Killbox, the Lodges & 13 October 1307

killbox big

The harrowing account of his last moments finds him alone against a well-organized ambush. The criminals lay in wait on his Arizona property and then the bait was set out: mimicking drunken hell-raisers at the head of his driveway out by the main road. Cooper drives out to investigate and encounters not loud drunks, but a deadly threat of some kind. Wheeling his truck around evasively, Cooper romps on it back towards his house. Out of nowhere a truck pulls across his path to block him. He evades and the criminals pursue. Arriving at the front porch, Cooper manages to dismount his truck, draw his sidearm and fire in attempting to cover himself retreating into his own home. There he is murdered. It was November 2001. Why was William Cooper killed?

The operator of a small Arizona radio station in the 1990s and (I believe) through the time of his death, Cooper broadcast on topics no one wished to discuss. The one below is of particular interest to Catholics as it recounts a history of the origins of Freemasonry and then transitions to emphasize its subsidiary, Skull and Bones.

While 1717 saw its rise to national prominence, Freemasonry itself began centuries before the York Rite established itself in London three hundred years ago. One noteworthy date is October 13th, 1307. It’s worth a listen. William Cooper was not a Catholic, but he was well ahead of his time.

His show’s 60 second intro demonstrates how assiduously he endeavored to wake people up.  If you’re like me, you mentally mark any time someone asks you for prayers and then later pray that intention aloud, for example, before a Rosary, with words such as “for all those whom we’ve promised prayers,” perhaps as well for the souls in purgatory.  If you care to, consider saying a prayer for William Cooper and that Almighty God make that prayer effective at the time he died, that this man of good conscience escape the second death. 13 October 1307…

Video is here

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