Let Me See Thy Revenge on Them

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It’s funny how quiet you are this week.

This Trump, whose immigration stance you so vehemently oppose, just went full neo-con crazy, and yet at least when looking to the Catholic Blogosphere, you haven’t said a word.

What causes families to become refugees, Excellencies? Do you think war might have something to do with it? Perhaps it could be push-button missile strikes that force people to leave, obliterating homes within the cities of a Nation that was pretty much minding its own business  – unless Syria was war-mongering against its neighbors and somehow CNN missed it. Where is your outcry against this war?

Or maybe that’s the point. Have you so denuded the Catholic Church by your superimposed novus ordo sect that you can already foresee the last paying customer exiting forever? Let’s think that one through… no one wants your lousy man-made religion, but you and your boyfriend need money, or it’s going to be you alone, so you whore yourself out to the nearest cash spigot, the Soros-sponsored totalitarian left. Soros and American FedGov will pay the credit card tab for all your homo-porn, hotels and fine dining, won’t they? They’ll instruct their media minions not to see the molested children and lives ruined on your watch.  But you’ve got to get on board with the oligarchs who overthrow sovereign nations. That’s right, Excellencies, you’ve got to know that refugees are not a problem, but a solution, and also a means to an ulterior end. Belligerent Muslim welfare colonists dissolve like muriatic acid the last remains of functioning societies in the West. So if you want to keep the cook and the driver on the payroll, you better call out, loud and proud, that you oppose any restriction on anyone seeking to waltz across any international border whatsoever.

Have you any words of protest about what causes refugees in the first place, Excellencies? If you were really on their side, wouldn’t you be screaming your fat cheeks red when the Anglo-Empire of the US of AIPAC sends its latest salvo to bring on the (pre-scripted, America loses) Third World War? But that’s just it. You care about as much as refugees as you do about sinners, which is to say not at all. To you the Catholic sinner trying to confess is indistinguishable from the 27-year old Saracen marauder pretending to be a displaced orphan; both are like aphids to be stroked of nectar. You can smell the cash on either one, and that’s all that matters.  If Catholics depart you due to your fraudulent religion and double-life, what do you care? Soros and Fed Gov will give you walking around money, as long as you scream for the politically correct theme of the month, and then keep your mouth shut. This, then, would explain what’s right in front of us; that you advocate for the so-called refugee, yet somehow turn a blind eye to the act of war by which broken nations hemorrhage souls made homeless. Help the non-Catholic refugee in every place and in every way, except by opposing the war-n-refugee makers themselves.

The words of Jeremias (11:20) become like fire in Catholic bones.

Here’s to your latest achievement in apostasy, cowardice and nauseating selfishness.


10 thoughts on “Let Me See Thy Revenge on Them

  1. You are certainly putting it up to them & they should respond but we know they won’t, as there is no man among them courageous enough to do so. What a depraved lot & no prelate prepared to step forward to ask for their resignations. We are on our own, except for Our Lord & His Holy Mother in whom we still hope & trust.


    1. That’s right, Ana. Interestingly, I was reading the words of the Blessed Virgin at Tre Fontane and found encouragement
      ” I, among you the elect, with Christ as Our Captain, will fight for you […] The wrath of Satan is no longer restrained; the Spirit of God is withdrawn from the earth, the Church will be left a widow, behold the funeral drape, She will be left to the mercy of the world. Children, become saints and sanctify yourselves more, always love each other. […] Marshal yourselves under the banner of Christ. Working in this way, you will see the fruits of victory in the awakening of consciences to the good; despite being in evil, you will see, through your cooperative and efficacious help, sinners converted and the Fold filled up with saved souls.”

