How Her Errors Spread!

FeatureWhile she provided no index or bullet point highlights of Russia’s errors, our Heavenly Queen did make plain with eight of her words the orientation, source and action resulting from the Catholic hierarchy’s ignoring her sweet commands, namely: unconsecrated Russia will be in error (lest we be deceived) and will spread these errors throughout the world. With confidence in her words, therefore, and that her spouse the Holy Ghost will enlighten the minds of her obedient little ones, it falls to Catholics to make some inferences and apply facts to the Blessed Virgin’s prophecy, in order that we might more clearly see their fulfillment and implore that she be obeyed.

“If my wishes are fulfilled, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, then Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, bringing new wars and persecution of the Church; the good will be martyred and the Holy Father will have much to suffer; certain nations will be annihilated. But in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

If atheistic communism is foremost among the errors spread by Russia, then applying facts to prophecy will necessitate certain distinctions in terms. Communism in particular is an endpoint toward which its ideological adherents strive; the myth[1] entails a world without Christ or His Church, without hierarchy, tradition, family/networks among large families, or the ownership/development of private property. Terms like Bolshevism and Maoism are the practical means undertaken in order to achieve the supposed end, world communism. Among these practical implementations put forth for application to Our Lady’s words is the alive-and-well Russian error of Leninism.

Disposing of the Dregs of Phony History

But how could Leninism persist? It’s so pre-Y2K! After all, did the news anchors and editorial writers both left and right not regale us in 1989 with their infectious, warm and fuzzy jubilation that communism had fallen? What about that Berlin Wall: try and deny that came down when it was right on my television screen!  And Ceausescu, Baltic state independence, Christmas 1991 and Yeltsin. My novus ordo pastor even said that this was the conversion of Russia!

It was all for show. As phony as a three-dollar-bill, or that the excremental Bergy is Pope. The first hurdle to overcome in understanding the spread of Russia’s errors throughout the world is that what was presented in 1989 was the culmination of decades of Soviet-generated strategic disinformation. Now for the Soviets, disinformation was part of a carefully crafted long-range strategy, and always operated at the service of an explicit policy objective. Distinct patterns of disinformation were so classified and included names like the weakness and evolution pattern, in which western targets were fed false indications to the effect that due to supposed internal divisions and frailties, the Soviets and their satellites were evolving their thinking away from the communist ideology and becoming more amenable to the political and economic systems of the west. The reality was the opposite, that the Soviets, Eastern Bloc and even Chinese had unified solidity in thoroughly Leninist/Maoist ideological approaches. Studied and implemented carefully by Soviet intelligence operatives and analysts, strategic disinformation seems to have eluded the grasp of those in the West.  Foremost among these high level Soviet analysts was the late Anatoly Golitsyn, who defected to the U.S. in 1961, and eventually published two important works explaining Soviet disinformation New Lies for Old (1984) and The Perestroika Deception (1995).  American intelligence experts once evaluated Golitsyn’s work for its predictive power, and it scored above 90% – practically unheard of – and bears reemphasis: nine out of ten examples of anything Golitsyn identified or predicted were dead-accurate, including his prediction of the pre-planned, deceptively staged, dissolution of communism. The intent behind the feigned collapse of communism was oriented toward multiple objectives including: attract investment and technological advancements of the West to take root in Russia; marginalize anti-communist leaders in the west as ideologues of a past era, while courting left-leaning politicians and opinion shapers through agents of influence; prepare the ground for convergence between Soviet and American systems. Golitsyn on the Soviet coup of August 1991

The Soviet strategists realise that only with such a new image, implying a ‘Break with the Past’ and severance from Communism, can these organisations be converted into effective weapons for convergence with their counterparts in the United States. A further internal objective is to emphasise the change in the system by means of the spectacular, televised but calculated removal of old Communist symbols like the monuments to Lenin and Dzerzhinskiy, and the red banners.

