Young Turks: Mass Murder and Phony History

false history

Events of the past 500 years can be justly characterized as an orgiastic crime spree of ever broadening scope and deepening depravity. First to be demolished were Holy Church’s royal defenders, the Catholic confessional monarchies of Christendom, the Holy Roman Empire, France, and England, with Spain being pushed to the margin. At last, in 1919, with the beleaguered but faithful Hapsburg line out of the way, the enemies could slaughter entire populations abroad, while burrowing unchecked into the marrow of the Church Herself.  Adding to these crimes even now is the ongoing historiographical misdirection and cover-up on the part of revolutionaries who have overtaken both the press and the academy. Ever clandestinely pitting one enemy against the other, they conceal from the lens of history crucial facts, often replacing the same with convenient fabrications, all while ensuring dissenting opinions suffer ostracism, or even perhaps involuntary silence.

The 16th through the early 20th Century witnessed heresy, theft and cultural subversion culminating in regicide for one Catholic kingdom after another. Overlapping with the latter portion of this period of the beheading of Catholic lands was the deliberate mass slaughter of a certain Catholic populace. Lord Palmerston’s tenure as Prime Minister of England for example, and who was also the Head of International Freemasonry for decades, just happened to coincide with the death by starvation of one million Irish. Decades afterwards, Catholic and non-Catholic alike died by the millions in the ensuing masque of the 20th Century’s Red Death: hundreds of thousands of Hungarians, 10 million Ukrainians, Russians and Chinese each in the scores of millions, all underscore with blood the meaning of the word genocide. Regicide and genocide being known all too well, is omnicide next up on mankind’s experiential vocabulary list? Regardless, there is one genocidal mass murder yet to mention which illustrates perfectly how history is weaponized by its victorious controllers, Christian Armenia in 1915 and the slaughter of 1.5 million people.

daughters of sorrow
Daughters of sorrow, crucified in Armenia, on what we hope was their date of birth into eternal bliss. Persisting for them in prayer; we hope that these fair maidens are now bedecked in robes of royal purple. Yet we here below must fully examine  the crimes causing their deaths, and expose historical cover-ups. Source:

The current perspective, drummed into the minds of adolescents throughout the fallen American republic, narrates the following. Angry Ottomans accused Armenian Christians, who lived within their borders, of collaborating with Czarist Russia. Making of these Christians the scapegoat of the Ottoman Empire’s final existential crisis, the Ottoman Turks imputed the Armenians with the guilt of collective treason and systematically slaughtered them. Here in the western U.S., descendants of the Armenian dead continually fight tooth-and-nail to keep the People’s Republic of California from deleting Armenia’s genocide from history curricula. Do Marxist textbook editors and education school faculties do their best to elicit essays from achieving high-schoolers condemning religion? In other words, children could be encouraged to conclude, Muslims and Christians killing each other: religion is to blame.

Pedagogy aside, the horrific events of Armenia a century ago, the effects of both  international intrigue and internal politics, certainly are not disputed here. But while the empirical historical effects remain facts, what are the actual causes? The answer may not only surprise, but serves as a perfect example of maniacal criminals gaining power and, pen in bloody hand, writing a history that to this day, four generations hence, aids in dividing and conquering the world (merely a means to more murder) by blotting out the true crimes and their perpetrators. No less evident here will be the vindication of Catholic historiography. The final question will be: does the slim number of remaining Catholics have the stomach to reject a phony history to help ensure a brighter Catholic future?

Who were the Young Turks?
The answer to this question is critical. Asia Minor was a multi-ethnic and multi-credal region long previous to 1915. Under Ottoman rule, death by violence and confiscation of Christian Armenian property had taken place before, but in 1908 the Revolution arrived. Led by a group known as the Young Turks, and deceptively advancing under the premise of preserving the Ottoman Empire while in reality fomenting its collapse, this group introduced a program of Turkish racial supremacy by assimilation.[1]  Guess who was declared unassimilable? That’s right, the Armenians, who just so happened to be Christian. What’s interesting here is that the Empire itself, although clearly no lover of Christ, fought tooth-and-nail the activities of the Young Turks[2], indicating that the binary historiography of Muslim killing Christian not only fails to explain the genocide, but positively serves to mask the organized infiltration from without. More importantly, however, were the salient aspects of the post 1914 violence, in that it was systematic, rather than sporadic. The results bore the imprint of purposeful, advanced planning; such as the communications technology of the day,  the telegraph, being fully integrated in the operation and its well-coordinated logistics of moving man, woman, infant and suckling into designated, desolate kill-zones. The Armenian Genocide thus descended into a new low in depravity by ushering in premeditated mass civilian murder on an industrial scale. Murder by mass starvation, crucifixion and beheading can be found gruesomely in common with the Bolsheviks before and during World War II, including the raping and affixing, cruciform, of young German women to the sides of farm wagons, on the collapsing eastern front, in 1945. Most significantly of all, The Young Turks formed the nexus between an environment of unraveling social order and a shadowy, external and hierarchical organization bent on fomenting chaos.

