Surprise Collaborators: Conserva-Trads

Catholics decamp the conciliar religion in search of their patrimony, an odyssey fraught with novus ordo zombies and mongering conserva-trads.

When the Joy of Unnatural Vice Amoris Laetitia was vomited forth by the enemies of our Adorable Savior, status quo defenders told us, “Francis cannot change the teaching of the Church.” At first glance, the thought is a clever and seeming bold, broad proclamation. It is quite true inasmuch as it restates the indefectibility of the Church in Her Divine Origin. Left unsaid is the absolutely crucial practical effect in the daily life of what is left of us; crucial for Bergoglio in carrying out the aims of anti-church, but also crucial in the reverse sense for the visible Church endeavoring to seed this sun-blasted vineyard to bring forth a crop of new souls. Perhaps it would be more honest for defenders to have said, “Bergoglio’s attacks cannot kill the Church. He can knock her down and brutalize Her while we stand round him in a defensive circle, backs turned to Her, refusing to see the ongoing crime, but he can’t kill her!” These hapless collaborators perpetuate (unwittingly, we can only hope) the psychological operation whereby they de-emphasize the locus of destruction, i.e., ignoring the practical devastation while emphasizing the eternal principle. Yet Bergoglio’s attempt to baptize sacrilege has drastic practical consequences for the visible Church, that messy Institution comprised of sinful members. These practical and temporal consequences include the loss of faith on the part of individuals, and the catastrophic failure to pass on said Faith on to the next generation. To wit, faith is eradicated by

  • The priest who consents to administering sacrilegious communion
  • The as-good-as-damned communicant being confirmed in his sin.
  • Corroding like battery acid the faith of all those present who see this Crucifixion of Our Blessed Lord recur every week.
  • Reduced ability of actual Catholics to pass on the faith to the young in such an environment.
  • The seeming void of the slightest modicum of justice, decency or mercy

Now the sham pope releases Magnam Principiam, the upshot of which is purported to be the delegation of authority to re-translate the bastard rite into the vulgar tongue. The most obvious intent here is anti-church’s attack on the Catholic Hierarchy, stripping authority from what was once known as the Holy Office and handing it to these ersatz national churches like the USCCB, masters of anonymously authored tracts of self-contradictory double-speak.  Ah, but like a viper’s neuro-toxin, and a go-round of ocular syphilis through the Vatican’s interlocking circles of sodomy, the initial injection’s effect spawns results of its own. We must be mindful of Fr. Hesse’s words here, that liturgy is doctrine. Belief follows prayer. The novus ordites understand and exploit this principle by invalidating their schismatic rite via phrases like for all instead of for many. So the real Trojan Horse in the case of this so-called motu-proprio is the attempt to confer doctrinal authority to national lodges conferences.  Thus, the great principle of doctrinal authority from single point of command is mauled by attempted stealth, but even with Bergoglio’s claque of trained seals barking and slapping their flippers in approval, they can’t hide that the principle itself is marked for death. Thus we don’t hear the hollow proclamation that “it is impossible for Francis to tamper with doctrine!” The same voices that offered dubious reassurance over doctrine and Amoris Laetitia, suggesting that we ignore the devastating practical effect, are now telling us to ignore the destruction of principle and to pay attention only to the practical effect, which will be minimal. The defenders pivot. Before, we were to relax because the principle is inviolable, and everything is fine. Now we should relax because the destruction of principle will have no practical effect. Everything is fine. Hit the snooze button.

Which one is it, defenders? –We needn’t bother attempting to make sense of their answer, should one be attempted over this bait-and-switch by conciliar shills. This all too typically complacent reaction to revolutionary demolition squads serves to highlight the mental castration of the adherents of the conciliar religion.  What does it take to wake up? Replacing the (shamefully hidden) pectoral cross with a pentagram, or the star of Moloch?  Bishop Ben Dover donning a nun’s habit and floating by during a Pride Parade?  What if Bergoglio formally proclaimed a split with Catholicism, what would we hear?  “No practical effect, can’t change doctrine, everything is still fine.”

Is there a belief that somehow the only appropriate response to every stunt and implosion that the conciliar religion pulls off is a blind submission of the will? What might underlie such loathsome acquiescence? Do Catholics who behave in such a way tell themselves that they will be rewarded for having pretended that Bergoglio was Pope, or that he had good intentions, or similarly non-real circumstances?  Even when they acknowledge that there is a problem in the Church’s having two men in white, these conciliar group-thinkers seem to imagine that complete silence on their part is warranted, because somehow or in some way, they’ll wake up one day and all this vast destruction, that they permitted to happen by raising not one single objection, will magically be fixed – and that such will be merely one of their rewards for aiding and abetting the Ecclesiastical crime syndicate.

All this passivity and approval for Bergoglio, the Vatican II sect, and the conciliar religion at-large is a self-reinforcing pathology. The mentally castrated novus ordite will continue to approve of everything that is done, because he has been intellectually incapacitated by the mindwar of conciliar double-think. He believes the Talmudic delusion that there exists a salutary disjunction between first principles and their resulting practical application.  A permanent, fatal kernel error of the mind is at the root of the somnambulant novus ordite’s outlook.

Outcast Catholic Seekers

Thus the Catholic becomes vagabond, fleeing the novus ordo pod people in search of Mass, a parish, or even a priest who can and will care for souls. He who finds these has found treasure, and yet Providence cannot fail even he who genuinely seeks, but at first finds them not. Refuges can even be found on the internet, both true and false, where website proprietors hold themselves forth as havens for Truth and Tradition. Certain suffering souls have had the misfortune to discover false friends the hard way, when they transgress secret speech codes by asking honest questions: “can anyone explain why there seem to be two popes?”  “What’s with that wonky wording of Benedict’s resignation, and shouldn’t he be a Cardinal again?” “Is that prelature not just a canonically approved masonic lodge?” “Why don’t we form a discussion group centered on potential actions we can take?”  Scorn, derision and ostracism are heaped upon such honest seekers, to a degree that beggars belief.