These changes do not represent a genuine and sincere repudiation of Soviet design and intentions to secure an eventual world victory. Although very spectacular, the changes are cosmetic. They demonstrate only that Arbatov and others know how to manipulate the American and other Western media through the use of powerful symbols such as the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the toppling of Lenin and Dzerzhinskiy statues and Yeltsin’s staged ‘defence’ of the Soviet ‘White House’.

If the Soviets were truly moving towards genuine democracy, and were intent on a true ‘Break with the Past’, these symbolic changes would be accompanied by the introduction and implementation of a de-communisation programme, the irrevocable (not cosmetic) prohibition of the Communist Party and Komsomol organisations at all levels throughout the USSR, and the removal of ‘former’ Party and Komsomol members from all the main seats of power including the KGB, the Soviet army and its political commissar administration, the Ministries, especially those for the Interior and Foreign Affairs, and the trade unions.[2]

We might also expect public trials for KGB agents and others responsible for the incarceration, torture and deaths of the Russian people, followed by posthumous trials of  Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev et al, to bring justice to deceased victims. Would Lenin’s carefully conserved cadaver be expected to persist in such proud display, as it is to this very day? Apologies might be published, and solemn monuments ensconced in former gulags. The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, or ROCOR – a protest faction of the Russian Orthodox sect against the home-church’s acquiescence and collaboration with communism – would receive apology, vindication and a welcome home. Furthermore, apostate leftists in the Roman Catholic clergy might be expected to be subdued and disappointed in such an event. Yet no such momentous occasions, which would authenticate for independent witnesses that communism truly ended, ever took place. Among Golitsyn’s accurate predictions was his March 1989 forecast of the break-up of the USSR into independent states comprising a Russian Federation. The analyst defector is careful to point out that the Soviet state would not collapse as the result of national unrest, and that “the Party will create a stronger federation which will be in full control of foreign policy, defence and security but which will provide autonomy to the national Republics to run their own local affairs”.[3] The restructuring connoted in Gorbachev’s Perestroika was not without hidden meaning, because the ultimate target to be restructured in the collectivist mold would be the West.[4] The fall of communism was a fraud, a piece of theatre served up to a dangerously naïve western mindset.

Thus, with its guard lowered and judgment clouded with intoxication over the end of communism and its own rise as self-anointed pole of a unipolar world; the West’s resistance to the contagion of Russian errors disappeared, setting the stage for an opportunistic infection of the mutated Leninist pathogen: pseudo-social democracy with a human face[5]. Most ironic of all would be the George Weigel-trumpeted apotheosis of John Paul II to the pantheon of anti-communist champions, who would shortly thereafter host a speech in the Vatican by unremitting Leninist Mikhail Gorbachev. The graying Churchmen who as young periti had joined John XXIII in turning their backs on the Queen of Heaven twenty-five years earlier would now, as it were, sprint as fast as they could fly even further from her warnings.

Spread Her Errors: Collectivist, Leninist Character of the EU

“Gorbachev and East European leaders will try to develop the present detente into close economic, military, political, cultural and scientific cooperation to create ‘one Europe’ without NATO and the Warsaw Pact.”[6]  – Anatoly Golitsyn, 1989.

NATO remains, but the rest has come to pass, correct? -Not quite true, it would seem, given the apparent antagonism between the Russian Federation and NATO, and that Russia is not EU. However, while NATO could serve a separate purpose related to stoking the embers of the cold war furnace for social control, once the true nature of the EU is properly understood, it becomes clear that Russia has no need of being admitted to the EU. This is because that supranational entity prepares the ground, via collectivist diktat, to bring Western Europe into the ambit of the Leninist Russian Federation. Christopher Story (1938-2010) was a writer and publisher from the U.K. who specialized in “politically incorrect intelligence works.” Approached by Anatoly Golitsyn in 1992, Story published the Perestroika Deception cited above. As a result of collaborating with Golitsyn, Story grew in awareness of the hidden totalitarian dangers lurking behind the lofty promises of European unity pursuant to economic stability and prosperity. His suspicions of the true nature of the EU culminated in his 2002 publication of The EU Collective, Enemy of Its Member States. Story not only explains the sinister essence of the Europa project, but his writing also helps provide a more animated reading of Golitsyn’s meticulously technical approach to his subject matter. (Shortly following this post, both Perestroika Deception and EU Collective will be available for download on the Gateway Reader page found on the right hand sidebar of this site.)

