinals”, and sobered by the bootlickers who have come out in droves. Don’t give us your intimations of “how unhappy the Cardinals are behind the scenes”, what good does that do us! None! Go cry into your tea.

    They have abandoned Jesus Christ. His Church. The faith. Catholic culture. Us.

    We are an underground church now, more or less. We have Jesus, Our Lady, the saints, tradition, much faithful writings from doctors of the church and other reliable sources (Fulton Sheen, etc.), the Rosary, the Sacraments, and, each other. And we have the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. If they take that away, hidden Masses in basements and the remainder. We’ll pray the Rosary on our fingers if all else fails.

    The Novus Ordo church is dead, filled with homosexuals, destroyers, capitulators, weaklings, careerists, and Modernists. Let them have it.

    God bless, friends. This is 2017, still a year for hope.”

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  2. “Novus Ordo church is dead, filled with homosexuals, destroyers, capitulators, weaklings, careerists, and Modernists.” Well said – I couldn’t have put it better. But one more important thing we have: VERY IMPORTANT, whether underground or not – the Holy Scriptures and all their prophecies of the Great Apostasy now WELL under way. “That day shall not come until the “falling away” occur, and THEN the man of sin will be revealed, whom the Lord shall destroy with the breath of his mouth!” (1 Thess 4)


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