To Know To Love

Have Catholics of both the present and previous century been subtly taught to seek and find intellectual proofs to buttress their assent of faith?  Do the post conciliar faithful want to know how God made the world, and what exactly he did to create man? Do they look for explanations of an infinite God that … More To Know To Love

Ecumenism Unmasked

Ever hear one among the well-intentioned brethren of the Faith tee-up the following as a gambit for a theological chat? “Those who say that everything was fine in the Church up until 1962 are kidding themselves, the Church had problems before then, you know.”  Such clever non-sequiturs can be irritating distractions to substantive conversation, and … More Ecumenism Unmasked

Years: 4.75, Popes: 2, Explanations = 0

Father Paul Kramer is a priest of most admirable tenacity, an incisive intellect and above all an indomitably Catholic will. His recent publications at Rad Trad Thomist (link to the post is here, and highly recommended for study) undertake a direct refutation of Siscoe and Salza’s legalistic filibustering; i.e. that the sin of heresy is … More Years: 4.75, Popes: 2, Explanations = 0