Can’t Square This Circle

square the circle
The conciliar circle can no longer be squared.

Like a glitch in the hermeneutical matrix, and with a few edifying canonical details for the lay reader, Rorate reports Bergoglio’s promulgation of heresy as doctrine as … heresy promulgated as doctrine! In truth the gravity of the matter is self evident, and the clergy of authentically Catholic mind and heart are now backed into quite a corner. Let us lend them our prayers, penances and sacrifices this very day. While doing so, let us understand that the enemies of the Faith within the visible Church set believers among the clergy as their high value targets.

The cardinal virtue of faith is the primary object of this present assault. Catholic mass, the Eucharist, the priesthood, are all secondary – merely a means to destroy at its fountainhead the action of the visible Church, that which arises from all who believe. When the act of faith is destroyed, the secondary objectives of priest, liturgy and sacraments go with it. The target now in the Bergoglian cross hairs is the fact that we believe in Christ our Savior.

We have arrived, inevitably, at that unhappy place where the contradiction to the words of Our Lord are doctrinally ensconced. It would seem that the salutary bright red line demarked between the Bergoglian faction and Catholicism has been cleverly reversed. Previously hope was had that important but indecisive clergy and laity would admit of the ongoing catastrophe of this junta of apostates and act to end it.

However, by formally propagating his heresy as doctrine, Bergoglio makes a devastating counterattack. What could have been a resurgent move by the Faithful with Christ and Church against the pertinacious heretic has been reversed. He blatantly wags heretical doctrinal statements in our faces now with psychopathic smugness: “is this not impossible according to the Words of your Savior?” The Church now, quite possibly lives that violent mockery endured by her Divine Spouse receiving blows along with insults, His eyes bound: “prophesy, who struck you?” The fiend of 2013 gleefully mimics his ancient predecessors: “proclaim this as doctrine from the pulpit! Where is your indefectibility now? Where be your Divine Protector?” Because if the Pope can pronounce not only heresy, but promulgate it as doctrine, how can the Church be Divine? Even more earth shattering is the question the devil himself would pose: how can such a thing happen if your Savior rose from the dead?

Leaving aside criticism now, it is with encouragement and prayers for strength for clergy and laymen, especially those whose faith cohabits with confidence in the Council, and who accept Bergoglio as pope. Yes, with a sense of deep empathy and exhortation for our general recourse to the Rosary, we pray and sacrifice especially for them now. This is because loyal-minded clergy especially are at ground zero for this bombshell. The contradictions are no longer avoidable, but have been fully weaponized. The hermeneutic of continuity is no longer adequate to square the post-conciliar circle. Bergoglio wants us to give in. He wants our intellects to wind themselves into a legalistic pretzel and blow out in an attempt to make this all fit. If the Pope can do this and not be struck dead on the spot, is there really One unseen to do the striking in the first place? -That’s where he wants you.

We don’t have to take the bait of Bergoglio’s implanted doubts intended to reel us further into the depths. In fact, for the moment he himself can be ignored as we consider the monumental red flags that can provide faith with solid footing. There are several of these warning signs, and it should be remembered that inasmuch as clergy has failed to clarify honest questions regarding Bergoglio’s legitimacy, and instead ignored the legitimate inquiries of their flock, that these same clergymen have been led to exactly this inescapable trap of both accepting, and proclaiming doctrinal heresy under obedience. It is possible that by ignoring the needs of His flock, and His abundant warning signs, that the Shepherd is punishing all of us by momentarily ignoring the clergy guided by supposed continuity and loyalty to Bergoglio.

Red Flags Ignored

1. The so-called Abdication
2. Canonical Crimes in the 2013 Conclave
3. Daily issuance of heresy, blasphemy, and impiety.

Bergoglio is going to take the faith some have in the Council, along with belief in his legitimacy and use them together as a hammer to shatter belief in Church Teaching, the sacraments, and in God himself. With unquestioning assent given to his claim, and Bergoglio’s putting forth heresy as Authentic Magisterium, there is no happy hermeneutical mental trick left by which to escape. What is supposed to be impossible is now fact! He wants the doubts, prepackaged in aggiornamento, to metastasize within, and blow up people’s Faith from the inside.

Prediction: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that things are going to continue to get worse. Call me crazy. None of what we see has to persist for a moment longer. But I think it will do just that, as long as red flags, and the legitimate demands of the faithful are ignored.

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