Bishop vs. Queen

queen v bishop

Catholics who know and love the Truth can understandably feel betrayed when that Truth has been contradicted by those in charge of Its defense. Other times, truth is spoken (or written) plainly and directly; and human frailty seems to contradict it, but in actuality cannot. Truth cannot ever become untrue. Time, patience and Faith will see it brought to its fullness; doubt it not we must.

Hence then the struggle to suspend one’s disbelief when a Catholic Bishop does something rare and Catholic within the dark and treacherous, jungle-like swamp of the novus ordo religion. Clearly Bishop Paprocki, with his proclamation about perverse persons not to approach the sacraments, has defended Catholic positions; which stands out even more when contrasted to the usual novus ordo array of boot-licking ecclesiastical clowns. It seems that a Queen among the clowns disputes and protests not merely against Bishop Paprocki, but the Church Herself. Departing from his usual and nauseating smugness, the Jesuitess rants extensively on matters unrelated to the topic at hand, that being the necessity of preventing unrepentant perverts from committing sacrilege and abomination.

bishop vs queen
Accuser of all cis-gendered, hetero brethren, showing his devotion to his father in Hell.

Is this another meaningless fight over symbols and words, signifying nothing, as in the case of the nearly memory-holed Dubia? Is it perhaps a distraction to keep Catholics divided and conquered long enough so that the USCCB can pull off another one of their big scams? The illegitimate national conferences so often divert Catholics by their operating like a masonic lodge: part in the open and mostly in secret. Consider me suspicious until proven otherwise; and yes, that includes the potential that this lone-hero conservative is just next on the cast of characters to both falsely encourage and keep busy the perturbed Catholic mind, with a pre-scripted conflict whose outcome is likewise already written by the likes of disinformation agents such as Fra Cristoforo (you haven’t forgotten them already, have you?)

Irrefutable signs that Bishop Paprocki is not part of the controlled opposition would be as follows:

Public warning to all Catholics to avoid the degenerate, manifestly non-Catholic hater of Glorious Christ the King, Jorge Bergoglio, all his words and all his works, as they jeopardize the salvation of souls.

Public rebuke of the perverted, communist Judeo-Masonic satanists controlling the Vatican, including formal resistance to their  50+ year regime of ecclesiastical demolition.

Placing the Diocese of Springfield under canonical jurisdiction supplied by the Church Herself during a crisis of Faith and resulting state of necessity. Failing a formal, public and obvious repentance in Rome, notification of intent to consecrate a Catholic successor, at the appropriate time.

Consecrate the Diocese of Springfield to Our Lady of Fatima, including a public call for Pope Benedict the XVI to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart.

Demanding a condemnation of the pseudo-Council of 1962-1965, including all its damnably ambiguous non-sequiturs, self-contradictions and its inapplicability to the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, USA.

Declaring the Diocese of Springfield mission territory for the conversion of midwestern American neo-pagan cabbalists into Catholic saints.

Formally recognize the Supreme and Immediate temporal jurisdiction of Christ the King over the territory of Springfield, Illinois, USA, and the Bishop’s unimpeachable authority to preach on matters of faith and morals, including all particular temporal and political matters upon which faith and morals impinge.

Full prohibition of the novus ordo religion on property belonging to the Diocese of Springfield, including the following:

Immediate investigation into clerical sexual impurity and deviancy, followed by the deviants’ immediate dismissal from the clerical state. All sex-crimes, past and present, reported to the District Attorney of Springfield, Illinois, USA.

Formal and repeated acts of public penance and reparation to God and crime victims, made by the Bishop and Diocesan clergy, such as the donning of ashes and sackcloth in public, journeys made in public from point A to point B on the knees, etc.

Full disclosure on all known causes of the crimes, especially the infiltration and overthrow of the Catholic hierarchy by suspected crypto-satanists like Joseph Bernardin, their Judeo Masonic satanist masters of lodges such as the P2 in Rome, and their financial underwriters in the City of London.

Declaration of the schismatic nature of the so-called novus ordo mass, its lack of formal promulgation. Prohibition of the  novus ordo ritual on Diocesan property or   under the Catholic auspice within the  Diocese.

Suppression of diocesan seminary and dismissal of faculty and candidates for ordination, followed by new institution of  Catholic diocesan seminary with newly   screened faculty and candidates.

Suppression of heretical, Nuns on the Bus type religious orders. Institution of or   invitation to Catholic religious orders to the diocese.

Instruct the Faithful about the Roman Rite of Mass, infallibly declared in A.D. 1570 by Pope St. Pius V, while ordering its immediate and exclusive use as the Roman Rite.

Institute the administration of the Sacraments as done previous to A.D. 1955.

Rehabilitation and expansion, with invitation to clergy abroad, of the Diocesan ministry of exorcists.

Invitation to any Catholic priest or religious persecuted by the novus ordo religion to find refuge within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, USA.

Immediate review with potential for immediate closure of all Catholic schools teaching Common Core or its clone curricula; the teaching of sex education; use of any Bible other than Vulgate or Douay-Reims; evolution; the use of religious education materials deferential to the pseudo-council and novus ordo religion; practice or promotion of religious indifferentism, pantheism or gnosticism. Establish Office of Diocesan Inquisitor pursuant to the above.

Immediate review with potential for immediate suppression of any parish where heresy is preached, abstinence-based birth control known as NFP is propounded, or any anti-Catholic religious or political initiative is undertaken such as LGBT ministry, pro-abortion activities, socialism, ethno-Catholicism, etc. Severe sanctioning of pastors or priests involved in the above.

Foster the development of a Catholic underground for the agile and asymmetric defense of both the Faith and believers doubtless to be attacked with financial sanctions; media slanders; militant, extra large Saracen refugee man-children and Soros type rent-a-mobs. Further round out Catholic defense by the formal episcopal approval and blessing of a Catholic lay-militia, capable of forcefully defending itself from both organized threats and violence of any kind.

Encourage and support withdrawal by Diocesan Catholics from the financial enslavement to world money power, through the use and promotion of private property and personal initiative toward building decentralized Catholic networks of energy and food production, self-defense, local transportation and manufacturing cooperatives. Like a true shepherd, see to it that such self-sufficiency has as its object the restoration of networks of large Catholic families.

Instruct the Faithful on the inherent affront to God made by those who believe that the authority to rule men is derived from below, a hellish polity known as democracy, and one whose forms are invariably implemented by republican governance.

None of us ought pause respiratory functions awaiting the taking of any of the above steps, but they would make proof positive that the prelate in charge is no Bergoglian stooge. Proof, and also these same actions reflect what will be seen from the Church of the future.
Bet on it.

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