Prayer, Money, War and the novus ordo

good wicked novus ordo big

The Catholic Church worships God in the open, in the light of day, and She exhorts all men to repent and convert to Her. She is both visible and divine, and she is glorious.

The enemies of Christ the King worship satan in secret and in darkness, behind locked doors. They are occult, influenced by the preternatural, and they are unplumbably hideous.

The novus ordo religion pretends to worship Christ, in private, and asserts that other religions are okay, too. It neither proclaims, nor lives, nor stands for anything but itself; thus it opens a shameful void where the Catholic Church alone can shine.

Prayer  Praying in Latin, the priest of the Catholic Church changes the invisible nature of bread into the invisible nature of God, leaving only visible accidents for the eyes and tongue. He bloodlessly offers the sacrifice of God to God Himself, eats the sacrifice, then feeds the faithful the same. The power of grace in men increases. The Kingdom of Christ expands.

The enemies of Christ, speaking Latin backwards, bloodily torture, rape and murder an innocent child, then cannibalize the body. Such enormous sin enables their father in hell to temporarily project power. The kingdom of satan obtains permission for more widespread hierarchical disorder in the world.

The practitioners of the novus ordo religion, praying illicitly in any vulgar tongue, confect the Holy Eucharist only when following valid formulation. Some therefore, offer the sacrifice of God to God in a schismatic way. Others indifferent to matter, form and intention, merely lift and subsequently lower only bread in its mundane nature, deceiving all who receive. The work that would otherwise be done by the Catholic Church is stifled, enabling the enemies of Christ to advance.

Money The visible Catholic Church, when obedient to its head, puts to use for the salvation of souls the generosity and toil of her members. By giving portions great and small from their perishable treasures, Holy Mother’s offspring aid in the acquisition of those things which, while having their beginnings in this life, shall remain the property of the just forever. These possessions are the Holy Virtues like chastity, good counsel, temperance, charity, hope and faith. Ever the fruitful Virgin, She gives far more than what she asks.

The enemies on the other hand, like asps and scorpions, never cease to writhe and claw over one another for money and power amounting ultimately to nothing but hoary straw. For centuries on end they rob from the rich, while both enslaving the poor and making of the journeyman a borrowing beggar. With more money amassed than could be squandered in three prodigal generations, they subvert culture by sowing vice and confirming man in his sin. Taking what they do not earn, they seduce a man to throw away that of which they themselves cannot make use: his immortal soul’s eternal destiny.

The novus ordo religion, in due conformity to its self-contradictory and non-doctrinal solipsisms, steals often from the dead to keep secret the horrendous crimes of the living. No trust fund for any Catholic cemetery, nor bequeathal of real property, nor money can be guaranteed to fufil its donor’s intended purpose when stolen to buy silence from raped adolescents, now grown into men living shattered lives. Like Judas stealing from the Disciples’ purse, they defraud in the name of Catholic Charity, spend on their own wanton lust, and leave scandalized souls walking away from a Catholic Church that they never even knew. These abominable reprobates manage to loot what the innocent attempt to freely give to them.

War The Catholic Church invincibly wages war against hell. Whenever Her visible membership strives to accomplish her mission with fidelity, the children of hell retreat further and further toward the pit. Perfectly obedient to Her Head and Spouse, the Church seeks not a cease-fire with the enemy, but rather to advance Her claim on the salvation of souls by the sword of Truth and the shield of Faith. When her sons are obedient, She cedes neither an inch of ground nor iota of principle.

The enemy of Christ wages war against souls, inducing them to mortal sin and then weaponizing them against the Church. No one is off-limits be he man, woman, priest, bishop or pope. Bribes, sensual seductions, blackmail and subtle deviations from the truth that fester into full-blown heresy are all in its playbook. When in fear of losing the fight, the enemy is highly effective as well, in deceiving over credulous Catholic prelates and popes into making compromises. This enemy is demonically implacable.

The novus ordo religion wages war nominally against war itself.  Having struck secret deals with Protestants, Jews, Mohammedans and communists; the only group not to have a seat at their table are Catholics. No one must be offended by the novus ordo religion, except Catholics. No viewpoint can be suppressed or opposed, except Catholics’. No one is subject to larceny, slander, false imprisonment or faces undefended death for their religion in a foreign land, except Catholics.  For the novus ordo religion, war against evil is supplanted for dialogue. Meanwhile war against the good and the Catholic is surreptitiously waged under the cloak of legitimacy and the dagger of obedience.

The time is nigh for the Catholic, laic and cleric, to end their enslavement to the heretical sect of the novus ordo. The time is now to beat down the enemy and advance the aim of saving souls.

BTW: good comment by John the Mad on previous post ( reply #5 of 6).


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