Empire Falls: Dress Rehearsal for 1917?
In 1900, a group comprised of Armenians, Greeks and Jews, the Young Turks were making no headway in their political efforts. The stage being set in thus in his book, Freemasonry and Judaism, published in 1928, French noble and traditional Catholic Viscount Léon De Poncins relates further that this same group “found help in Masonry and thereafter advanced rapidly[3].” De Poncins continues

A secret Young Turk council was formed and the whole movement was directed from Salonica. Salonica was the most Jewish town in Europe – 70,000 Jews out of a population of 100,000 – was specially suited for the purpose. It already contained moreover several lodges in which the revolutionaries could work without being disturbed. These lodges are under the protection of European diplomacy and as the Sultan was without weapons against them his fall was inevitable.[4]

Salonica, Ottoman Empire, circa 1900; today known as Thessaloniki, Greece.

De Poncins further explains, citing the Acacia (a masonic publication) that the Grand Orients of France, Italy, Greece and Spain all had subsidiary lodges at Salonica. Supported and directed from this locale, the Young Turks enjoyed further the protection of the Italian embassy if safety required. De Poncins concludes

Thus little by little the Young Turk party came to be almost entirely composed of Freemasons, among whom Jews occupied the most influential posts…On 1st May 1909 the representatives … founded the Grand Orient ottoman. Among the dignitaries were David Cohen, Rafaelo Ricci, Nicolas Forte…”[5]          

Fast forward one hundred years to the sanitized version of events that makes no mention of the Lodges and presto! Historical fuel can now be added to the massive deception and divide & conquer scheme dissolving the remains of a now post-Christian and post-civilized West. A deeper look behind the curtain will reveal however, that the syndicate of the Synagogue and the Lodge were hard at work to pit Ottoman vs. Christian both at the time, and even now when gazing through the lens of a sanitized history.

Rectifying Phony History Matters: Exposing Ongoing Crimes
A fraudulent history has been shoved at us. This fraud forms the foundation of the web of mass media lies under which a growing number vitally labors to liberate its minds. Too many Catholics who have read and studied diligently have been fed lie after lie after lie about the past, and have become susceptible to participating in and perpetuating the criminal deceptions of the present hour. But the deceptions contain just enough truth to fool the natural inclination of the will of man, being ordered toward the good. Proceeding from the will, the natural result is that the inquisitive Catholic intellect implicitly seeks out the virtuous, or the good guys among the leaders of the Church and the world, but what if there are none? What if, after centuries of perfidious Catholics’ collaborating with the enemies of Christ, the good guys have all been made outcasts, fugitives, or foils?  This then is the essence of the historiographical dispute. Not truly about history, but about the present, the ongoing attempt is undertaken to refute the distressing proposition that none of the world’s or Church’s rulers seeks after the common good. Not one who walks this earth. We face the stark reality that we are the only good guys left on the face of the Earth. Further, we find ourselves surrounded by our comrades-at-arms who are tempted to lash out because they cannot come to terms with this grim and galling truth.

Secondary Enemy Not Denied
The fundamental irreconcilability between Islam and Catholicism is affirmed. The Holy Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ cannot accommodate the ideology of the Mohammedan, who must convert. The Church will triumph. How and when shall She do so? Is such a matter to be deferred wholesale until the deeply hoped-for Consecration of Russia by an actual and Catholic Pope? Or does God help those Catholics who help themselves? Islam must be confronted, head on. People assembling in public, screaming words that sound like “aloha-snack-bar” must be met with Our Lady’s servants chanting the Ave Maria. Acts or threats of violence against Christian women for example, or even against hapless neo-pagan ideologuettes, must be answered with forceful defense. Wherever it acts and whatever it does, Islam’s attempt to dominate must be met with head-on opposition. But to attempt to do so while a more pernicious enemy, posing as friend, debarks boatloads of aggressive welfare colonists behind the front lines, is a losing proposition. First things first: expose the foreign enemy who dominates and controls government, courts, police, economics, finance and policy-making, politics, media and the cultural suicide cult known as Hollywood. Then Islam can be dealt with decisively, but before this point is reached we can expect to be on perpetual defense (just where the primary foe wants us). But Catholics must cease to persist in submissive, willful blindness regarding who is behind the agenda that never seems to lose. Be it control of D.C., the ever-expanding rapaciousness of Wall Street; crony-corporatists crushing small business innovators; the uninterrupted cultural slouch toward Gomorrah; Marxists to the left and controlled, Nazi white supremacists to the right; war, war, and more war; the peculiar dearth of refugees taken in by America’s greatest ally; suppression of independent thought via media and its controlled opposition, alt-media; or the shameful servility to all the above by the Vatican and the episcopacy; we need to look behind the curtain and say, “enough! We will not participate in this swindling, insane, murderous charade a moment longer!”

What say Catholics? We don’t require vast numbers to set out in confident certainty. We need neither money, nor media, nor military power. Ours are the treasure, the trumpet and the hosts of Angels and of Saints of Heaven, and of their Queen; if we can believe. Believe ye the Gospel or no? What say, Catholics?

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[2]  De Poncins, Léon, Viscount. Freemasonry and Judaism, Secret Powers Behind Revolution. (A&B Publishers Group, Brooklyn, NY, 1928) 66-67.

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