Lenin Relic
Putin on Lenin: Gives Lie to Narrative of Putin as Friend to Christians

The overarching purpose of the EU is to completely and permanently dissolve the nation-states comprising its membership. The onerous ratcheting effect of its bureaucratic regulations[7], for example, on everything from the churning of butter to the reckoning of shoe sizes, is nothing more than a creeping collectivism whose terminus will manifest for unhappy Europeans in a world no less totalitarian than that implemented by Lenin or Stalin. Additionally, the steady and irreversible course of cultural degradation has played an enormous role. This Gramscian radicalization policy[8] can be observed in the progressive dissolution of family, tracking from contraception, divorce and abortion; to sodomy, gender ideology, and de-stigmatizing the targeting of children for sexual exploitation. The distracted, seduced and demoralized population no longer has a basis for resisting the top-down cultural and regulatory onslaught, because such resistance is rooted in the political action of large networks of families united by and educated in Catholic tradition, and whose possession of private property supplies for the material needs of such political and cultural counter-insurrection.  Exacerbating this state of affairs is that the cultural revolutionaries, whose covert intent is the convergence of the East and West, now occupy the management and leadership positions[9] in the EU, thus precluding the internal emergence of authentic political resistance.

The EU’s oppressive Leninist nature is most easily comprehended in the operation of its collectivist decision-making apparatus, which Story characterizes as rigged referenda, diktat, and deceit.[10]  Deceit and bureaucratic ennui may best describe the final result of the 2016 Brexit referendum, in which Britons decisively chose to leave the EU, but which after over a year, seems to have had no practical implementation. Given Story’s analysis, it seems not at all far flung a prediction to say that neither the U. K., nor any other member state will be permitted exodus from the continental collective. As Story further intimates, the bribed and controlled opposition in-country are at the service of the Leninist collectivists.  Even worse is the psy-war tactic known as consensus-building, which has nothing to do with incorporating diverse viewpoints into the outcome of law-making, but rather silencing any opposition to a predetermined conclusion. Story had first-hand experience of EU style consensus-building

Consensus-building, a revolutionary technique developed by Leninist strategic planners, is implemented by trained ‘facilitators’ who ask questions designed to elicit silence, or else to force individuals who might be opposed to a given policy, to identify themselves. In the unusual event that the lone objector gains the upper hand in the forum, he or she is usually silenced by means of slogans, aggressive responses and counterallegations – such as that the said antagonist is engaged in ‘type-casting’ or ‘fingerpointing’.[11]

 Fittingly, Story perceives well the relationship between collectivism and totalitarianism under Lenin and Stalin

history shows that collectivisation and totalitarianism are interchangeable. Under Stalin, the poor Russian peasants who had been deceived by the Bolsheviks into believing that they would gain their own land for cultivation, only to discover that title to it was being withheld from them, learned that the minimal rights they had temporarily ‘enjoyed’ under the self-styled champion of the working classes and peasants, V. I. Lenin, were to be wrenched from them altogether through the wholesale completion of agricultural collectivisation – so that their position only a few years after the Russian Revolution, and following the Red Terror and the civil war, was far worse than it had been under serfdom[12]

Thus if our understanding of the EU is its being an infuriatingly obtuse, relentlessly leftist, and a hopelessly godless monstrosity, then we are missing the point. The EU is far worse than a bastion of opposition which right-thinking, liberty-worshiping centrist conservatives revile and ridicule; it is a collectivist entity being prepared for convergence with the uninterrupted Leninist regime of the re-branded Soviet Union. The errors of Russia neither ceased nor slowed in 1989-91, they donned a mask and re-emerged west of the iron curtain as the European Union. The ICBMs, T-54 tank divisions and Kalashnikov-toting Red-army regulars which we were taught to fear were pure misdirection. Western-funded agents of influence and cultural demolition squads transformed the west into an image of the collectivist east from the ground up.

