Leading a Multitude Praising the Devil

multitudeA whole new ball game is under way regarding Fatima’s Third Secret, and he’s really onto something here, as it depicts “an individual who I describe as the ‘holy Father’ leading a multitude that was praising the devil.”

Many will have seen this post from 01 April, at Tradition in Action. While the author explicitly states that he would be honored to have brought to light the Secret, if he has not, at the very least wants to spark debate that will bring it to light. Read the text here.

I have a favorable view of Guimarães’ rendering. In fact, if this is it not it, then I believe it to be very, very close to the real deal. In addition to his analysis, which is a must read for those who haven’t, here’s why.

The text indicates a sense of ambiguity as to the identity of the subject “an individual who I describe as the ‘holy Father’”.  Such a qualified description bears a strong resemblance to the current state of affairs befogging our view of the Chair of Peter. Here’s the clincher, “but there was a difference from a true holy Father, the gaze, this one had the gaze of evil.”gaze of evil

The reference to the hideous interior of the envisioned Church as a cement fortress has too many examples in post-conciliar church construction to necessitate citation.

Also, if this present rendering is accurate with its central focus being a manifestly evil personage different from a true holy Father, it certainly explains why it has been so deeply buried by every Pope since 1960.

Is the connection to Portuguese meaningful? While it is obvious that such a careful logical and lingual reconstruction would be undertaken by a native speaker, the question remains, why this native speaker? This question leads to what may be the most significant mark of authenticity. Omnipotent by grace, the Blessed Virgin has chosen her instruments not by language alone, but perhaps by their common virtues of simple and faithful obedience. Think of little Portugal, with few natural resources, regarded today by the EU’s financial overlords, along with three of its fellow nations, as PIGS. Consider further the seers of Fatima, treated with such low regard by the world, whose visions were often ill-received and (especially in the case of Jacinta’s mother) regarded as onerous. Our lady chose these simple shepherds (rather than clergy, or religious) for a reason. Those who had ears, however, did hear; and for 70,000, had eyes to see as well.  Now a century has come and gone. Inasmuch as it has understood the truth about Fatima from the likes of Father Gruner and John Vennari, the laity has heard and responded. The priests few, the bishops even fewer, and not one Pope in 100 years has had sufficient faith to follow such simple instructions. Fatima is for those who simply believe, and resolutely obey, even in spite of overwhelming discouragement. The disobedient have no share in it.  Our Lady visited her little ones, faithful, those who would be ignored by the people who matter. In this regard, the simple, obedient and faithful child, the author’s position bears a remarkable affinity to the mystery that is Fatima.  Inasmuch as starving and scavenging Catholics have stumbled onto his site (as I once did) there are doubtless many readers. Yet his excellent analytical work having been up for over a month, in this the centenary year, sees a traditional blogosphere that won’t touch it. Indeed the author neither asks for attention, nor crowds his pages with noisome demands for money, nor does he complain when others steal his ideas. He proposes a genuine discussion, but none of them who could amplify such a conversation pays much attention. Perhaps like Jacinta’s mother, their cares cloud their minds. Sister Lucy would have known this alienating treatment all too well.

Pentecost: 04 June 2017 Will the Vision be Fulfilled?

This week we get reports from the novus ordo religion’s NCR online that Bergoglio plans Pentecost celebrations with charismatics and Pentecostals.  Notice the term Pentecostal is capitalized, which seems to indicate that unrepentant heretics will be getting the invite.  What relevance could such a blasphemous event have to Guimarães’ reconstruction of the Third Secret?

“Leading a multitude that was praising the devil”

To instantiate the rapidly metastasizing quality of all Bergoglio’s works, let’s get an actual Catholic understanding of how all that charismatic hootin’ and hollerin’ is far worse than mere charlatanism. The dearly departed Father Nicholas Gruner and John Vennari provide a quick example and are linked here

Now let’s take a quick look at the details surrounding what transpired At Duquesne in that groovy winter of ’67, from Patti Gallagher Mansfield {Emphasis mine}

Within the next hour God sovereignly drew many of the students into the chapel. Some were laughing, others crying. Some prayed in tongues, others (like me) felt a burning sensation coursing through their hands. One of the professors walked in and exclaimed, “What is the Bishop going to say when he hears that all these kids have been baptized in the Holy Spirit!” Yes, there was a birthday party that night, God had planned it in the Upper Room Chapel. It was the birth of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal!

