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A high level intimidation campaign has been launched against Tradition in Action, one of the good guys in a Traditional Catholic blogosphere which sets the bar for fraud and fratricide at an astonishingly low level, other noteworthy exceptions being Vox Cantoris, Eponymous Flower and Mundabor.

The post, including TIA’s response, is here. In addition to some hit pieces in Brit fakenews mainstream outlets, Pro Publica, a subset of the Bolshevik Leftist Southern Poverty Law Center, has teamed up with the ADL to cherry-pick and publish certain things about TIA. The site is accused of hate, its use of Paypal (CEO: Daniel Schulman – neither an Islamic nor a Christian, by the way) is used to imply a threat to deny means of funding, and an ultimatum and deadline are thrown down like an anti-Christian gauntlet.

What is the ADL anyway?

ADL is shorthand for the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, the enforcement arm of B’nai Brith. For its part, B’nai Brith is a no-gentiles-allowed masonic lodge arisen from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Simply put, the mission of the Anti Defamation League is to defame, discredit, defund, and destroy people that Judaic Imperialists don’t like. It is an offensive, scorched earth, weapon of intimidation, that has enjoyed great success in establishing the following unwritten rule of public discourse for several decades: gentiles shall speak of Jews obsequiously, or not at all. All others shall be labelled anti-semites, a word fabricated simply to smear a targeted individual and deprive them their legitimate and often fact-based points of view.

An interesting discussion about the origin of the ADL can be found here.

In a pugilistic sense, TIA should wear this attack as not only a badge of honor in being hated by this world, but as a mark of true accomplishment as having an impact. This is because the techno-censors at Google (founded by the Judaic Schmidt) monitor not only content, but traffic. It seems that more and more Catholics are waking up to the fact that the hatred of the Holy Faith manifest in the Conciliar Religion might arise from more than mere faggotry, or random membership in a lodge or communist party.  Authentic Catholic history of the 20th Century (a rare commodity) will reveal that the Synagogue of Satan spawned not only the hammer and sickle, but centuries beforehand took control of the square and compass of Freemasonry.      E. Michael Jones relates in his history, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, that Judaics of the 1930s, for example, were out and proud communists. The connections are there for those who want to see it. Thus to see Bergy donning a kippah and lighting up a menorah, it’s not just about ecumenism, it’s about shining the Boss’s apple.  So when TIA merely publishes photos of the Vatican’s virtue signaling through its public displays of obsolete religious symbols, which can be seen here,  the hammer must come down on them, because according to the Judaic Imperial Project, the media must never be used to awaken slumbering, cud-chewing goyim.

In a culture bent on fostering the proliferation of a world filled with libidinous, medicated, morally indifferent techno-zombies, those seeking to orient themselves toward Catholicism have been subject to a decades long psychological warfare campaign. Left vs. Right, liberal vs. conservative conflicts of both the ecclesiastical and political varieties serve as essentially meaningless squabbles in a larger divide and conquer scheme run by those behind the curtain.  Media, whether mainstream propaganda, or alternative (largely controlled), is mindwar, plain and simple. Media creates villains and boogeymen, accentuates and capitalizes upon murder and mayhem – some real and much more completely staged and imaginary. Wars conveniently break out wherever peace threatens the agenda of chaos, Fox News tells Catholics who the bad guy is, and then the mind is closed to further investigation. The plot and the playbook never change: whether the Cold War or the War on Terror, the intended result is the same: large-scale social control. This control has enabled central banks (they ain’t run by the A-rabs!) to loot one country after another, while media is deployed to distract and control opinion, and control is gained of the governance of one country after another.

white house menorah
Wait! Aren’t we programmed to think Islam is taking us over? H/T Brother Nathaniel Kapner

Why would the Church be any different? So we’re treated to an endless and phony soap opera of Bergy vs. Sarah, or Bergy vs. Burke, or Schneider, or whomever, but nothing ever seems to change. The cancerous novus ordo religion, like the media to the world, has become a stage which people believe to be reality; from this preposterous foundation of fake news, each consumer can select his cause, his side, and most importantly, his enemy. Divided and conquered Catholics have chosen Islam as public enemy, certainly no friend to followers of Christ, but a distant second to the one that controls (and debauches) money, media (psychological warfare), and calls the plays for the military (gentiles die for the greater Israel). Opposing, questioning, or even mentioning the hegemony of the Synagogue of Satan therefore, will be met with threats, and TIA has found out the hard way, but also the heroically Catholic way.

Synagogue Has No Close

But certainly the brethren of the Traditional Catholic Blogosphere will hail TIA’s work, spread the word, and aid their comrade-at-arms!  -Don’t bet on it. There are far more page views to be gained in perpetuating the neo-con-fidence man party line and railing on about terrorism, or how the masonic mass must be made more faithful to the authentic spirit of Vatican Too!

Ought we lament yet another authentically Catholic’s lonely fight? No, the whole thing is in fact, quite a solid yet subtle victory for what’s left of us, and here’s how. The Judaic Imperialists rely on intimidation and ignorance, whereas the death knell for their outrageous, homicidal hubris is exposure of their operation. Once that horse is out of the barn, they’ve got nothing. Once a critical mass of people starts to catch on that there is a diabolically manipulative puppeteer who rules over both themselves and their sworn cultural/political/religious enemy, then conversations will begin that not even the scarlet letters beginning the term Anti-Semite will be able to silence. This exposure is the ruin of the faltering Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, because it will be resisted at every level of the game, from consumer, to government bureaucrat, to political functionary, to business insider, to high level field commanders. Non-participation and denial of consent for further slanders, swindles, and slaughters will change the game. The Synagogue does not do well when the game changes, because its playbook is always the same.

Most important of all, if TIA is being targeted by Judaic media overlords for being Catholic, two things can be concluded. First: the imperialists are scared. Only fear would drive those with such vast media and money resources to chase after a site which, despite its successes, has far less reach than they. Second, but most important, the truth of the fight is exposed at last. As the hapless, odious novus ordo religion is exposed for the sham that it is, along with the Fake Council from which it spawned, look who steps in to fight the Catholics willing to stand up for the actual Faith. This is the battle that started at Calvary: the New Israel, the Catholic Church of Divine origin, against the blind, wicked, carnal and rapacious haters of our Adorable Savior. A fight of this nature has clarity. This is a fight on Catholic terms. No more blind obedience to Bishop Ben Dover, once his slave masters at the ADL intervene to crush the Catholicism that the secret societies, the socialists and the other sodomites in mitres have failed to kill.  Will the vaunted Traditional Catholic Blogosphere wait this one out as well? Another tired post about how bad Bergy is? More complaints about Islamist immigration?  More grubbing for popularity and pageviews while pretending to defend the Faith?

I’m afraid I know the answer already.




11 thoughts on “ADL vs. TIA

  1. There is a reason that Our Lady asked for the Consecration of Russia. No nation has been raped more than Holy Mother Russia by the Synagogue. But Russia knows how to deal with the Tribe. What Putin has done in Syria has rattled Nutty Yahoo. Roman Catholicism will be saved by Holy Mother Russia who will lead the march to Tradition. IMHO. The USA is currently being raped by the God haters. She has become Communist.


    1. Thank you for your comments. There is something amiss with the notifications tab. I just got notifications for each of this post’s comments a few minutes ago, and I see that they have been made days ago. I will look into it. Sorry to all commenters for delays.


      1. Yes, it would. For some reason wordpress won’t let me use “aged parent” so I had to pick another moniker. But again, please delete the first post I wrote (with the wrong links) or else people will be getting into my google account. Thanks much.

        schmenz/aka aged parent


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