Throughout the World: Church, State & Red Dawn of Global Communism

With perspicacious intellects like the late Golitsyn and Story’s, both former insiders who made great sacrifices to awaken the public, and who are now gone; the baton of their wisdom is now handed to us, along with the bitter gall of our stark reality. The Red Menace and the synagogue from whence it slithered owe all success to that one solitary group endowed with the power to defeat them – they have succeeded because of bad Catholics. Shameful, apostate, sodomite, masonic, communist and crypto-Judaic clergy have but one spiritual fountainhead, and that is Catholics who care more about worldly matters than the world to come. We get the leaders we deserve, and the pearl without price of the Catholic Faith has been handed over for a mess of pottage in the form of Russia’s errors. Considering the walking tower of excrement whom Catholics allow themselves to be bullied into calling Pope, and the pale-as-pansies episcopacy offering only phony resistance; it would seem that not human efforts, but only the inevitable cataclysm and divine intervention will end this era of history. Nonetheless, we ought to learn our lesson as best we can and leave something intelligible to be of use for our progeny. It can only be wise, and for the good that we study present events with an inclination to understand better the warnings of the Blessed Virgin, even if we err in certain points of our application. Toward that end, and in attempting to do justice to Golitsyn’s 94% accuracy in predicting the outcomes of Russian gamesmanship, his awareness of the Leninist principles of dialectical cognition and disinformation will be applied to certain facts of A.D. 2018. The following two presuppositions will likewise apply: first, the conflict in the world devolves unto the following two combatants:  the synagogue, its money power and its assorted insiders and cognoscenti in national/super national governments, media, corporations, foundations, religious and secret sects; versus Catholicism and the hapless multitudes both Catholic and non attempting to live their lives and solve the problems appertaining to every day existence.[13] Second, the money-power combatant operates in a cryptic and nonlinear fashion, which can be directly decoded using the hermeneutic of the Hegelian dialectic, in which a predetermined policy solution arises from artificially contrived problems and reactions. To wit, goals are decided long in advance. Although counterintuitive, first is established the controlled opposition to a given initiative. Then the most radical and objectionable proponents on a certain issue are unleashed on the public. The orchestrated conflict between the two sides attains to a resolution identical to the predetermined goal decided by party members long previous.[14]

Bergoglio Bunker-Busts Catholic Brethren of Chinese Underground

Errors spreading throughout the world in no way exclude the penetration of a worldly and apostate hierarchy holding power in the Church since the robber council. What emerges is an unprecedented kowtowing by the Bergoglian faction and Vatican functionaries to the state-approved so-called church in communist China. Painfully accustomed to public betrayals, like our Cuban and Palestinian brethren, the underground Church awoke recently to find Bergoglio instructing them to accept phony bishops. Somewhat fitting it is that the whole in-your-face fraud of the so-called Bergoglian papacy would yield ersatz bishops, but that they be inflicted on brethren in such dire circumstances is particularly galling. This error calls to mind not only communism but explicitly the reality of the state-subservient, national Church which spawned of the schism of 1054 A.D. and now exists as a Russian Orthodox Church thoroughly controlled by the KGB/FSB. Of course the news from China is exponentially worse because it shows how the error of Russia in the form of the state-controlled church now has officially colonized Catholicism, which is subject to no temporal ruler.  Vox Cantoris comments.

Soviet-Style Disinformation of the Internet Age

Controlled opposition internet journal Unz Review published a curious column this week calling for an end to the taboo of public criticism of Jews. After a long preamble, the ostensible crux of the article seems to be a pitch for the publication Russia Insider, along with the bold-faced proclamation that Organized Jewry is hostile to Putin’s Russia.

