Rulers and Critics

Who rules over you

St. John Marie Vianney once preached of his certainty that notorious French revolutionary and Freemason Voltaire was damned. Said the Holy Curé of Ars to his flock

“you are in sin and you do not wish to give it up? No, you say. Very well, my children, you will perish in sin. You will see that in the death of Voltaire, the notorious blasphemer…  Voltaire, realizing that he was ill, began to reflect upon the state of the sinner who dies with his conscience loaded with sins… He counted upon the mercy of God, which is infinite, and with this comforting thought in mind, he had brought to him one of those priests whom he had so greatly outraged and calumniated in his writings. He threw himself upon his knees and made a declaration to him of his sins and put into his hands the recantation of all  his  impieties  and  his scandals.  He began to flatter himself on having achieved the great work of his reconciliation. But he was gravely mistaken. God had abandoned him; you will see how. Death anticipated all spiritual help. Alas! This unfortunate blasphemer felt all his terrors reborn in him. He cried out: ‘Alas, am I then abandoned by God and men?’ Yes, unhappy man, you are.  Already your lot and your hope are in Hell. Listen to this godless man; he cries out with that mouth sullied with so many profanities and so much blasphemy against God, His religion, and His ministers.  ‘Ah,’ he cried, ‘Jesus Christ, Son of God, who died for all sinners without distinction, have pity on me!’ But, alas!  Almost a century of blasphemy and  impiety  had  exhausted  the  patience  of  God,  Who  had  already rejected him.”

There is more than one grim irony concerning the damned Voltaire which he must forever lament. One is that Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, though dying headless, forgave France beforehand, and may have made it to Heaven.  Another is the following, penned from Voltaire’s now eternally suffering hand, “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Although his target was France’s Catholic Monarchy, Aristocracy and Episcopacy, the Jacobin revolution for which Voltaire strived would brook not even the slightest dissent. When the Lodge closes its grip of control, disobedience becomes a death sentence.

-But what of now, and of us? Who rules over the smoldering, post-Christian, neo-pagan West today, that cannot be criticized? A contrary-to-fact thought experiment is proposed: if Muslims were at the top of the world’s money power pyramid, what might we see, and whom could we not criticize? The intent is to use contrast to throw attention on those who really do control so vastly the affairs of this world. Suppose the following.

If Mahmoud Abbas were to speak before the U.S. Congress, and be interrupted by no less than 28 standing ovations, and if a presidential front-runner said that there is no daylight between America and the Palestinians, you might think that the Country were run by Mohammedans. While you’d be on the right track, you’d be in big trouble if you spoke up about it.

If the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, were the most powerful lobbying outfit on Capitol Hill, buying not only seats, but silence and consent from Senators and congressman from Maine to Alaska, and from Arizona to Indiana; you might want to know how such an operation came to be. But you’d better not ask out loud.

If a bill were passed in the U.S. Senate, criminalizing certain thoughts on college campuses, that Islam must not be demonized or judged by a double-standard, you’d know what type of thinking is not allowed. Whoever receives protection from such a law would be the lords of supremacy.

If Egypt were to demand 38 billion U.S. dollars from American taxpayers for its annual walking around money – and then actually receive it, you might think them to be a sort of international gangster-pimp and America as its oft’ beaten prostitute. Although just observing the obvious, if such were the case, you’d best not discuss it.

If the Federal Reserve were owned and operated exclusively by private bankers with last names like Khaleid, Al Warisi, Abdul, and Al Mohammad, printing money out of thin air and charging interest to U.S. taxpayers, you might conceive the idea that such a swindle must be the jizya, and must be swiftly brought to a close. Additionally, if the Mussulmen ran Wall Street out of an ethnic-religious-ideologically aligned investment bank called Ghanem-Saleks, systematically stripping Americans of their earning power and assets, and whose senior managers took turns controlling the U.S. Treasury, you’d know for whom Washington really works. Again, you’d be correct, but you’d better not make a sound.

If the Kingdom of Jordan were to launch an all-out assault on an American recon ship called the USS Liberty in the eastern Mediterranean, after having been picked up on radio identifying the vessel as American, then killing 34 crewmen; and these galling facts were suppressed a full fifty years later, you might ask questions about whether that country were a friend. -But it would be better if you were to try not to think about it.

