Trojan Horse Prophecy

moored mine big
13 July 17: Is the Bishop in White a man-made endpoint to an evolving human intrigue? The ongoing psychological warfare inflicted upon Roman Catholics by the novus ordo sect has many aspects: including multi-faceted divide and conquer schemes (Bergoglio’s favorite and perhaps only means of maintaining his illegitimate power), controlled opposition (huzzah for Cardinal Sarah!), disinformation (rebuilding, brick by brick!), discrediting (Bergy’s buddy hosts an orgy of unnatural vice – but pay no attention to the existing Vatican hom-intern established decades before 2013), diversion (Cardinal Burke: let’s sort-of consecrate Russia every year!)

Now what if those Judeo-masonic, malice-in-mitre revolutionaries wanted a way to implant their deceptions deep into the Catholic mind, near the will wherefrom faith arises? Perhaps there they would insert a prophecy which, like a kind of moored mine, would detonate when both man’s faith and certain events collide with it. The degree to which one would give mind’s assent to the false prophecy would be commensurate with the level of devastation to one’s faith when the pre-scripted events were actually staged live and on camera. Could the purported prophecy of the Bishop in White serve as a sort of Trojan Horse whereupon, once accepted by Catholics, an opportunity arises for the Revolution to remotely destroy the faith of the faithful, and destroy it from the inside?

On this the 100th anniversary of the vision of hell shown by the Queen of Heaven to the child seers of Fatima, a connection can be made between the narrative of the Bishop in White, and a second document attributed to the enemies of the Faith, and how the latter might shed light on the potential purpose of the former’s being a sort of Trojan Horse prophecy.

The text of the Bishop in White can be found here, (in true novus ordo fashion) inserted into a page of authentic Fatima testimony by the seers themselves.

The second text is from the Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled, by Chilean Cardinal Jose Maria Caro Rodriguez (+1958), published in 1920, and linked here.

The Rodriguez text purports to cite a letter from Albert Pike, notorious 19th Century American Freemason, to Mazzini, long-running head of international masonry during the same period. An intrigue of bloodshed and worldwide discontent is sketched out, one that involves the Papacy, Russia, and the rise of atheism. Fitting into the plot is the violent instigation of atheism meeting similarly destructive reaction by Christianity after which mankind, disillusioned by both of these systems, destroys them both in favor of Lucifer worship.

“…Then citizens everywhere, obliged to defend themselves against an enraged minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude – disillusioned with Christianity whose deist spirit will be from that moment on without direction and anxious for an ideal – without knowing where to put their worship will receive the True Light, by means of the universal manifestation of the pure Luciferian doctrine, finally made public; a manifestation which will raise a general movement of reaction, which will follow the destruction of Atheism and of Christianity, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

The excerpt itself could be indicative of a plot that would not play out as envisioned in 1871, with strange phrases such as Papal Adonaism. Could such a term refer to crypto-Jews inside the Church, that is, pretended converts from Judaism having ascended to positions of power in the Church, but who secretly practice the rites and mysteries of the Babylonian Talmud? A brief search engine query provides no answer. The parenthetical phrasing of Papal Christianity seems at best incongruous.

The Caro Rodriguez text also refers to an attempt to attack the Papacy and push it into the arms of Russia. This attempt was only successful in part, and the successful portion is detailed in Monsignor Dillon’s 1884 transcribed oration, Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked (ch. XVIII). What the judeo-masonic historians won’t tell us is that the Crimean War was fought to place permanent enmity between the conservative minded affinity between the Austrian and Russian Empires. This division also was merely a means to deprive the Papacy of the concerted strength of Austria, and the revolution in Italy commenced therefrom.  However, unless I’m omitting some big events, I do not believe that the Russian Empire ever became the citadel of the Papacy; a belief backed up by the schismatic Russian Orthodox Church’s low regard for the Faith. From this observation, that the text’s plotting shows only partial success, it can be surmised that not everything went according to the Lodges’ plans.

But when the frustrated intriguer is most determined, he often takes up the attainment of his goals with new and more determined vigor. What more would the Synagogue of Satan desire than for its masonic proxies to bring about the end of Christianity altogether?  “…the destruction of Atheism and of Christianity, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

A most patient path has been followed since the destruction of the Catholic and schismatic monarchies. Rather than having Stalin’s tanks rolling through the Vatican, his ideologues entered the seminary and rose through the ranks, just in time to hold a so-called Ecumenical Council, abrogate long standing doctrines, invent a mass, and flood the world episcopacy with sycophants and sodomites. Fifty-two years later and Catholics who have cobbled together knowledge of the authentic Faith are rising in awareness that without positive divine intervention, we’ve got about 1.5 generations left in the well before it goes bone dry.

And this is where Pike’s letter just might connect and form the purpose behind the Bishop in White. First, foment widespread secular unrest pitting believers against unbelievers. Draw every soul into the combat, and wear everyone down to total exhaustion. Meanwhile, using the Spirit of Vatican II, grind the corpus of the visible Church down to a bloody stump. Then, raising spectres of female ordinations and unnatural attempts at the marriage sacrament, foment a spectacular war culminating in the fulfilment of a fabricated prophecy. Make it traumatic. Make it an act of the God of horrendous surprises. Special close-ups for the sad march. Get extra mean looking Mossad agents soldiers to level their rifles and draw down with their compound bows. Make sure the final tableau has lots of crying. Maybe kick the crisis actor Bishop in White good and hard, to enrage the few Catholic men left who will be watching.  Then, let her rip. The few believing Catholics left will think this the work of Almighty God. Rinse and repeat in slow motion, over and over again, to deepen the sense of trauma. This slo-mo repetition will keep Catholic minds from looking critically at all the stupid staging errors that are doubtless to occur. Afterwards, cue the usual suspects like Cupich and Dolan (who will come off with less gravitas than Laurel and Hardy).  Later, continue to fill the screens with other slack-jawed, sniveling, submissive conciliar prelates saying that the time has come to pay respects and take leave of Holy Mother Church. In short, cruelly blow up the faith from inside the last remaining faithful. In the minds of some might arise thoughts that they have seen or experienced this before, adding a mystical aura to the sham, yet perfectly, programmably predictable. Previous post on predictive programming is here

I suspect that this may be the case; that the Church’s internal enemies have decided in advance to attempt to completely destroy the Christian religion once and for all. The promotion of a programmed-prophecy such as the Bishop in White is advertised to the faithful as the real thing. Believers take the bait. Then sometime in the future, the false prophecy can be staged, but with the twist of an unexpected outcome, in which the death of the Holy Faith is declared upon the horrific demise of the Bishop in White. What will Catholics think? To whom among their wolfish shepherds will they turn for reassurance? Welcome to the unrelenting and pitiless malice of the crypto-judaic conciliar religion: they want to blow up your faith from the inside and melt it like the steel that flowed out of the Twin Towers. Beware of the Bishop in White, because the mindwar rages on, and the conciliar church tells lies as casually as one would tie one’s shoes. Perhaps say an Ave in reparation and love for the Church’s enemies, that all those of a certain Revolutionary Spirit, masquerading as Catholic Bishops and priests, repent and attain their Salvations.

All we have to do is hold on. Hold on to the Faith and we win.
But let’s be smart about things.

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