Precursor to Hegelian Dialectical Maneuver:  Establish Controlled Opposition

There is about as much daylight between Israel, Chabad Lubavitch and other arenas of organized Jewry, on the one hand, and Putin’s Russia, as there is between AIPAC and Trump – zero. Everyone has a role to play. Russia, China and India are very busy working on their New Silk Road project and Israel is right in the mix. The Jerusalem Post speaks for itself “There are no rational explanations for Putin’s extraordinary attitude toward Jews, which some have gone as far as to describe as being motivated by philo-Semitism.”

Putin Israel
Some Hostility! Israeli Media on Putin
Not much daylight here.
Irony of ironies: MSM Gets It Right

So why would an alt-right (controlled opposition) publication want to muddy the waters?

Golitsyn and history have much to tell us. One of the most successful patterns of Soviet disinformation was that of the false split between the Soviets and Chinese, two largely unified entities, in particular a stratagem in which the west was led to believe that a widening rift was opening between China and the Soviets in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Known as the Sino-Soviet split, many otherwise well-informed westerners to this day believe it to have been true: that relations between Soviet and Chinese Communists were growing turbulent, and this mutual dissatisfaction was exploited ingeniously by Richard Nixon’s Détente. Nixon was brilliant, the narrative is woven, because he brought communist China into the warm embrace of western freedom and democracy by way of cash from western investors. However, like most of the masonic historiography peddled by the likes of Dunder Houghton Mifflin, it would be overvalued if it were printed on rolls of Charmin. Golitsyn (the intelligence analyist with a 94% hit rate) tells us that it was Nixon who got played. While the Soviets and Chi-coms had their differences, what was fed to the west was pure disinfo. Both the Russians and the Chinese wanted Nixon to believe in the split to induce him to help China obtain much needed technological advancement, which they got in spades, and now have been reverse engineering U.S. weapons technology that they purchased from the only democracy in the middle east.

Duality in Sino-Soviet polemics is used to mask the nature of the goals and the degree of coordination in the communist effort to achieve them. The feigned disunity of the communist world promotes real disunity in the noncommunist world. Each blade of the Communist pair of scissors makes the other more effective.  The militancy of one nation helps the activist détente diplomacy of the other. False alignments, formed with third parties by each side against the other, make it easier to achieve specific communist goals[15]

Let’s apply Golitsyn’s described scissors strategy to the narrative of the Judeo-Russian split that Russia Insider presently peddles to beleaguered, Judeo-zionist controlled Americans. Here is the ambient narrative, playing very craftily to Americans’ naïveté, short memory, and desire to root for both the underdog and the good guy. Putin, a true Christian interested in reviving Russia’s traditions, is standing up to those who create chaos in the middle east. Anglo-zionists are crazy and self-destructive. Running America into the ground. Americans are so eager to swallow such shallow swill, that more Leninist Russian Federation disinformation artists are coming online. With ample facts contradicting the supposed rift as shown above, what objectives could be gained by such a disinformation campaign?

The scissors strategy disinformation pattern feigns a split where communist goals are aligned and the players unified, in this case Russia and Israel/Chabad Lubavitch/International Judaics. The fake split creates a real split in the unity of the target. The target could well be the United States, who despite a defunct middle class (yes folks, it’s gone. The American middle class is dead – now a ripe target for Leninist revolutionaries) still peaceably goes about its daily life of meager subsistence in the now dual class, debt slave economy.  So far, Soros has failed to capitalize and plunge the country into widespread civil disorder. His rent-a-rioters have created local sensations; and U.S. intelligence agencies have ginned up some pretty good fake news photo ops, but by and large, Americans are not down for fits of revenge on a national level. Ferguson, Chicago, Berkeley, and Charlottesville were terrible enough for the people caught in the middle or suckered into those divide-and-conquer events, but no joy for George and his color revolution. By the time Las Vegas came round, and people were calling hoax from the get-go, the revolutionaries are stalled, and even worse their tactics are perceived for what they are, top down, $20.00/per hour rent-a-revolt/scheduled terror events. Genuine compassion is held for any real victims of Vegas, but the skepticism of the populace is also quite real.

