Disinformation Bulletin: Invalid Conclave

Conclave bigIn brief: Certain circles of clergy have begun conversations about the invalidity of the 2013 Conclave pursuant to Universi Domenici Gregis. Don’t fall for this extremely subtle deception by which so-called conservatives will keep the novus ordo ball rolling. Forcing traitors to explain Benedict’s resignation, the Abdication of the Absurd, will expose and inflict great harm to the novus ordo religion.

Never underestimate the internal enemies in control of the visible Catholic Church. There is no subtle deception that they will not exploit to maximum effect. There is no ruse to which they will not resort in order to divide and conquer the Faithful, and they seem to strive in particular to use their controlled opposition as the maul that splinters what is left of us who know, love, believe in and obey Her. Further, like true sons of satan and detestable boy-whores to the NWO, they never, ever stop pressing the agenda.  Meanwhile our response to them all these decades has been a naïve, slavish mental servility. It is just such inappropriate submission on our part that has made things so easy for them. Now matters in general have devolved well beyond the point at which to begin questioning, with disinclination to trust, every last little gimmick and antic these people turn out. In short, and unless overwhelmingly proven otherwise; if it wears a mitre, and it belongs not to the Blessed John the Evangelist, then such a head thinks with the homo-heretic hive mind.  These men are so abominable that the most hardened cynicism towards them beseems wisdom. Direct, contrary and irrefutable proof ought be the only fact that alters such an attitude.

It seems they are aware that Bergoglio the humble is a huge liability that threatens their lavish future in which they covet their champagne with catamites and hot tubs, yet fear that the money will run out sooner than expected. So they need to dump the apostate sleaze ball and put in a fixer, someone who can put a respectable face in front of the velvet curtains hiding the daily fellatio. Someone is sought who can get Catholics back onto the Vatican II reservation, and begin trusting the neo-modernists once again. A middle-of-the-road heretical pervert is desperately needed. One who is strong enough to only discreetly grope and bugger only teenage males over eighteen years and who are in seminary, all while sounding very doctrinaire for the cameras. In quintessentially modernist self-contradiction, the enemy seeks one new fag cardinal to be both revolutionary and reformer. They can’t afford to wait for Pope Benedict XVI to die, because every day the Bergoglian Frankenpope staggers onward, arrogantly destroying the Faith and provoking the Faithful’s potent reaction. What is a traitor to do to keep the party going? He needs a new anti-pope, stat.

The quickest route to a more presentable fraud? – Highway UDG 81. Now don’t misunderstand, the obviously invalid 2013 Conclave replete with the vicious St. Gallen mafia’s underwriting is a terrific and blunt object with which to batter the foe and help Catholics understand the present anti-papacy. But the enemy can use this to his own end as a weapon to both dump Bergy, and at the same time be fully confident that the College is so loaded with like-minded neo-mod homos, that a preferable candidate will be found and elected without explicitly violating Universi Domenici Gregis.(Of course, with Benedict still with us the whole thing would be as invalid as 2013, but the enemy will settle for appearances.) It seems strange that it could be so, but you have to think like a fake conservative prelate who intends to gull the Faithful into (once again) believing that this time is really, really, REALLY different. Once traction is gained and the 2013 Conclave declared invalid, the fake conservatives know that most Catholics will go back to what they were doing, satisfied that anti-pope Mr. Potato Head is out of their lives forever. Yet the enormous potential for another modernist-lite, and let’s not forget while Benedict lives –another anti-pope- remains and such is the subtle deviance of modernist Rome. Never forget, progressivists’ actions can be understood by their purpose: to perpetuate the destruction of Catholicism. Although they might slow down or side step, they never change what they really are. All the virtue signaling to the effect of “we conservatives have finally had it” will simply enable them to retrench and congratulate themselves on vindicating their interpretation of the pseudo-council of the 60s.

This potential for the controlled opposition to exploit UDG to both subtly deceive the Faithful and quietly keep the Vatican II luv train chugging under the hand of a conservative engineer underscores the importance of forcing them to explain the inexplicable, Benedict’s so-called abdication.

