Cyanide Chalice & All That Remains

Poison Chalice

What a blessing was bestowed upon us on 7/7/07! Truly God grants graces where none are deserved, and, in the OT even occasionally vouchsafed His blessings through delivery by a hostile party. Joseph’s prosperous liberation during his sojourn in Egypt, Rahab’s beneficent concealment of the two spies, and of course Daniel’s miraculous deliverance ratified by Cyrus the Persian, all instantiate. (Perhaps out of ignorance or poor memory, this writer can’t recall such an instance in the NT or lives of the Saints – or is the reality that Holy Church’s Divine Spouse is Her sole Deliverer?)

Was Summorum a Long-Range Bait-and-Switch?

Let’s give a listen to one of our conservative Prelate-heroes give away the game that no voice, save one, has dared to question.  Relevant portion @5:00 mark.

What’s that he said? The future of liturgical development? And like the snapping of a swishy Cardinal’s fingers, he crosses the bright red line of anathema laid out by Pope St. Pius V. in both Quo Primum, and Canon 13 of the 7th Session of the Council of Trent

Whosoever of the sacred pastors says that the accustomed and rites handed down in the practice of the sacraments may be held in disdain, or something may be omitted or added to them, or they may be changed into new rites let him be accursed.

Certainly Archbishop Sample can’t be getting this on his own. In fact, in recent months and to this writer’s dismay, similar words have been heard said by clergy in person. And who is that sole Catholic voice on the internet to have sounded the warning? None other than Jim Larson of War Against Being, whose fingers were at the ready, tapping out his very well-versed warning at the time that Summorum was released. Even then Larson suspected that there was more to that Motu Proprio than met the eye, and that it was the warm-up round for a long-range plan to merge the infallibly irreformable Roman Rite with the masonic joke known as the novus ordo. Says Larson

We must realize, above all else, that Pope Benedict XVI believes in the reforms of Vatican II. The problem, according to his way of thinking, is that they have not been properly implemented. This is especially true of the liturgy, which the Pope believes has been banalized, and falsified by spurious interpretations. He clearly believes in the positive effect which the Traditional Mass might have upon the New Mass in terms of a sort of dialectical relationship which will bring out the “spiritual richness” of the Paul VI Mass (the Pope makes this point in his letter to the bishops concerning the Motu Proprio). Again, the focal point is the New Mass – this is the ordinary form of worship. It is the form of the future, and it is the form which rightly reflects the “new relationships” necessary for the Church’s survival in the modern world.

Hopelessly Blue-Pilled Catholics

Hard as it may be to imagine, the public questioning of the intended liturgical merger went not unanswered by representative voices of the complacent Catholic contingent.

DC Latin 1

DC Latin 2

DC Latin 3 A
-There was no further reply.

Truly amazing how with the obvious and wholesale imposture by Opus Dei’s  crypto Judaic water carriers:  the communists, masons, the Vatican’s crew of coke-blowers and sausage smokers, not to mention their seeming limited hangout specialists (a.k.a. those watching Opus Dei and sleuthing out facts already well-known), that anyone would respond with such somnolence, but sleep on is what they do.

Looking Outside: Hostile Yet Helpful Blows

Perhaps it was the last gasp of intellectually honest lefty journos who outed Cardinal Law(less) {hope you escaped hell, scoundrel!} in the early 2000s, who exposed what far too many Catholics already knew with dreadful intimacy, that the hierarchs were paralyzed by (or willful perpetuators of) a pedophile-pederast network running through not only the episcopacy, but also national governments and under the protection of (similarly blackmail-able) courts, law enforcement, and media -notwithstanding those few who reported back then. Catholics were told what we needed to know, things that impostor-homo-bishops still won’t admit.

Today persons similar and otherwise hostile to Catholicism research and cross reference facts that Catholics are better off knowing, facts that are often withheld or glossed over by Traditionalist opinion-shapers. Hoffman is a primary example of such informative, if not often welcome, work. He and other writers of his caliber offer us the straight-story, and have no other agenda than the honest, decent, truther’s mentality. As Catholics look round the Church whose foundations seem to be rending apart, their trusted Catholic media not only have no answers, but they have not the slightest syllable of new information, and seem remarkably incurious about exploring unexamined angles – crypto-Jewry being foremost among them. So it has devolved to them who have left the Church, or who love her not, to explain to Catholics those things which others refuse to either investigate or disclose.

To Love Her All the More

And so the journey must be taken, as it were, to the haunted hell of a strange basement in some old house, replete with psychopath’s scrapbook of blood on the walls, ouija boards in the corner and the locus of sin-fueled demonic power. The most direct cause of present moral horrors will not be found in the preselected boogie-men of the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, or relativism (although each of these can be found further down the line in causation). The trouble will be seen in the twilight of medieval Christendom, wherein certain clergy decided that the study of the Kabbalah would be a really clever way to convert perfidious and ever malicious Jews. And whoever these clerics may have been, they went native.

