Catholics Win One!

Catholics Win

Alert! Anonymous of the Cross has shut his anti-Catholic, dis-informing mouth: this is a win for Catholics, and here’s why. Disinformation is pre-patterned to serve a long-term agenda, which usually involves keeping the designated target (Catholics like you and me) divided amongst each other, engaged in unproductive activity, or even unwittingly acting in a way that helps the dis-informing novus ordo enemy. Well guess what, as Brother Vox related to us earlier this week when swishy little Anonymous switched off from posting, his quitting means that the attempt to dis-inform us has failed – Catholics win!
Do not underestimate this, Brethren, as in a very real way and perhaps for the first time since Summorum Pontificum, the Catholic Church has struck a blow and gained ground against the first enemy she must destroy in her reconquest, the novus ordo religion. Significant factors in this win include the following:

  • The peasant Catholic internet overcame and defeated a well-moneyed, deeply deceptive and widely cast novus ordo initiative.
  • Modernist Rome took a hard shot in the nose. (You know, eyes watering, OODA loop hard reset, realizing that the targeted Catholic punching bag now hits back.) To re-emphasize, this was no mere diocesan uprising (as terrific as those may be), but the Universal Church banding together to upper-cut their way all the way to the novus ordo rib cage, occupied Catholic Rome.
  • We are really maturing, beginning to listen to and understand one another in the Holy Ghost, recognizing that we are NOT alone. This is a huge morale boost, and the scales of seeming aloneness are dropping away to reveal that many Brethren are awakening in their Sensus Catholicus, and just need a little encouragement to do as God wills them.
  • Above all, when we hear the usual suspects attempting to tell you, “that there is nothing you can do about it,” we now know not to listen!

What worked?  Catholics detected a pattern, showed it to other Catholics who then rejected the disinformation as such. The novus ordo enemy’s hold on power is rooted in its ability to deceive. True to their Judeo-Masonic and Rosicrucian forms, when the mask is ripped from this enemy, he heads for the hills.

What’s the effect? Catholic susceptibility to their lies decreases.  An important milestone has been gained by way of our lowering credulity for the words and deeds of apostates who have simply robbed Holy Mother of many miters and crosiers.

Wider view: yes, the win is significant, but we have bigger battles ahead of us. We must remember that when the novus ordo usurpers lose control of the narrative; meaning the phony story of how they’re actually Catholic, and social justice is Gospel, and everyone should love Bergoglio, then they go on the defensive and have to demonstrate their legitimacy. Proving their claim to the offices of Holy Mother is what they fear, because the very attempt to do so will expose to a greater degree their decades-long secret crimes and heresies. In trying to prove themselves Catholic they will admit who they really are.

Taking the Fight to the Next Level Our target: their illegitimacy. How to we assail their illegitimacy? By causing Catholics to justly demand proofs of legitimacy, which this enemy cannot provide. By causing fellow Catholics to ask and demand answers to the same questions we have asked. Why does Bergoglio say such revolting things? Can Benedict really transfer the charism of infallibility to Bergoglio like the title to a Ford F-150? How is it that he can act the way that he does?  Why are so many horrific priests not punished?  Is no one responsible? Can no one answer such questions to Catholic satisfaction? No? Then how can anyone of them have legitimacy?  When enough Catholics realize that both the silence of the local bishop and the babbling of Bergoglio are key indicators of fundamental illegitimacy, then things will really gain momentum. Questions of cause are excellent. The trick is to ask questions, and demand answers, publicly stating that the questions are no longer a matter of prudential judgment, but of whether the man in red is who he says he is. A Catholic bishop ought to act in a Catholic way. It’s time for these apostates to either demonstrate with action, that they are Catholic, or to stand accused of imposture and usurping the offices of the Catholic Church. Catholics have every right to stand up on a high platform, pitchfork in hand, and declare that Bishop Ben Dover represents a threat to one’s own eternal salvation, that the evidence is manifest, and that if Bishop Dover can’t prove the contrary to Catholic satisfaction, that he wants other Catholics to beware the danger.

The hom-interns must be pressured into such untenable positions of explaining themselves to Catholics, because the pressure brought to bear will either have them admit what they are (which they cannot bear to do), or that same pressure will cause them to turn against and expose one another in attempting to save their own skins. Breaking the code of silence for the homo collective will destroy it. (Think; Father Lavender, fearing the end of his homo-hog-heaven, outing Cardinal Twinkle Toes.)

We must capitalize on this. Demanding satisfactory, proof-positive answers, that are backed up with action is something that Catholics can do each and every day to subtly attack the false air of legitimacy projected by novus ordo homo bishops. They’ll spend a lot less time and energy beating Mother to a pulp when they have to explain what the hell they are doing in our Catholic home in the first place.  It’s time for Catholic sons to ball up their fists and give the illegitimate stepdad the thrashing he deserves.

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