Burke’s Chump Train: All Aboard!

Chump Train Big

Here we go again, with another installment of the ecclesiastical soap opera, As the World Burns. Today our mild mannered Cardinal is being hailed for his heroism in having said publicly what any Catholic can see is beyond obvious, that the Consecration of Russia has never taken place.

– Wait a minute! Can we stop with this nonsense, please, and take a somewhat longer and far less myopic view on the actions of this supposed stalwart? Just a bit over six months ago, we got word that the four Cardinals’ dubia were sent to Bergoglio, who in turn, refused to answer. What then from the great champion of the Church?  Nothing. And the voices of Catholicism, Tradition, the good, the wise, and the smart explained that this time Bergoglio was painted into a corner.  -Not so much.

If Cardinal Burke were going to actually do something decisive, he would have done it by now. He would have warned the Faithful to avoid Bergoglio because he poses a danger to one’s salvation. He might have even asked publicly for an explanation on how exactly Benedict’s so-called abdication allows for him to remain sort of pope in a contemplative way.  What did we get instead? Of course, nothing. So last week another installment of Catholic kabuki broke out with this statement on the unconsecrated Russia. And what do we hear? Get out the pom-poms and shake ’em for the Cardinal! This time is different folks! Really, really different. Remember all those countless examples of how this, or some other prelate was going to strap on his Colt Peacemaker and duel it out with the bad guys, but never did? Well forget all that pathetic historical fact and prologue to the present, because this time is way, way different!  -Give me a break. (By the way, back in November of 2016, here in the U.S. of AIPAC, some of these same cheerleaders were smiling confidently about voting for Trump and warning us that abstaining from the sham U.S. election would be a mortal sin. But I suppose that we must flush that down the memory hole, too.)

satanic ball
Creepy, satanic looking ritual: any word from those pundits who warned us that not voting in sham U.S. elections was a mortal sin? -A fundamental misapprehension of our situation.

Now upon this, his latest statement on Fatima, the most charitable thing that can be said about the Cardinal is that he must be controlled in some way by the homo-masonic-communist establishment, or the Bergoglio faction itself. Because if he isn’t controlled, then he’s simply a chump. If he’s not controlled, then he’s like a sort of clerical cuckold who would stand bespectaled, near the bookshelf in his study while reading softly to himself from a legal tome, all to minimize his being distracted by the sound of his spouse’s being brutally beaten and gang raped in the next room. I find former to be the more charitable characterization, that Cardinal Burke is controlled opposition. Being thus doesn’t mean ipso facto that he’s on their side, but for some reason the resistance he puts forth is meaningless.  And folks, it’s  time to acknowledge the obvious.

The Cardinal has my prayers, and my continued confidence that he is a good, solid Catholic wading through a simply overwhelming morass of the most despicable human beings the world may have ever seen, Christ-hating men who have stolen not only holy orders and miters, but the Church’s highest offices to boot. The good Cardinal Burke is not blameworthy, but we’ve got to snap out of this soap opera of expect and pretend.

That the world continues to burn is certainly not disinformation. The Middle East – South Asia body count is well into the millions, including no small number of Catholics, all since the Vatican tentacle of the global crime syndicate relegated Fatima to the past seventeen years ago. The Talmudic regime running the U.S. may well operate under the belief that they can win a nuclear war if they strike first, potentially adding billions to the current number of dead, and the crypto-satanic banking families of London may intend such an outcome from their centuries-long marionette show. This all could have been stopped. Dead Muslims might have died Catholics, dead and displaced Chaldean, Coptic, and Syrian Catholics might have lived and remained; and in a world at peace; and so also might many Jews, and so might we.

As things unfold now it might be wise for us to consider that our yoke of modernist oppression, in a world where men have chosen to be ruled by satan, could be the permissive will of Almighty God. It would seem now that our lot is to climb this Calvary in atonement and reparation, without hope of rescue. Chaos will continue to spread, but we already know this. The consecration will happen, although we don’t know which of us will witness it from here below. However, it would be well for all concerned if we stopped pretending that hapless ditherers were profiles in courage. For all we know, until the Consecration happens, the People’s Liberation Army could, most ironically, parade down Huntington Beach’s Talbert Ave. to MacArthur Blvd. Imagine a surrender ceremony taking place aboard the vaunted aircraft carrier U.S.S. Midway down in San Diego’s Mission Bay, and signed by the highest ranking U.S. official still alive, ex-Jesuit seminarian and current California Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown. Save us from thy scourges, O Lord!

Can we just quit pretending that there are good guys in positions of power? And while we’re at it, maybe we can accept that most of the reported events that we are presented with are part of the mindwar agenda. Remember protagonist Winston Smith’s last moments in 1984? They waited until he gazed at the image of Big Brother, utterly convinced that the regime watched everyone because it loved everyone, and they shot him in the back of the head.

Can we at least not go out like that? – Please?


One thought on “Burke’s Chump Train: All Aboard!

  1. Greetings to my brother in Christ! Sometime during Lent I realized all (humanly speaking) has been lost. Every civilizational institution has been infiltrated and destroyed by the minions of Satan. We stand alone, bewildered and numb to all that has befallen this world and most spectacularly the Church. Our situation must in some ways be similar to that of Christ’s disciples on Holy Saturday.

    A band of a few Spirit filled brothers (and sisters) is what we’ve been reduced to. There are no more battles to wage. We must encourage one another to persevere and to find shelter and nourishment from Mary, the Saints and Angels in the bosom of Tradition. Everything else is lies, deception and hell itself!


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