Faith vs. Fake-Pocalypse

Woe are we, it’s World War III! Well, not so much.

Their fingers are on the button, the Deep State and the Globalists are taking a short cut to doomsday! Cue the subliminal nuclear attack siren on recording track #8, because all our televised, cinematic and pop-music pre-conditioning is about to kick into overdrive. Vertical con-trails, glowing midnight missile launches, mushroom clouds and all creation turned into a giant microwave oven!  Well, not this time. Or last time. Or the time before that, etc. While tempting and frightening to contemplate Armageddon, a glance out the nearest window might suggest that if we’ve fallen for Friday’s Fake-Pocalypse (a.k.a. psy-op-ocalypse), and if we’re intellectually honest with ourselves, that we’ve been had (all of us, at some point).  A little internal and brutal frankness is a real virtue in these times; because if we know that we got it wrong, then we ought to reject those narratives of the world, and those poisoned wells of information around us that led us to being duped. To folks who genuinely try to be informed, there really was violence done round the world on Friday – intellectual violence and violence to the will. Those who would rather prefer to end their enslavement to the global money/political/religious systems, had their minds batted about like cat toys and pierced with claws once again. “What on earth is going on?”  – comments like this one in social media are piped right through to the digital periscope at Cambridge Analytica, where AI runs all sorts of data reports for the intelligence agencies both public and private, who then report up to their bankster overlords, “direct hit, most worshipful master!”  The fireballs are fake, for now, but war nonetheless rages from the Talmudic Ziobanksters, their criminal vassals atop the nations of the world, their corporate minions, and their slave/gun/drug cartels – all arrayed against the rest of the race of men.

What is Non-Linear Warfare?

Say a prayer for recently deceased youtube truther and activist Nick Spero, who opened the gateway on this concept, embedded below.  A subset of Mindwar, non-linear warfare is an action whereby weaponized media targets various populations with a virtual fire-hosing of confusing information. Consumers of news are bombarded with an array of fabrications, hoaxes, limited hang-outs, false alarms, contradictory reports, dead-end headlines, misdirections, agenda driven disinformation and even a nugget or two of honest to goodness truth and fact. This flooding of screen and speaker, and hence eye and ear with such a cacophony of virtual non-sequiturs is intended to prevent the coalescence of any sort of genuine opposition, because no one is able to assess what is actually happening in the first place.

The action (so-called) of the preceding seventy-two hours epitomizes a massive non-linear warfare offensive: missiles launched! Many will die! Syrian anti-aircraft guns knocked down all U.S. missiles! Chemical weapons factories demolished. Rising body counts. Celebrations. Aggressor phones defender to warn. World War III has begun! Empty wilderness hit by missiles, but on purpose.

not an orphan
Kids do the darndest things! – Like pretending to be orphans sleeping at the graves of mom and dad, who are actually alive and well. Little rascal!

 In addition to pre-emptive mass counter insurgency objectives, non-linear warfare can also create a smoke screen of distraction of the public’s mind from unpopular activity (such as the lethal sniping of protesters armed with rocks and slings), or a mask of concealment for a high-priority operation (the ongoing domination of global cyber-security, telecommunications, and software control of critical physical infrastructures around the world).

What is Talpiot?

This last bit is referred to as Talpiot by none other than the Israeli military, and it dates back to the end of the 1973 war. Talpiot is the multi-decade initiative by Israeli military and intelligence to achieve global dominance in the arena of internet security. It involves the private sector as well, and also the theft and transfer of weapons technology from country of origin (often the U.S.), to long-term adversaries (like Russia and China). When the captured alt-media storytellers refer to the deep state on matters of universal surveillance, what they should be saying is that outfits like Unit 8200 (the Israeli version of the NSA), Unit 9900 (an even more elite cadre of Israeli intelligence) have dibs on every packet of data pulled off and archived by NSA spying activity, and that such data can be used to compromise politicians and silence critics. What almost no one, save a literal handful of truther activists will discuss, is that the Talpiot agenda aspires to have push-button control over whether an activist (or anyone else) can withdraw money from the bank, or has electricity in his home, or whether his car slams itself into the freeway viaduct at 145 mph. Of course, what is done to the individual can also be done to his entire city: electricity or blackout? Food delivery to the grocery store? Water or no water? Upstart populations can be dealt with by the literal flip of a switch, no ifs, ands or buts. Talpiot’s megalomaniacal horizons extend even further, about which can be read in greater detail at the recently created website, Talpiot Talk.

Talpiot: Talmudic Origin of Mechanization of Nature

That Judaic racial supremacism inheres to Talpiot from its origin needs no explanation. However, this technology initiative does not stand independent of other Talmudic religious principles such as Tikkun Olam and the arrival on scene of mosiach or messiah (a.k.a. anti-christ).  The first of the two, Tikkun Olam, means the redemption of the world, although in a manner completely unlike the Christian understanding of redemption. Talmudic redemption of the world is a destructive, bloody chaos eventually leading to a reordering of things which will initiate the coming of mosiach. For that one man to arrive, the redemption must take place; and redemption can only occur when the Judaic hand controls every aspect of the life of the race of men and of the world in which it lives. Talpiot is the means by which such control is taken.

Michael Hoffman further explicates the nexus between the high technology of the scientist on the one hand, and the alchemical ritual of the Kabbalistic magus (magician) on the other in his 2017 book, the Occult Renaissance Church of Rome. On page 221, he begins by quoting eminent historian Frances Yates discussing 15th century Catholic Kabbalist and traitor Pico Della Mirandola

 As Frances Yates wrote, “The profound significance of Pico Della Mirandola in the history of humanity can hardly be overestimated. He it was who first boldly formulated a new position for European man, man as Magus using both Magia and Cabala to act upon the world, to control his destiny by science. And in Pico, the organic link with religion of the emergence of the Magus can be studied at its source.”