Notice the physiological phenomenon of warm hands, and the laughing and crying. What these poor souls never had explained to them is that both original and personal sin avail to satan access to the human imagination, wherein St. Thomas teaches, emotions (like spontaneous outbursts of laughter or tears) originate.  Inexplicable bodily warmth? Yep, satan can pull that parlor trick as well. This second video (under 5 min.) explains the deeper theological concerns with so-called charismatic and Pentecostal spirituality and its most relevant chunk is linked here.

With the danger of diabolical activity apparent, and the moral certainty that he who prays with heretics is a heretic, the potential for a connection between this scheduled event and “an individual who I describe as the ‘holy  Father’ leading a multitude that was praising the devil” certainly is worthy of further consideration and discussion.

But BXVI Said Akita & Fatima Were Essentially the Same!

Well, substituting the blood-curdling conditions foretold at Akita for a blank-canvas Fatima would be one way to divert attention from the nearly sixty years of decidedly lousy leadership afflicting the visible Church, wouldn’t it?  Additionally, let’s think about the same-as-Akita premise this way; it proceeds from an assumption that the Mother of God, omnipotent by grace, failed to get her message across at Fatima and therefore had to repeat herself, word for word, in 1973. Make no mistake, however, Akita looms balefully and ever larger on a darkening horizon. -Save us from Thy scourges, O Lord!

What about the Bishop in white?

I’m in agreement with TIA that the Bishop in White is not part of the Fatima prophecy.  If true, then it can only be a man-made fabrication. This being said, we ought to be alert that masonic practitioners of the ancient mysteries are crafty planners who do not act at random. The release in 2000 of the Bishop in White’s being executed on a hilltop could very well be part of the mindwarrior’s scheme. One possible rationale for such a publication would be to mentally condition the novus ordo world in advance to absorb an absolute horror show and then at some later time make that script come alive with real bullets, blood and bodies.  The resulting confusion, terror and rage would make the novus ordites highly susceptible to deeply deceptive manipulation. Hopping mad neo-Catholics could very well race to the head of a possible parade of drum-banging war-mongers.  A secondary, spiritual effect could also be sought. Consider, if the Bishop in White scenario is indeed something to be carried out from the scheming of wicked men, then they might pronounce the death of the Catholic Church (what in reality would be merely the death of the novus ordo). The result, unwitting novus ordites (with an already tenuous grasp of the Faith) make a semi-voluntary act of the will to no longer hold on to what they think is Holy Mother. It’s the use of mind-rape as a stratagem for chaos and apostasy.

Wait a minute! Are we talking about the advance telegraphing of enormous crime?  Just take one last glance and watch this four-minute climax to the pilot episode of The Lone Gunman. It aired on Fox in March 2001. (This version’s a bit longer but clearer video.)

3 thoughts on “Leading a Multitude Praising the Devil

  1. The sentence, “It’s the use of mind-rape as a stratagem for chaos and apostasy”, sums up well the technique used by the hidden rulers of the world and the wolves of the Church. Particularly tragic is when unsuspecting sheep have been so traumatized/disoriented that they actually end up aligning their hearts and minds with their abusers.


  2. When Our Lady said to St Domnic “One day through the rosary and the scapular I will save the world” did She mean at Fatima Pray15 mysteries every day for the Pope the bishops and the priests and through that sword aimed at their herises the graces will be given to them to consecrate Russia. At Akita the command was repeated “With the rosary pray for the Pope the bishops and the priests” We have pray one third one the rosary for what we wanted and told the clergy “You did not offer the prayer as you were specifically instructed so it shows you have no faith in Our Ladys promise”It cant do any harm for the faithful to take Our Lady literally and try praying 15 mysteries for the clergy for the sake of consoling Our Blessed Mother


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