One thought on “Once and Future Father

  1. Some time after Bergoglio is gone (death or resignation) the Church (or at least the fraction of remaining faithful bishops/cardinals) had better quickly declare Bergoglio’s papacy null and void due to Benedict’s invalid resignation….OTHERWISE there will be nothing left of the Catholic Church (ie specifically Her claims of supreme Papal authority/infallibility that developed over the last 1,000 years or so) as you and I know it.

    What will remain, if the Church fails to declare Benedict’s resignation invalid, will be a remnant flock of faithful Catholics, who will evolve into an independent “Western/Latin” Orthodox Church similar to the Russian, Greek, Syrian, etc. Orthodox Churches, with it’s own specific “Western/Latin” (ie minus claims of the supreme Papal power/authority AND the various Vatican II errors) spirituality. The vast, vast majority of Catholics (ignorant or malevolent) will remain part of an ever more decentralized, secularized/liberal Catholic Church similar to that which we now see with the Anglicans and other progressive/liberal Protestant denominations.

    We are fast approaching the endgame for the Catholic Church, as it developed over the last 1,000 years. She either re-embraces a pre-Vatican II Magisterium/Popes or She will have proven to the world and Herself that Her self-understanding of Papal authority/infallibility (ie Dictatus Papae – 1075 A.D. & Vatican I – 1870 A.D.) was mistaken.


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