Omni unus est
Thanks to Research by Brandi on Twitter

The Kabbalah, in its monistic tale-telling, seduced and converted these twice-clever-by-half clerics. From there the occult disease spread, erupting in opinions that the Church’s true power was in some way yet untapped. To reach it, and defeat the enemy, all one had to do was to study and practice this long-lost and ancient occult wisdom: the Church’s true origin. Then, all the money-lending, war-mongering and delights of the flesh could be had with neither constraint nor consequence. Larson himself writes about how the vigor of the Church’s membership did not long survive the death of St. Francis of Assisi. What else can be found in the Kabbalah? The primordial lie that man’s obeying his passions will give way to divinizing knowledge; that truth and untruth, good and evil, God and satan are just different sides of one thing. Many Traditionalist shibboleths dissolve on this torch-lit descent in to the dank confines of cause. But some come here that they may love their Mother more completely.

Bl Francis Palau
19th century Spanish Carmelite mystic Blessed Francis Palau

Blessed Francis Palau, the nineteenth century Spanish Carmelite mystic, was graced with many visions of the Church, seeing mystically an exceedingly beautiful, veiled and virgin bride; most typified and yet not identical with the Blessed Virgin Herself. And this Veiled Bride told him that the sins of men are never imputable to her, but only to men themselves, be they laics, bishops or popes. She also said to Him, “the more you gaze at me, the more you will love me.” Blessed Francis saw not some abstruse symbol, but the Church as she is, woman: singular, sinless, exquisite, virginal, maternal, and betrothed to Christ the King.

Thus do we not hide our eyes from brutal truths, by weaving false hopes into the actions of Cardinal So-and-So, or by relentlessly and childishly seeking a head upon which to rest the white cowboy hat of this week’s selected good-guy-to-the-rescue? Is declining to look fearlessly into causes not an indiscreet and aloof disengagement, excuses for which are fabricated that we await the Blessed Virgin to rouse us when this nightmare ends and Her Reign dawns, replete with Monarch, and Pope worthy of the title? Further, is this demurring from investigation into the depths and scope of centuries of betrayal not also hiding from our eyes the depths of His Love for His Bride, to which Christ Himself calls us? As God the Son He spoke Her indefectibility into existence, and as Agnus Dei He Bled Her into being from the altar of His Holy Cross. As Holy Ghost He breathed life into her face, a most perfect fulfillment of that which He once before did, vivifying Adam, our first parent. Only here in the deep darkness of scandal, the filth of prelates’ fornicating with Judaic bankster dynasties, and generations of lies upon lies upon lies exposed, wherein no one seems capable of explaining the simplest of facts, can we love Her more deeply. What is true in the light of day is true in the dark; that which is true during the joy of a wedding banquet becomes true no less when standing desolate beside the grave: She guarantees Heaven, and a crown of glory. Our way to glory thus runs through here, mother dragged down the basement steps for a beating and assault by those who unlawfully weaponize Her authority, and our hands lacking the power to prevent. Yet Mother, Virgin and Bride she remains, and our remaining with Her states plainly our Faith in Her Bridegroom, especially when Her trauma exceeds our intellectual apprehension. “The more you gaze at me, the more you will love me.” Only here in the depths can Catholics exercise such a Heavenly privilege. –Only here.

4 thoughts on “Cyanide Chalice & All That Remains

  1. Happy feast day of Our Lady of Fatima!

    Thank you for this article. Beautifully put, yet referencing bitter truths.I was thinking yesterday – after being totally heartbroken by what happened at the Met Gala, and especially by the fact that there was not a single hierarch who had what it takes to publicly protest this vile outrage – about things similar to what you have outlined here. And I concluded that unless and until certain bitter truths are faced and seen for what they are, the Church will continue to be violated and abused increasingly, without recourse.

    Someone needs to take on the money-lenders and drive them out of the Temple. Jesus has set the example.

    You are one of an extremely small number of Catholic bloggers who are willing to look into “the haunted hell of a strange basement” and there discern the “direct cause of present moral horrors”.

    And yet, there are signs that others are waking up and are starting to grasp the truth. Already some of the faithful, unpleasantly surprised by the fact that some of the decision-makers and protagonists of the Met Gala event were non-Catholics of a profoundly anti-Catholic stripe, have been willing to pronounce words that break one of the strongest PC taboos of our times.

    As well, consider that for many years anyone who dared so much as to have the slightest of doubts about Vatican II was relegated to the lunatic fringe. Yet today, many – even those who are not what you could call traditionalists –
    are speaking out openly about their misgivings about the Council. And they are willing to dig deeper …

    I hope that that will happen too with the things you reference here, reflecting the words of Jesus according to the gospel of St Luke: “Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed: nor hidden, that shall not be known. For whatsoever things you have spoken in darkness, shall be published in the light: and that which you have spoken in the ear in the chambers, shall be preached on the housetops.”