 What exactly is the connection between Pico’s Magia and our era’s science? “It is one of the more profound ironies of the history of thought that the growth of mechanical science, through which arose the idea of mechanism as a possible philosophy of nature, was itself an outcome of the Renaissance magical tradition.”

Mechanism divested of the appearance of magic would by deception appear in the modern era to represent the triumph of materialism over Renaissance mysticism, the apparent overthrow of the Magia and Cabala by the rules of evidence and the scientific method, and the replacement of the magus with the scientist. In truth, however, the materialistic scientist who creates artificial intelligence, clones living beings, modifies DNA, tampers with embryos, and engineers plant genetics, fulfills the role of the magus envisioned by Giovanni Pico and Cornelius Agrippa; their protestant disciple John Dee, and a legion of epigones. Certain scientists harness the power of the material world to the eons-old objective of the sorcerers of antiquity, and the god they serve. To do so, the scientist in the modern age, no less than the Renaissance magus who is his progenitor, rejects the Logos (John 1:1-5) and revolts against the Order of Creation divinely ordained by the Word. This infernal network entered history by means of the imprimatur which Pope Alexander VI first granted to Giovanni Pico della Mirandola.[1]

By laying out the role of the Kabbalah as the point of intersection between (corrupt) religious doctrine and scientific advances, Hoffman helps us understand the connection between technological control and religious racial supremacism on the one hand, and on the other the ontological and spiritual realities which empower it.

Faith: Vivifier of Secular Activism

Gateway’s editorial stance towards the Talpiot activists is one of high regard, but the following concern arises: they are up against an evil religious system with preternatural support, contracted through the enormity of the sins of its practitioners. When activism in the temporal sphere alone faces off against the works of those who pray to Lucifer and offer him the most heinous sins as sacrifice, Lucifer and his slaves will win, every time. Don’t let me be the one to argue with, have it out with the universe, which ontologically speaking is ordered in such a way that the spiritual controls the material. Thus the secular activist cedes 99% of the battle-space to the enemy by denying (or ignoring) the very existence of spiritual combat, effectively waged.

In fact, what else would explain the absolute hegemony of a the dynasty of a single crime family, which has controlled so much of world events since Napoleon’s fall in 1815? Imperial Rome or China don’t even compare, as in those examples we have multiple dynasties within vast empires, but nothing even close to a single family’s dominating more and more of the entire world, as do the dwellers of the City of London. Human frailty, jealousy, factionalism and plain old misfortune would have, and by any reckoning should have brought such a multi-century undertaking to its knees by now, but the operation remains and advances.  Why? Reason itself prohibits random chance as an explanation, and the question is central to the matter: what explains the uninterrupted hegemony of the money-power? What material causes fail to explain, material means will fail to combat. Activists: you’re fighting a preternatural enemy with flesh and blood. You need assistance. The only means of fully engaging a foe backed by iniquitous religion is through the engagement of the True Religion. Now don’t get me wrong. Activism in the temporal/material sphere of existence to effect the common good is a natural obligation of man pursuant to the virtue of justice. But the exercise of the virtue of religion has a place in this battle, which must likewise be acknowledged.

Problem and Proposal

Talpiot hangs over the race of men like the sword of Damocles

Difficulties encountered in trying to alert the world to the imminent danger of Talpiot, dangling above the race of men like the Sword of Damocles, are not without parallels. Attempting to awaken Catholic co-religionists to the vastness of the infiltration of the membership of the Church by the Talmudic money power can be likened to being a rice farmer in Arizona – extremely low yield. But, honoring Brother Johann Pfefferkorn, persistence will be enacted. Additional attempts will be undertaken to keep the topic of Talpiot fresh in many Catholic minds. As for the activists, it would be well to acknowledge the role that true religion has to play, especially that of prayer. To restate and clarify, it would be far easier to put the Talpiot topic in front of Catholics if  the relevance of religion and prayer were acknowledged in a Christian context. My hope would be to persuade a priest or two to offer mass for both the material and spiritual success of our side, namely the generalized awareness that Talpiot is only the tip of the terrifying Talmudic spear. To be frank, I don’t expect to get far. But keeping silent makes it like fire within my bones. I cannot endure it.


[1] Hoffman, Michael; The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome; Coeur d’Alene, ID; 2017; p. 221.

2 thoughts on “Faith vs. Fake-Pocalypse

  1. Either the Holy Spirit is leading us up the path of truth or your posts are sophisticated algorithmic-generated echo chambers designed to “ghettoize” individuals like myself within the matrix….lol. I sincerely pray the former, for it provides a glimmer of hope, that authentic Catholic reasoning and intuition have not been completely eradicated from this world.

    Two additional “hidden” Catholic witnesses who the Holy Spirit has used to deepen my knowledge and love of Jesus are the layman James Larson and his incredible on-line works on “The War against Being” and Eastern Rite Fr. Charles McCarthy (a modern day prophet) and his works on the Non-violent love of friends and enemies as taught and modeled by our Lord Himself.

    Your last sentence echoes within my soul!! Oh how cries of anguish and righteous indignation rise within me desiring to awake my fellow believers (and all men of goodwill) to the horrors and deceptions that a few diabolically possessed have inflicted on His Bride (and therefore all mankind) and to point them to the unfiltered sublime truth, beauty and goodness embodied and revealed in Jesus Christ the Logos of God!

    Algorithmic echo chamber or not…I will, with God’s grace, make my last stand with Him my Savior and Lord!


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