Notice how the article linked above carefully counters each and every anticipated rebuttal, except the abdication. Nobody wants to touch the abdication, because no one can explain it without completely exposing fifty-plus years of ridiculous, heretical progressivist intent to destroy Holy Mother. No one can even so much as discuss it without making it blindingly obvious what a disgusting fraud the Bergoglio junta has been, and that every single consenting cleric shares in complicity. The abdication is the electrified third rail of the Vatican II tramway. It cannot be explained without openly defending the rape of the Catholic Church. It’s like raising the curtain on a bugger cleric in the middle of his act backstage (or rather, opening the elevator door during same). The abdication is therefore the number one angle of attack against these ruthless bastards. It is superior to the heresy angle, because the fake conservatives weasel out of their job while saying, “we’re working on it.” The abdication is also a superior attack point because it denies the pivot-and-replace maneuver that the conservatives will otherwise undertake, using UDG to replace one anti-pope with another.

Only Almighty God knows the final tally of Benedict’s days walking this earth. Is He perhaps providing us a brief, mysterious opportunity to deal a mortal blow to the modernists?  In the game of chess, when a player positions an attack so that the opponent will lose a piece no matter what he does to escape, the attacker has the opponent in a fork. Maybe forcing the enemy to explain the abdication is our brief opportunity to put them in a chess-like fork position whereby they must either expose their own perfidy, or face destruction at the hand of the Frankenstein they have allowed to be spawned.

Last analogy, just for fun, moving from chess to the arena of smash-mouth, throat-clutching combat. Levering the Abdication of the Absurd against the novus ordo religion could be likened to the application of a rear-naked choke. Once it’s locked on, the opponent can submit, or pass out due to the carotid and jugular’s both being squeezed like garden hoses. I like those choices for the novus ordo religion: surrender, get choked out, or die.

You can decide who plays the novus ordo religion in this one.


7 thoughts on “Disinformation Bulletin: Invalid Conclave

  1. Anyone who queries PB’s abdication/abandonment or who questions the validity of PF’s election to the Papal Office, (despite the illicit canvassing by Sankt Gallen Group & the complete repudiation of JPII’s rules for papal elections), will find themselves labeled as being worthy of excommunication. St. Thomas Aquinas is quoted as stating that “He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice and if you live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust”. And also “There being an imminent danger for the faith, prelates must be questioned, even publicly, by their subjects.” Are we to assume that St.Thomas Aquinas was talking through his hat & shouldn’t be listened to? The NWO would have it that way, & has given us two popes, one of whom doesn’t bend the knee to God & whose friends & advisers include abortionists, population controllers, environmentalists etc.

    Al contains statements which directly contradict the authoritative teaching of the CC & further statements that undermine it without directly contradicting it as was verified by Abp. Bruno Forte. Those that made it possible for such an unfit person to be elected to the Seat of Peter now have the responsibility of removing him & any further prevarication won’t get the job done. They must be held to account. Saying the Pope hasn’t the power to change Doctrine & his opinions are just that, is insufficient for a pubic that is practically un-catechised.


  2. Even in the short time since this post, the entire matter has gone away, buried deep and kept out of the news, as the freemasons see that PF is going to get it ALL done. He has even said in effect, Let God take me when I have accomplished my agenda. How chilling. Does he not know it won’t be God taking his soul? Then again if you have no real faith I guess you can call anything God. What an absolute fool!! God will probably let this destruction continue and we shall see that the more horrors he conjures the worse shall the chastisement be. I think it’s a good measuring stick. We are in for it in a Biblical way and the thought of it makes me almost faint. I am 65 and at the rate Francis is going I may even live to see it and suffer through it. I live in daily fear for all of us and the souls who may have a chance at finding the truth. There’s nothing left for us except Our Lady of Fatima’s weapons: penance, the daily Rosary and the five first Saturday’s (and we better hurry and get those 5 Saturdays in while we still have a church/priest we can be sure is a faithful one.


    1. With Catholics as on the ball and wide awake as you are, Karen, one thing they can’t do so much anymore is control the narrative. This is bigger than it may seem because it exposes them and gives souls additional opportunity ro repent.


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