It is apparent that the great leap forward for the global revolution necessitates a full, prison camp lockdown in the U.S. This goal is explained in part by the repeated failures to sew nation-wide chaos. Could the scissors strategy be used for the purpose of spreading Russia’s errors with decisiveness, shattering that last unity left here; that is, the will and power Americans exercise by dealing with existence on its own ugly terms, rather than seek out a scapegoat? If Russia is the good guy in the middle east, and her agents of influence and disinformation are fully up and running to U.S. consumers (RT, Russia Insider, UNZ Review), could there be a strategy afoot to gull Americans into scapegoating Israel/International Judaics?  Russia Insider is a perfect example of giving permission to Americans to both acknowledge and vent their being dominated by Judaic interests. Then what happens? The Hegelian dialectic will explain. Preset goal: exploit resentment against foreign domination of America in order to shatter the last vestiges of social order and usher in revolutionary chaos, culminating in bloody, totalitarian communist takeover. First, before manifesting the agenda in step one, raise up controlled opposition. Exhibit A, self-proclaimed white nationalist Richard Spencer may not at all be the one he wants his followers to think him to be. Researcher Miles W. Mathis adds facts and insight, here (downloadable PDF) – or – preview at and scroll to date 5/14/17.

Step one (problem), roll out the most unrestrained voices in favor of the preset goal . We could be on the cusp of this step right now, and these are the things to watch for. What follows from here is hypothetical. Statements from the most reviled agents of Wall Street’s rape of Main Street splashed across the headlines – “Goldman: we took control of America because we deserve to control, and Americans deserve to be under our control.”  Trot out Richard Spencer for planned reaction (step two) at well-funded white-nationalist rallies. NSA/Unit 8200 log mountains of data on each gullible attendee and donor. Step three (solution in 3 sub-parts): A. establish philo-Judaic counter reaction. Get conscientious Americans into the streets and ready for smash-mouth engagement to fight American Nazis. Create a media-meme and have the government sponsor “Everyone must choose a side.” “You cannot NOT act against neo-nazis in America and not share in their guilt.” Step three B. escalate via provocation and reaction, using social media/psychometrics to gauge level of engagement/receptivity.

Death from above – Russian style.

Step three C: initiate kill-switch credit contraction/EBT shut off/bank holiday + bail in. Induce food shortages. Throw American families into the streets, hungry. Use Venezuela as the template for managing hungry multitudes, a morsel of food for restrained behavior. Recruit a force of well-paid, well-fed foreign blackguards to gradually gain physical control of population centers, logistical choke points and water resources. Add nuclear/conventional ordnance false flags if need arises. (Game, set, match: problem, reaction, solution). Rinse, repeat, wait, and drag whoever is left into the horror of whatever comes next. Welcome to the full-flowering of Russia’s errors in the face of a treasonous Catholic hierarchy. Sister Lucy to historian William Thomas Walsh, in his history of Fatima

“What Our Lady wants is that the Pope and all the bishops in the world shall consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart on one special day. If this is done, she will convert Russia and there will be peace. If it is not done, the errors of Russia will spread through every country in the world.”

“Does this mean, in your opinion, that every country, without exception, will be overcome by Communism?”


 It was plain that she felt that Our Lady’s wishes had not yet been carried out. People must say the Rosary, perform sacrifices, make the five first Saturday Communions, pray for the Holy Father. “Did Our Lady ever say anything to you about the United States of America?” She gave me a rather startled glance, and then smiled in faint amusement, as if to suggest that perhaps the United States was not so important in the general scheme of things as I imagined.[16]


[1] The term myth is used because communism the lie – and its developmental iterations such as Bolshevism, Leninism, Maoism – exist only in the immaterial sense, just as the statement the cow jumps over the moon or any non-truth has no material instantiation. What are described as communist nations are in fact gangster style, prison camp capitalist provinces of the global money elite.

[2] Golitsyn, Anatoly; The Perestroika Deception: The World’s Slide Toward the Second October Revolution; Christopher Story, accessed via; London; 1995; p. 142.