If the West were controlled by Islam; via a well-organized, well-funded, and well-educated (and very secret) organization called the Priory of Arabia; which in turn undertook a centuries’ long agenda to divide and conquer all infidels, pitting one of their religious enemies against the other, and causing the Protestant and post Christian West to fight Islam’s long-standing enemy, would anyone notice? Before calling such a war, if a nation like Turkey were to take advantage of a horrific attack killing 3,000 Americans, and were to use propaganda to level accusations of terrorism at this same historical religious enemy, and were to tell the West that this enemy must die because it hates your freedom, the West might fall for it. Westerners might never notice that their beloved sons were to die reducing to rubble entire nations, about whom threats were fabricated, and to the glee of Islamic neo-Khans, because they would never read of a decades-old plan for a greater Anatolia, for which the Turks would sacrifice neither blood nor treasure.  But if someone in the West were to look into the matter and ask critical questions, the ad hominem attacks would be pre-loaded by dhimmi Westerners with vacuous smears like, “critics of the war are Turk-hating lovers of the terrorists!”

Further, if Islam ran the West, and a blood-thirsty band of marauders named after a pagan Egyptian idol (also supposedly Turk-hating terrorists) raped, pillaged and burned the same area designated for greater Turkey, the West might just believe what they were told about the astro-turfed raping murderers. And these dhimmis of the West would never utter a peep about why these marauders never attack their supposed enemy, and would even receive medical treatment for combat wounds in Turkish hospitals. The people in the West would be too dumbed-down, medicated, distracted and financially enslaved to even know how bad the manipulation would have become. And if Muslims were in charge, those same Westerners would never say a word about the agenda.

Cultural Assault
If Hustler magazine were run by a secular Muslim by the name of Larry Al Farooq, who were to go to court claiming a right to countermand nature and publish voyeuristic images of sterile sex acts; those which man and wife alone should do to conceive a child, you might sense that Islam had it in for your culture. Likewise, if an Arab state in 2002 invaded its neighbor, took control of the local TV station and pre-emptively broadcast porn into every home, the members of each of which was under a 24-hour, shoot-to-kill curfew, you might sense the doom of ethnic cleansing at the door.  But you wouldn’t mention in polite company who’s involved.

If an American organization were to exist under such a name as the Islamic Defense League, or Muslim lawyers and activists in the US of the early 1970s were to agitate for decriminalized abortion and sodomy, decades later pursuing an agenda of sodomy as marriage and abortion as birth control; and all these policies were understood in private to be intended for the dhimmi but not the Muslim, you might make some connections. Further, if this hypothetical Islamic Defense League were to use its built-in media and Wall Street connections to aggressively defame, discredit, and deprive of livelihood all its targets, you would know which group never to mention at the office water cooler.

If Islam were the not so hidden force energizing the Bolshevik Revolution, we would never learn of their constructing a grand new house of worship in the Russian capital in 1924, while one church after another were demolished. We would never hear about Christians doing an automatic ten years in the gulag for keeping an icon or image of the Blessed Virgin. It would never come to light how ten million Ukrainians perished in the planned famine. If Stalin had Islamic roots, this too would be hushed up. (H/T Brendon O’Connell) Bolshevik Muslims would be the permanent rulers of the Kremlin, cycling non-Muslim Russians into lower administrative positions, and then liquidating them before they learned too much and gained power. By 1955, however, if anyone in the West would still have known that Islamists were the instigators of Communism, such a reality would have been flushed down the memory hole when former Trotskyite Islamic Neo-Khans would dictate what American Catholic conservatives like William F. Buckley would think and publish. Surely if Islam were in charge of our lives, and Communism were a Muslim operation, we would never be permitted to know.

We’d know Muslims were in charge if an Islamic religious tradition involved male circumcision sans anesthetic or scalpel, wherein the infant foreskin is torn by adult teeth, through which the blood passes being sucked and swallowed by the same adult; because their media allies would never let on. If such a child contracted herpes in such a way, you’d never know it, because you wouldn’t be allowed to. On the other hand, if the religiously targeted enemy mutilated girls, you could opine upon that crime until blue in the face. Because knowledge of the latter abomination serves the religious divide-and-conquer agenda, we can select that mutilation for our outrage, but never the former.

blood passover
Outrage at genital mutilation for targeted enemy. Silent consent for rulers that shall not be criticized.

If Muslims had the money, media and political power, how many Catholics would dismiss, deride and embargo the ideas of their co-religionists who object to the enslavement? Thinking that hurling invective at their brethren would be doing the will of God, in reality they would merely have thoroughly internalized the thinking of their oppressors, and so therefore would refuse to name them. If Catholic objectors were then to be perceived and accused by fellow Catholics of malice and hatred for a people when trying to expose the agenda of the plainly hidden enemy, then their moral suffering would plumb the depths. In spite of vitriolic opposition, tenacious objectors’ efforts to expose the hidden hostility of the financial overlords would subsequently be followed by calls to confront the aggression of the second adversary religion, all for the singular purpose that both foes might be converted, and all attain heaven. Being explicit in desiring the salvation of perfidious and infidel souls, and yet accused of malice by other Catholics, only then would the Catholic truly know that the enemy holds sway over the visible Church.  And too many Catholics would be afraid to think about it.

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