Enemy Commandos

liberty bigare ready to board and kill every U.S. Sailor still alive. Napalmed, bombed, torpedoed, dead and dying lie over her decks. Two-thirds of the crew are either dead or wounded. Life boats picked off out of the water after being launched. Welcome to the U.S.S. Liberty, a surveillance ship attacked in the eastern Mediterranean on June 8th 1967. Thirty-four Americans were murdered on that day and one hundred seventy-one wounded, all thanks to Israel, the greatest ally in the whole-wide-world, of the fallen American Republic (or, perfected republic, depending on one’s perspective on the purpose of the modern polity).

The following is an outstanding interview with U.S.S. Liberty Veteran, Phil Tourney.

Traditional Catholics beware: you are not allowed to think about the U.S.S. Liberty, especially as to whether it was a real-life version of the Gulf of Tonkin fiction, intended to drag Americans into fighting the Six Day War, because when fighting wars for the only democracy in the middle east, quoting Brother Nathaniel, (with link below) “only the goys die young.”

These days, Catholics are permitted to spread the flames of violent reaction against Islam. NOT to spread the Faith by confronting and then converting them, mind you, only to go and kill. Cue up the headlines by the Catholic bloggers and aggregators to drum the message home, helping Catholics obediently think as the Synagogue commands: Terror on every side! Religious war against Islam now and forever!

Forbidden to question the top-down agenda of porn, abortion, and sodomy in the public arena (and in the Church), Catholics are being divided and conquered by endless wars, staged and false flag terror attacks, and the resultant police and surveillance state. Add to that the alt-right and loony-left’s angling for civil war in the U.S.,  the century of looting by central banks and now refugees are on the way again. Islam is a secondary problem that will consume us unless Catholics get smart and start looking behind the mindwarrior’s media curtain to find out just who benefits when the post-civilized West and Islam tear one another to pieces.  Have no doubt, the two can both be conquered, but only the third and divisive one will control what’s left.

Tomorrow, let’s remember and pray for the thirty-four dead of the U.S.S. Liberty, who, like scores of thousands of their American compatriots, died in an act of war. And let’s also pray for and propose conversion to the Saracen, and the Synagogue.

Incidentally, this man converted, why don’t we help the rest? Two-minute commentary on who fights wars for their greatest ally, here. And if you don’t know this man’s conversion story already, he’s got a very interesting five-minute summary, here.


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