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[13] Cont’d.: The powerful combatant has homicidal intentions for the multitudes, and the latter has only the dimmest awareness of the conflict’s fundamental nature. The former has all the money, the armaments, and modes of communication -all leading to a high degree of centralized control. In spite of this control, the powerful have almost no depth of support, and it shows signs of near apoplectic fear of the few Catholics and hapless multitudes which it daily menaces and misleads.

[14] State referenda proposing legalized gambling within the U.S. provide a noteworthy example. Gambling interests want their casinos on tribal lands in a given state. First, in what might seem counterintuitive, is that they select and fund local spokesperson to oppose the legalization of gambling, using culturally conservative objections. Then, representatives of local Indian tribes are found to promote legalized gambling to supposedly alleviate the rural poverty they endure. Beneath overtones of making reparation for historical injustices, the initiative passes, with the supposed concession to the opposition that gaming will only be permitted on reservation land, thereby creating the monopoly desired by the casinos. Principled objectors are gulled into donating time and money to a controlled opponent. The gambling lobby achieves exactly what it set out to accomplish without the slightest setback. The public perceives the decision as having been made in a transparent and honest manner. The pre-scripted theatre of problem, reaction, solution constitutes the Hegelian dialectic, and is thus employed to deceive a gullible populace into doing the will of a privileged, secretive and parasitic faction.

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One thought on “How Her Errors Spread!

  1. It is the tribe that is responsible for Communism and for Cultural Marxism which the tribe and her members used to subvert Christendom. After all Amerikkka is the true Communist state now, when one compares her to Lenin’s manifesto. But I am not sure that I agree that Putin is Communist. If you go to the Consortium News site and read this article by Sharon Tennison, an NGO in Russia, you will learn of a man who cannot be bought or bribed. He inherited a country on its knees following Yeltsin’s laissez-faire policy of inviting Wall Street, which saw the tribe seize state industries for peanuts and become overnight billionaires – the Jewish Oligarchs. He has tamed those Oligarchs who have remained in Russia, or banished those who wouldn’t behave (who generally decamped to glitzy London, or imprisoned them like Khordokovsky, who was planning to sell his Yukos company to Exxon Mobile. Putin pardoned Khordokovsky who subsequently went to Israel to continue plotting to overthrow him. He has over seen the rise of Russia, both culturally and economically, and as a result has seen his popularity soar to 80% for years on end. He has gradually laid to rest the ghosts of Soviet Communism and allowed free enterprise and the ownership of property prevail. He has had to walk a delicate tight rope with the liberal Jewish atlanticists represented by Medvedev who would sell out Mother Russia to the USA if they could. In the current presidential election he is standing as an independent and not as Russia First. He goes to orthodox church services, including three hours Midnight Mass – name me any other leader that does that? – spends time at Russian monasteries and has overseen the restoration of two thousand churches. He is reviled by the World Jewish Media because he upset NATO at the Munich Security Conference by not adhering to the Jewish/American unipolar NWO and has coursed a multi polar approach putting Russian security concerns first. Look at how he has upset Satanyahoo and his neocon zionist buddies by accepting Syria’s request to come to her aid – and the aid of many Christian communitees – with a much smaller force than the NATO/Israeli forces, and has given Uncle Sam a bloody nose, has pitted two NATO countries at each others throats, and set back Schlomo’s Oded Yinon plan by a hundred years. Russia and Iran are the only countries that were invited in, the USA is a terror force breaking all international laws. He has a nation that is virtually debt free, so not beholden to the Jewish central banks, has weathered the sanctions that America and Europe has thrown at her, and has upheld all international laws.
    Has Russia been converted? No. Has the Mother of God allowed Holy Mother Russia to be subsumed into jewish serfdom while waiting for the Vicar of Christ to carry out her wishes for nearly ninety years? No. It is highly unusual for the Blessed Virgin to mention a nation in her apparitions, but Holy Mother Russia has a role to play in the Age of Mary in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, under the primacy of Peter. In Domino.


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