      (The Virgin of the Revelation to Bruno Cornacchiola, the 12th of April at the Tre Fontane.)**

      ** (1947 – 12th April 2017) will be the 70th Anniversary of the Apparitions of “Our Lady of the Revelation” “ to the visionary Bruno Cornacchiola. The Holy Virgin, among other things, reaffirmed the importance of the first nine Fridays devotion to the Sacred Heart as “the anchor of salvation”. – See more at: http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-day-of-great-battle.html#sthash.EcXtGfrC.dpuf


  2. “Perhaps it could be push-button missile strikes that force people to leave, obliterating homes within the cities of a Nation that was pretty much minding its own business…”

    You aware, are you not, that the cruise missile strike was on a Syrian air force base, and not on not a city. No homes destroyed. No civilians killed. Just shelters harbouring aircraft that delivered a chemical weapons attack on an actual city.

    I agree with your comments about the bishops and, “Belligerent Muslim welfare colonists…” but in my view the current chemical attack by the Syrian regime is a result of former President Obama’s refusal to act after his “red line” was crossed the last time around. The strategic environment has deteriorated because of his general failure to act and his gutting of American military capabilities has emboldened Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, et al.

    As I understand the events leading up to WWII, the policy of appeasement followed by the allies in the 1930s led directly to the war. As Churchill stated to Chamberlain, ““You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.” Had Hitler been confronted early on millions of lives would have been spared. Obama is the modern Chamberlain.


    1. John the Mad: thank you for commenting on cognitivegateway.wordpress.com/

      I am aware that the so-called news media cranks out propaganda and false information to deliberately deceive the consumer. This attack also fits a much larger pattern whereby the Anglo-American Empire destroys a sovereign nation offering the Empire no harm. The results since 2003 have yielded millions of dead, including hundreds of thousands of Catholics.

      The dispute here centers on the following:

      1. What was said about Sarin gas poisoning the innocent.

      2. Whether the Syrian head of state caused what was said about the attack.

      Decisive factors in this dispute are:

      A. Whether or not a reasonable and objective investigation verified the accusations made against the Syrian Head of State.

      B. Whether or not the missile launch was prepared in advance of the attack on the innocent.

      The dispute is grounded in certain assumptions:

      a. Whether or not the resulting death and chaos observed from the Anglo-American military interventions is the result intended. I believe it is.

      b. Whether or not the Anglo-American Empire deceives its citizens. I believe that it does.

      c. Whether or not the Anglo-American Empire initiates pretexts for violence by the use of false flag operations. I believe that it does.

      d. Whether or not the Anglo-American Empire seeks the overthrow of sovereign nations for its own ulterior ends. I believe that it does.

      e. Whether or not the Anglo-American Empire spawned and funded proxy fighter groups such as ISIS. I believe that it did.

      f. Whether or not the Anglo-American Empire is controlled by a narrow faction with homicidal contempt for the American people. I believe that it is.

      g. Whether or not elections in the U.S. are meaningful. I believe they are not.

      h. Whether or not the modern republican form of governance is a legitimate means of promoting the common good. I believe it is not.

      i.Whether or not there are good guys among the nations. I believe there are not.

      j. Whether or not there are good guys in positions of power in those nations. I believe there are not.

      God by you.


  3. Excellent response Gladstone….it’s amazing the mind control mass media has had on the public…sadly even on Spirit filled believers.

    When are people going to start asking critical questions as to why certain atrocities are reported and others are ignored?


  4. You’re ahead of the curve as usual, wewjude. Something tells me that this crime did not arise in the dimmed intellects of the killers themselves. Someone trained them to do this. Someone whose messianic dreams of a heaven on earth are indistinguishable from mass slaughter. Someone whose overreach is galvanizing both Syrians and those far away from Syria. Galvanizing into a reaction that will halt the murderous messianic maniacs.


  5. From your lips to God’s ears. My blood is boiling at the daily outrages perpetrated and the almost complete success of these ‘murderous messianic maniacs’ in deceiving the ignorant followers of Christ! Oh how I cry out daily to Our King that He would mercifully cast off the wicked spell that envelops most of His children!


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