Extending the Analogy

From the novus ordo zombie, to the confused trad-huckster, here again and regrettably, a return to the analogy of the mother ravaged in the presence of her grown and capable sons, will establish a fitting context. We are confronted with the Catholic (the man especially) who is so mentally emasculated that when confronted with the brutal gang rape of Mother Church, says to himself, “wait a minute, one of these rapists might be my long absent Daddy the Pope, and if so then he should be obeyed. I need to wait and see. Then I will be rewarded.”  Keeping the same analogical terms, certain publishers seem to vary from the others with, “this is terrible! I will protest and endeavor to convince my indifferent Brethren to agree with me.” Yet still other retailers of Tradition, seeming without conscience, react with, “now is my opportunity to improve my conservative brothers’ opinions of me.” So outrageous is the negligence that the youngest and the daughters of the household resolve to stop the crime themselves, or die trying. And at this, the prospect of having their horrendous refusal to respond exposed to all, the elder brethren attack their younger siblings, the youngsters in this case a growing population of concerned readers and commenters, along with a handful of bloggers, and at least one priest.

Stones Will Cry Out

What a scene; those who hold themselves out publicly to others as defenders of the Faith and Tradition seem to spend an enormous amount of energy suppressing the voices for whom they so hypocritically claim to speak. Yet the analogical appraisal above is neither unjust nor out of proportion to the sickening reality. It’s as if these do-nothings would even turn to Our Lord and admonish Him to silence the rest. The reply to the admonition, however, would be obvious. To silence His little ones would be to cause the very stones of the road to cry out.

We’re told that we don’t get it. That we should leave the matter to the wizards of Catholic journalism who produce such fine, professional (and stupefyingly repetitive) articles.  That this is no matter for converts (said with slightly thrust lower jaw in New Englandish, Martha’s Vineyard, Thurston Howell III tone.)  -The next time they whip that one out, it can be suggested to them that they deliver the same message to Rorate contributor and Anglican convert Fr. Richard Cipolla, who found his way out of the novus horror and into the Catholic Mass. Better yet, ought not the same sort of snobbery be directed at the memory of outstanding 19th Century convert Henry Edward Cardinal Manning? Our betters even have put into print that there is “absolutely nothing you can do” about the present ecclesial catastrophe. Yet answering their self-serving invitations to make comments on their sites merely makes one a victim to the publisher’s mendacity, as one thought after the other is deleted and commenters are banned. This type of mistreatment does genuine harm to folks whose only connection with other like-minded brethren is through these all-too-fraudulent open fora for diverse Catholic opinions.

Notta Cloo

Conserva-Trad Cluelessness

The label fits that Traditionalist who falls over himself attempting to win over conservative readers and subscribers.  What the Conserva-Trad fails to realize is that conservatism is a structurally self-defeating orientation intended to herd its constituents closer and closer to acquiescence to the Revolution. Thus the failed attempt is made to win them over with a “hey guys, let’s be friends ‘cause we’re all just Catholics, right?”  To this sheepish overture the fat and happy, cud-chewing conservative belches and yawns that if Traditional thinking is so close to his comfy conservatism, what need is there for him to change? Undeterred, Conserva-trads try to re-brand themselves, (although bereft of fresh ideas) and refuse all attempts by reality to deliver abundant clues.

Meanwhile others, often their own readers, have disabused themselves of the futility of conservative thinking, and urgently seek to move the conversation to the formulation of a concerted response.  They get a smashing response alright! The Conserva-Trad fails in the merest apprehension of the current landscape for what it is. As for admitting what Bergoglio is, or conversely, defending the antipope by formulating a coherent explanation for the two-pope wackiness, the conserva-trads have no clue what to say or do, because they refuse to take off their conservative spectacles and examine the reality.  The things that they can’t explain are fundamental to any frank discussion, yet conserva-trads remain purblind to not only conservatism’s inherent failures, but to their own stubborn refusal to acknowledge the futility of their long-running “me-too” campaign.

Micro blogs really annoy these characters, and fittingly, conserva-trads fail to see that their own arrogant nescience and refusal to admit their failures (to acknowledge that conservatism is a trap, that there are never any meaningful gains, that they play by the enemies’ rules and complain when they always lose) are directly causal.

One of the most remarkable things manifest in this slow-motion horror show of being Catholic in 2017, right up there with probable Satanism in the Vatican and the ongoing cover-up of child sex crimes, has got to be the fact that the now so-named conserva-trads have circled their wagons about the anti-pope. No explanations or corrections are offered in any effort to assert Bergoglio’s legitimacy, as if they know that the whole roast is rancid, but they’re going to serve it up any way, silencing objectors along the way.

If readers have been cuffed by conserva-trads, you are in abundant company. Many similarly minded Catholics could likewise be ready to dump the pathetic legacy of conservatism, as well as the ham-handed, tone deaf conserva-trad pitchmen.


One thought on “Surprise Collaborators: Conserva-Trads

  1. The only silver lining in this sordid mess is the irony of having to watch these conserva-trad sycophants’ having to live up to one of their leader’s favorite words (coprophagia) by having to choke down larger and larger theological turds while telling themselves and their hapless readers/followers how delicious the Roman Milk Duds really are!


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