Manchester: Confirmed Dead, then Interviewed?

UK Guardian reports eighteen-year-old Georgina Callender as among the dead in Manchester, and includes her photo. Good Morning America then interviews a certain Jessica, who seems to have a striking resemblance to the deceased. See for yourself. It just may be that whatever happened over there is not what is being presented on screen, with a cause and a purpose very different from what we are instructed to think. Interesting observation from Lift the Veil.

Is Manchester a diversion served up by the Mindwarrior’s weaponized media?  Let’s examine it teleologically.  From what, in the UK, might the crypto-satanic plutocracy want to distract?  One possibility is the implementation of the Brexit referendum, conveniently fading to the background as the military takes to the street. A police state would be a lot less tolerant of political dissidents insisting follow-through on Article 50.
Plus the social media mob can tar and feather Brexit supporters with emotion-laden rhetorical brickbats like, “how can you think of Brexit now, after what ISIS did to poor Jessica Georgina?”

Regarding matters outside the UK, what elite and internationally coordinated interest is served when the post Christian West is stampeded into wars to wipe out Islam?  Are we allowed to confront the Islamic opponent on Catholic terms?  Isn’t it funny that ISIS never attacks a certain ALLY in the middle east? Or newly Talmudized Ivanka Trump insists that refugees from Syria enter the U.S., while husband Jared poses, donning flak jacket in Syria?  If Islamic refugees are so good for Europe, and so important to be permitted here, how many refugees is Israel taking in?  Who benefits when the West spills blood and treasure shredding Mohammedans in their homes?

About the crescent moon atop those mosques, why not have them rotated 90 degrees, with points upward, placed beneath the feet of an image of the Woman crowned with stars and clothed with the sun? How’s that for a response to Islam, an unhidden Catholic agenda? But it’s conspicuously absent from the equation in Catholic circles, which seem to only to parrot neo-con positions.  Here in the U.S., Catholics are allowed a violent, militarily offensive  reaction to Islam.  But we have to placidly receive refugees. The gentile sons of the West are to die over there, while their spouses, mothers and sisters are raped to death here.  Who would benefit from such an arrangement: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan?

The screen has been weaponized and our minds are the target.  The Mindwar diverts and demoralizes. The real national security risk needs to have the curtain unveiled from in front of it.


One thought on “Manchester: Confirmed Dead, then Interviewed?

  1. “The screen has been weaponized and our minds are the target. The Mindwar diverts and demoralizes.”

    Almost everything fed to us is BS with a sprinkling of truth. Lord have mercy on us!!


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