    Looking forward to Our Lady crushing the head of the serpent. God bless.


  2. God bless you, too Mar. Father Hesse helped me arrive at the conclusion that V2 was a pseudo-council. Thanks for your suggestion, which has got me thinking about the nexus b/t Satan, oops, I mean “Saint” Josemaria Escriva, the Rebbes working with apparent Crypto-Jew Augustin Bea, and Nostra Aetate.


  3. שוב ושוב במשך מאות שנים, עכשיו נותר שומם בשעבוד מוחלט סדומיטים אדונים שלהם הידועים במקרא כמו בית הכנסת של השטן !!! רוח הקודש יש Ichabod (עזב) מן המוסד. ה”טיטניק” המוסדי עומד כעת בניצב על דרך זו לשקוע מתחת למים הקרים הקרים של הגיהינום עצמו. מה שנותר הוא כמה “סירות חיים” מפוזרות, אשר מבקשות בקדחתנות לברוח כדי להימלט עם זה, תוך מחכה הצלה מרחוק.
    כאשר מתבוננים בשלבי האבל (ראה להלן) שאדם חווה באובדן של אדם אהוב, הייתי מציב את עצמי בהדרגה כשאני עוזב את שלב הדיכאון / האדישות ונכנס לשלב הקבלה (למרות שהייתי משקר אם אמרתי שאני עדיין לא לחוות רגעים מזדמנים של כעס – בעיקר כלפי “ניאו קון” התקשורת הקתולית “מנגן מוזיקה על הסיפון”).
    כל קתולי נאמן הוא (או יצטרך) בסופו של דבר לעבור את השלבים האלה. הלב והתפילה שלי הם עבורם וחברי נמלטו ממש מעל המים הקרים!
    שלבי הצער
    צער הוא לא דיכאון מתמיד, אלא חבלות קשות של אבדן חמור ואובדן, שעם הזמן עשוי לעלות לעתים תכופות יותר או רק כאשר הם מתרוצצים בזיכרון:
    1. הכחשה / הלם – שלב זה כולל תחושות של הלם, קהות וחוסר אמון.
    כאשר האובדן הראשון מגיע, רובנו מתקשים להאמין “זה באמת קורה.” אם היינו לוקחים את כל הרגש הקשור לאובדן מיד, זה יהיה מכריע מדי. במקום זאת, הגוף והנפש שלנו יש קצת זמן כדי להתאים את הדרך שבה הדברים עכשיו ללא הנפטר. בסופו של דבר, אנו עשויים להתחיל לשאול שאלות כגון, “איך זה קרה”, או “למה?”
    2. כעס –

    כעס על מה שקרה ועוול האובדן
    כעס על מה שנראה כמו היעדר הבנה נכונה אצל אחרים
    כעס על אלה שאיפשרו לאדם האהוב למות

    מקור הכעס הוא בדרך כלל המוות עצמו וחוסר האונים שלנו על פניו.
    3. דיכאון ואדישות – בסופו של דבר ייכנס היגון לרמה עמוקה יותר, ויביא עמו רגשות של ריקנות ועצב. דיכאון זה יכול להיות תגובה לרגש רב מדי; זוהי תקופה נחוצה מאוד של רגש נמוך, זמן שבו הרוח נמצאת בשפל הנמוך ביותר שלה, ובמשך זמן מה היא מייבשת את הייאוש חסר תקווה, בזמנים אחרים, זה נראה כמו חדגוניות חסרת שמחה. זה גם הזמן שבו אנחנו כנראה מתחילים להבין שאנחנו לא יכולים עכשיו לשנות דברים ולהביא את המתים בחזרה.
    4. קבלה – בזמנך אתה תבוא לקבל את העובדה כי אדם אהוב שלך מת. זה אולי קשה להאמין בזמן שאתה סובל את השלבים הראשונים של הייסורים ואת מרירות של צער. רגשות של סבל וכאב יגדל פחות חמור כפי שאתה מקבל את המצב שלך השתנה ואתה ייקח את החיים שלך שוב ללא אחד שאהבת.


  4. The NY Archdiocese paid out approximately 40 million for sex abuse claims. They also received 40 million for scholarships from the Schwarzmans, also recent contributors to the Met scandal. There’s that number 40 again; is there something prophetic here? I spent the first 30 years of my life growing up in NY. I know all about the taboos. Nostra Aetate opened the floodgates. It is, of course, contrary to what I was taught in 12 years of Catholic education (’54 to ’66). Without getting into all the details of VII and the Paul VI ‘Mass”, Catholics are the only ones worshiping God. Everyone else is DIY. Unless and until VII and all its bastard children are declared null and void, I don’t see any way out, short of Divine intervention. As a mutual friend and I agreed, it’s a new religion. We shall soon find ourselves, hidden away in our homes praying the Rosary; perhaps our only remaining weapon.


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